First look at Mandalorian Season 2! Amazon’s The Boy’s has upset the fans! #G4NeedsTalent–includes transcript

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We kick things off with Movie Maniac Minute with updates on Mandalorian Season 2, Amazon’s The Boys, Mission Impossible 7’s crazy stunt by Tom Cruise


On X-Stream It! We let you know if Peanut Butter Falcon is worth watching


Then on Binge Worthy?, We’ll let you know if you should be checking out Amazon Primes Original, Bosch


on I Miss My MTV, we got a great new track from Bakar called Hell N Back, we dare you to try not to love it!


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Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Attack on the Show.
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you can’t do that now so you might as well watch us have a drink with us amen and look boom we got you covered I know sexy yeah we actually quarantined together me and Jeff have been living in this basement for the last four months yeah it’s been a while yeah so that’s why we’re going i’ve done things I never thought i would do before
I don’t want to remember anyway we got some fun stuff lined up for you we’re going to kick a Movie Maniac Minute because there’s so much exciting stuff happening
I’m excited to watch you it’s going to be really hard to get it all in a minute but i’m going to do my best everybody so stay tuned for that so that happens rob’s going to walk over to studio c and take the character or
studio b
oh b tonight we only have two studios
we’re not that fancy oh you didn’t look
did you go right on the other hallway
no oh okay all right uh and then we’re
gonna do
an extreme it’s fun uh
this is a pseudo extremit uh speed
camera because this is a movie that was
in theaters it’s not a streaming
original wow yeah this is going to be a
pleasant surprise for all of you
absolutely we’re going to take a look at
peanut butter falcon which is currently
streaming on hulu
and amazon prime you’re going to stick
around and see if that’s worth watching
after that we’re going to take a look at
binge worthy yeah that’s your favorite
it is uh we’re going to take a look at
amazon prime’s bosch
yeah wow okay so i’m going to say yeah
and then i missed my mtv my new favorite
i love dancing to this song
oh my god i love this song i made you
the rob dancer this is uh
it’s a baker or bakar i don’t know uh
the way it’s spelled
but the song is hell and back and you’re
gonna love this tune i promise you you
won’t be disappointed stick around today
is it tonight’s show rob
it’s tonight’s show everybody so make
sure you stick around as always i’m
robbie and i’m jay marsh
and this is attack on show
all right we’re back we are back you
made it this far you did why turn off
well hey we still get credit for you at
this point there’s a lot of movie news
coming out seriously you know there’s a
whole bunch of movie news coming out
tonight rob’s going to make sure we get
that all covered
so he’s going to stand over to be he’s
going to head over to studio b
stuff covered there’s a lot to cover
right you guys don’t realize like it’s a
hell of a jump
over to studio b it is it is very far so
i’m gonna head over
yeah absolutely get you guys filled in
yep absolutely and then you’ll come back
yeah okay because that was weird that
last time you didn’t know it was really
all right so
why don’t we wear a studio all right
all right studio b it’s time for movie
maniac minutes so
let’s get things started with that clock
entertainment weekly
released brand new pictures of the
mandalorian season 2 today you can get
your first look
at baby yoda who looks like he has aged
a little bit
oh but he’s so cute still the series is
scheduled to be released on disney plus
october 30th angry fans at amazon’s the
that’s right the streaming service
released the first three episodes of
season two
and are now holding out the remaining
episodes to be released
on a weekly format that’s right fans are
bombarding amazon
with negative reviews of the boys
rating it down to a 2.5 the show’s so
great we just don’t want to wait for it
why the change amazon i understand with
other streaming services with a
price tag but amazon prime you buy by
the year
it makes no sense release them all now
with mission impossible 7 resuming
there’s some behind the scenes footage
released of tom cruise
doing an amazing death-defying
motorcycle stock check out the footage
not going to catch me doing that ladies
and gentlemen that’s all the time that
i’ve got make sure you stick around
there’s plenty more coming on attack on
i’m heading back to studio a it’s too
hot over here
hey welcome back i always get a little
weirded out when he’s gone and runs all
the way over to studio b but you guys
don’t realize is quite a jaunt
it’s way over it is yeah can we uh can
we get a golf cart
maybe segway we might be able to yeah
they’re super cheap at this point right
now yeah no
sweet maybe we get a thousand
subscribers you can hook up a segway yes
oh guys please call tell your friends
help me out
i want a segway uh on this week’s uh
segment of extremists yes i think it’s
b camera we don’t really know where to
fit it kind of a mix of the two yeah
this movie did go at the theaters uh
prior to it coming out but it is
currently streaming on hulu
and amazon prime so you got two chances
yes whatever one you have or
and or prefer both watch them both see
if there’s a difference sure i don’t
know oh
yeah honestly i’d watch it more than
once so why not uh we’re going to take a
