Is Netflix’s Project Power worth watching? Watch Attack on Show and find out.

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#Thundercats in 3D?! Is #Netflix #ProjectPower worth watching? Looking for original fan #StarWars content? Needing an inspiring cool jam to listen to? We got you covered on all fronts! Watch, share, Subscribe, Show love!!



Attack on Show is a fun show that helps introduce you to new shows, movies, fan films, music, and more! We will even get you caught up on Entertainment News.

We kick things off with Preview Review with an amazing 3D rendition of the ThunderCats intro created by Mike Booth.

On X-Stream It! We review Netflix’s Project Power

Then on Attack the Web, we find a cool Star Wars Fan Page with some cool fan films at Skyforge

On I Miss My MTV, we got a great new track from Pharrell Williams and Jay Z called Entrepreneur

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