Terrence Cover would like to remind you, the deadline for this year’s Devil’s Night Gallery Film and Art Event is quickly approaching

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The only film fest in the world to feature awesome short films, awesome artwork and an awful Rod Serling impersonator is back!  As with every other of the world’s great film festivals this year because of the pandemic, this year this event will be online for the world to see it.

Devil’s Night Gallery is an independent film and art show which takes its name from its two inspirations. The first is “Night Gallery”, a classic, horror anthology television series, hosted by Rod Serling, from the ‘70s. The second is the aggressively independent spirit of the city of Detroit, represented by the ominous “Devil’s Night”.

Like the namesake TV series, Devil’s Night Gallery will feature screenings of short films preceded by an introduction and the reveal of an original piece of art inspired by the film.

If you have a short film (20 mins or less) that can fit into the horror or sci-fi genres, any budget, any skill level, and any completion date is acceptable.  Those films with a unique take on these genres are desired,  particularly ones with some sort of unexpected or twist ending.

There will be no prizes awarded, but if selected, your film will screen before a digital audience around the world, and a print of the original art based on your film will be happily to sent you.

You have less than 2 weeks to submit your short horror and sci-fi films for consideration to this year’s Devil’s Night Gallery Film and Art Event. You will want to be part of this year’s digital screenings. This year’s deadline is August 31, 2020.   The notification date is September 5, 2020.  And the event is scheduled for October 13, 2020.

Submissions are FREE this year but don’t be afraid to click the Donation option to help us promote the event and bring more eyeballs to our screen!



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