look at shout outs peanut butter falcon
uh which i gotta tell you um this movie
i will give you a quick synopsis of it
before we
get into our opinions on this uh
basically uh there’s a character zack
uh who is autistic and the backstory on
him is that his parents had abandoned
the state didn’t really know what to do
with him so they uh
placed him in like a retirement home uh
because they figured that’s the place
where he could get his best care yes
absolutely uh he’s a huge wrestling fan
massive he watches this old vhs about
over and over
to me that was a really sad part of all
of this yes yes yeah that was just yeah
he’s watching the same thing over and
over again and fell in love
with watching that yeah and knowing it’s
a vhs and wondering what time frame
exactly but on this vhs tape the the big
wrestler at the time is advertising his
wrestling school
and zach wants to be wants to go to the
school come to my wrestling school
and become a badass that’s what he wants
to do with the rest of his life
so he gets his roommate to help him
escape uh you know as he escapes
during that time shia labeouf’s
character uh tyler is
facing some hard times yeah really kind
of running from his own demons at that
point yeah
he creates some problems of his own and
then he goes on the run and together you
know they run into each other
both alone out in the world maybe we
could be friends
and buddies bro dogs and chill
have a good time and together they start
this kind of
cross-country uh foot race uh where he
decides to help zach get to this
restaurant yeah
yeah and you know rob makes a mention to
the point that that
shia labeouf is incredible you know i i
gotta tell you i’ve been a huge fan i’ve
been a
a big fan of shadow boost acting uh for
a long time i’ve given this kid a lot of
credit since the days of him being a kid
um to to now in a career where it looked
the sky i mean he was just capturing
everything with transformers indiana
jones when you looked at those before
they were
you know transformers the first one is
great uh and they use indiana jones and
he’s great
in transformers people miss that yeah
yeah he does a great job in that and
then he had indian jones lineup which is
also but he was also great in a poorly
scripted movie yes
he’s phenomenal uh yes regardless of his
personal decisions
i gotta say you cannot knock the guy’s
and commitment no to acting no um you
know rob and i often take the approach
when it comes to some of these actors
and films i don’t want to get too off
the reservation here but you kind of got
to let their other stuff go
and really make credit to what they are
as actors in their craft and he’s one of
that like i don’t give a what he does in
his personal life which really isn’t
that bad it means it’s a little
out there but that is the like we’ve
talked about the torment of a great
artist yes
and just in creating incredible art and
he’s one of those
growing up in front of the camera is not
easy and the fact that he’s not in
prison and still putting out
a whole lot absolutely yes uh but uh the
movie is
uh produced by the same people who made
loma sunshine which is another old
favorite of mine yes uh a great movie
and if you’ve seen them sunshine
you’ll see a lot of similarities as far
as the art house style that this movie
has done and the way it’s filmed
this movie is a very heavy character
drawn film
so i say that because you’re not going
to get a lot of action you’re not going
to get any special effects you’re going
to get a character driven no
but what you get out of this is
incredible acting
and a lot of heart and a lot of emotion
and this is in in many ways when rob
suggested this to me
you know we we kind of sit down this was
an incredible surprise i was not
prepared for this
yes and i really and i’m getting into
the actual the thing
um i was not prepared for this and i
don’t think i would have approached it
in any other way
no i i did hear some of you you will not
be prepared you will be prepared
regardless i heard some about this uh
from other people about being such a
great film i try not to pay too much
attention because i don’t want the
expectations set
on something like this to go into it
with a high expectation but even with
the high expectation of this movie
it far succeeds yeah it doesn’t fail on
any levels it is none of this it’s so
good and uh you know
there’s a great backstory between sheila
buff and his brother yes played by
uh shane who i always come john berento
but yeah you’ll always be shane
sorry john but uh now but you know
there’s a great backstory and the the
way i have to say the
film is edited i thought was amazing
what they do is they kind of run a
parallel between zach and charlotte
beau’s character
to what shiloh both had with his brother
and some of the scenes when they come
back and forth it’s like heart gut
wrenching you’re like
i’m not crying you’re crying crying oh
no i was crying in this and i i will say
this is a beautifully emotional movie
yeah great fun dakota johnson does a
great job supporting character
yes um where you know she’s the person
who’s in charge of taking care of zach
she has to try and find out where he’s
at because he’s on the run uh
i love the dynamic the chemistry between
and shia labeouf i just thought the way
it came off they didn’t overplay it it
was written so
well that like shia labeouf is kind of
this gruff person
but yet the things he says are are just
so in tune and perfectly accepted
exactly catches her interest and it is
