The World Premiere of ‘Turn of the Cheek’ premieres on Vimeo On Demand, August 29–pre-order on phone or computer first

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The world premiere of the Black Smith Enterprises “Turn of the Cheek” premieres on Vimeo on Demand, Saturday, August 29th, 2020,  at 8 PM.

This dramatic narrative explores the lives of two families from different walks of life brought together by tragedy who are forced to deal with God’s providence in a way that will change all of their lives forever,

The concept of forgiveness becomes an unimaginable concept for one family as they face being torn between facing their son’s murderer and being compelled to help an innocent child whose life is caught in the balance.

Written and directied by Janaya Black, “Turn of the Cheek” stars Mike T. Tremblay (as the judge), Aqeel Ash-Shakoor  (as Thomas Green), Paris Jones (as Pastor McGee), ShaTyrah Dexter (as Loretta ), Alphonso Settles (as T-Money), Neisha Neshae (as Lia Thompson), Levi Jones (as Jacob Vasquez ), with others.

Filmed by Kyle Marquise Morgan and Dylan Sides,  music by Darell Campbell and Kris Johnson,  and sound by Andre Bottes–sound mixer,  and Matthew Sisco —sound designer,  “Turn of the Cheek” was produced by Black-Smith Enterprise.

About Black-Smith Enterprises

Black-Smith Enterprises is your one-stop destination for the highest quality in entertainment and production. BSE is well-established in film and stage production and it is also a hub for book publishing and scriptwriting.

Our current film titles include “Warrior Pride (2018)”, “I Am My Sister’s Keeper (2015),” and “Till Death..Do Us Part (2009),” along with a collection of other features and short project collaborations,  both finished and in pre-production. Stage tiles include “The Breaking Point” and “Idol.”  For more regarding Black Smith Enterprises, go online to

To preorder for “Turn of the Cheek,” go to

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