Justin Mane proposes a contest to improve social media presence for his short fan film ‘Crow’–“You guys have no idea what’s coming.”

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To improve the social media presence for his short fan film “Crow,” Justin Mane has proposed a contest.  To reward the help he is seeking from his fans, he is offering a first look at a new trailer.  This according to a Facebook post which appeared on September 9.

According to Mane,  this short film with a mythology tie-in to the franchise on which it’s based will be an entirely original story with original characters.  “This short doesn’t involve any characters or storylines that have appeared in the comics or movies. It’s more of a short film  (And) in some essence, yes, a bit of a fan film too. Fans of the franchise would recognize core elements that make “The Crow” films part of the franchise.” .

Fellpeller Studios and Tenille T. Productions have partnered to produce Justin Mane’s “Crow” short film.

The post reads:

Let’s start a contest!

If “Crow” gets over 200 followers by Friday on Instagram, we will launch the very first teaser trailer for the film. And if we get over 500? I’ll share a VERY special surprise in addition to the trailer. 🙂


And while you’re at it, please follow us on all of our social media, if you can. Even our YouTube channel, which I’ve linked below. That is where we will launch our film, trailers, behind the scenes footage, and more!

FACEBOOK: Crow – Fan Film
TWITTER: @FilmCrow
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3a8JdBgNrFVvGBnQmQB0ow

If you REALLY want to help us get the word out about our film, PLEASE share our social media around and help us get as many eyes on this project as possible. We’ve put so much work into this film, and it would be amazing if we could reward all of our cast and crew with thousands (maybe millions) of views on their work.

You guys have no idea what’s coming. 😉


Crow will be directed by Peter Paulos and Matt Szakal, produced by Justin Mane,  and will star Justin Mane (as Dean) and Bobby Laenan (as Vince).  It will be a Fellpeller Studios/Tennille T Production.

About Justin Mane
A natural performer with a unique background, Justin Mane is a Film/TV/Commercial Actor, Stunt Actor, and Pro Wrestler based out of Metro Detroit, Michigan. He has been featured in several theatrical and independent movies; worldwide television; as well as national and regional commercials. Justin Mane has an extensive background within Pro Wrestling and continues to work in the Michigan scene.

Fellpeller Studios
Fellpeller Studios is a brand new independent studio also based in Michigan. They have have recently produced the short film “HARA-KIRI,” and have another short film, “Road Runner,” due for release in 2020. They’re also currently working on their first feature film, “Someone Else.”

Tennille T Productions
TTP is owned and ran by Tennille Taraszkiewicz based out of Michigan. They have produced various short films such as “Autolysis (2019),” “Void (2018),” “Entropy,” “A Full GlassA Full Glass (2019),” and several others. They’re currently working on their first feature film “If I Can’t Have You…,” which is scheduled for production in 2020.

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Tennille T Productions


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