so well written
what do you want from him i’m not gonna
sell him to you
no no what do you want for his life his
i’m really this is one of those ladies
and gentlemen where i’m really kind of
why not everybody and their brother is
kind of talking about this film they
will after they watch this episode well
hopefully yes
yes uh a couple we want to give a couple
shout outs we do
some really cool shout outs in this who
uh writes under eminem’s label at
detroit classic we featured him on i
missed my tv we did
absolutely and then jake roberts or jake
the snake roberts who has always been a
fan favorite of mine when it comes to
wrestling and
little age well he absolutely is
honestly i had a hard time figuring i
knew i knew him
but i didn’t know if it was really yeah
yes you know we run across this
sometimes but it is a pleasure to be
someone who’s dead
again this movie is all about kind of
people dealing with their own demons and
kind of coming through all of that and
if you know
jake robert’s story if you get a chance
to look it up he’s another one of those
people he’s kind of gone through his bad
times and come out of it yeah and uh
thomas hayden church who plays
the main wrestler what is it uh it’s
uh he plays the main wrestler who zaks
want wants to meet
he has a small part in this but such a
pivotal and amazing he’s always good but
he’s always good i mean this is one of
those guys that you’re like
why is he not big well you know he’s
getting those guys there you don’t know
why he didn’t end up
huge shout out to the casting director
in this case you they these were every
single character
and the editors i mean the editing and
directing cinematography was great
the boating scenes this movie all around
is great so please
i’m gonna vote watch it absolutely watch
it yes
and make sure you leave us some comments
below after you watch this let us know
if you think we’re wrong or
if you found your new favorite film
because yeah i’m kind of there
i i think you guys will i’m not going to
regret saying that i think that’s going
to be the outcome and
hate us now thank us later what was the
old saying it doesn’t really
matter just watch it is that the old
scene yeah yeah
all right you want to move on to binge
worthy bitch worthy
listen up now this is serious i’m just
wondering uh
i love that you know i do though
whatever yeah it’s awesome
so what are we covering now uh on this
week’s segment of
benj really we’re taking a look at
amazon prime’s original show
one of the first i think you know it’s
funny because we we kind of referenced
this rob and i did back and forth and
i really think this is kind of their
first yeah that they really push
they really focus as their first um
exclusive that they produced and put
money towards yeah we’re taking a look
bosch which uh jeff i don’t know if you
want to give the overview about this uh
it’s a uh homicide detective story
it’s a homicide detective story and it’s
really very eleanor
um if you’re not familiar with that and
you know this is one of those like
i’m always an advocate to get through
the pilot i will say the pilot pulled me
in on this
had a very only eleanor type feel about
it was dark
he played that character again we’re
talking at modern times on this but
there was very much that feel
um he is a former special forces officer
that is a detective
in the homicide unit of um the lapd
and um there’s just he’s an incredibly
complex character
uh tennis wielder willer yeah that’s who
you’re referencing by he
about he and he pays harry bosch and um
this is all based off novels
yes um which it spiked my interest in
the fact that i’m not looking into those
um this guy when we talk about casting i
didn’t know who he was
until this but oh my god are they doing
an incredible job i knew him from the
because he was okay you know the partner
in the town yeah
which that kind of sparked my interest
to see this one because i really liked
him in
in the town yeah so i was interested to
see him uh carry a tv series
uh the series did come out in 2014 there
are six seasons of it yes and i believe
they’re about 12 episodes a season
they’re not the full 24. it’s no it’s
the full they’re they’re kind of
streaming now that’s the news yeah
that’s the new season
uh but uh his partner is jamie hector
and yes it’s basically
uh bosh he’s you know it starts where
he’s like facing trial for a possible
wrongful shoot
so it gets you kind of questioning
whether or not the legitimacy of this
detective is he clean or is he not uh
which is you know the twist right from
the get-go so then you start kind of
watching on the show
uh jeff is a lot bigger fan of this
i i will go the opposite to her honestly
i thought titus
i feel like he’s terrible in this really
oh it’s interesting um
i like i said i really liked him in the
town but when watching him
the man’s facial expressions and i don’t
know if it’s editing pacing or what but
like whenever anybody is talking to him
he’s constantly just making weird faces
wow that’s interesting and it just it
ate away at me so much
can you just look at them and no i will
uh no one walks anymore with the jacket
over their shoulder and
coming into work wow you’re really
chunky and i felt like it was so cheesy
yeah it is funny because i
kind of the eleanor aspect of this and i
kind of get that i can see where rob’s
coming from on that
but i kind of respected that you’re
really building a character in this
of not being your average detective and
you know some of the things that go on
with him it’s i i really
it’s funny i really fell in love with
him as a character he is the driving
force you know there’s some other great
great people involved in that uh lance
redick who plays
um his chief who is the chief in like
every cop movie ever
uh uh yeah he does a great job he plays
to me he was really tough in this i love
and john wick i can’t stand him in this
god wow and i’ve actually loved him in
this role
you know it’s something that we that we
sit and do this yeah but you know we
tend to agree on this but to be so
he’s amazing and john wick i like him in
those roles but this he’s
too stiff bush
deputy chief you’ve been subpoenaed too
it was very distracting for me
we both agree that it’s well written
that there is a lot of like backstory in
the things that
are playing this there’s a lot of
far-fetched story to i don’t know
you know i get that but i guess i kind
of suppress some of that in this
everybody that the fact that this is
it’s just a fun story i kind of throw
some of this out yeah it’s funny because
some of the
you know there’s some tactile glass
backs of gun handling and stuff like
that that could take me out of a movie
escape was awful yes i mean there’s but
there’s some parts of this where i’m
like yeah okay
i gotta say i think to me the highlights
of the series is troy evans who seems to
never age who’s always looked the same
since back and forth
but he plays a detective at everything
he’s fantastic but i thought he was
great in this and gregory summit
i knew you were gonna i knew both of
those he was going to we’ve been doing
this too long folks i knew exactly what
it was great
partners and their attitudes and the
width that they put with those two
i find really amusing i would love a
spin-off just for those two because
their their attitudes are honestly is
probably as realistic that would be
great yes there really is true yes did
you have sex with him
jesus no why would you think that
why would we think that i don’t know
i thought they have a great partnership
but again uh the series was not enough
to hold me i did make it through season
one because i was curious about the
oh wow interesting after that i had to
drop it so i am going to say
i would pass given what’s out there you
know and i’m gonna i’m actually gonna
contest that the fact that i think it’s
fantastic i think is a really
fun kind of show that you don’t have to
give too much into but at the same time
incredibly entertaining i’m gonna say
absolutely watch it the last time we
disagreed the score was two to one me
that i was right but um
no one’s keeping charge or keeping track
of that so wait wait you literally
tattooed it yeah it’s weird all right
whatever yeah
leave comments below let us know if you
agree with your job
either we helped you watch a new or find
a new show or we save you a bunch of
time absolutely yeah
that’s what we’re here for we’re here
for you we’re here yes
contributing and we’re also here to
listen to some music yeah are you ready
for this
i’m sorry i know he isn’t he’s so pumped
for these people this is absolutely
oh are you excited for this i’m very oh
me too bro absolutely very excited uh
i’m excited to bring you guys this video
i love this song it’s the british singer
and model uh i feel like we’re brothers
i mean
all the same tales yeah i know
absolutely right completely the song is
hell and back and i gotta say the moment
this song hit
i i can’t stop moving
because i can’t wait any longer
everybody you’re going to enjoy this
track and i can’t wait to share with you
this is how them back
she’s like petty enjoy she had green
eyes like mind you
and where she go i’ll never know our
friends bounce too
i get to stay lost because they’ll never
know what will amount to
i was lonely now you’re my
everything you like it yeah i do
it’s funny and i will you know very few
of you are watching at this point that’s
okay we get it
i will say i was absolutely stuck around
because i told them too oh absolutely
and i was in the gym the other day and i
have to laugh because
you know rob throws a lot of music at me
which is phenomenal we kind of throw
things and bounce things back and forth
and i’m like half my headphones on but
they weren’t on at the point and i heard
the song come on i’m like
and i’m tapping my earbuds i can’t
figure out i look up and it’s actually
playing so
again always ahead of the curve yes
always always ahead of the curve
even if it’s by a couple weeks always
there attack on show
no this is a this is a great song it
really it grows on you this is
definitely one that grows on you
the more you listen to it you’re like i
need to hear you love it and then you
really love it yes absolutely yeah but
bakari he’s a he’s a great artist he’s
got like an indie rock yeah he’s going
to be there for a while yeah
you know there’s this one will be there
yeah very new i mean he just debuted in
like 2018 with a mixtape and now he’s
got this track which is just blowing up
on youtube
and now that i can show share it i gave
you yeah mine
okay i was a little weirded out all
right that was why i got the restraining
order did you no okay all right
everybody thank you for sticking around
this long i know it’s very tough and we
really appreciate it we do
if you’re still here might as well click
the subscribe button yeah or tell your
friends too because if you’re here more
than like you’ve already done that yeah
you’re part of the one percent thank you
as always i’m robbie and i’m chief and
this is attack on show


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