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Rob E What up attackers and welcome back to a a brand new episode of Attack on Show

I’m Rob E.

Jay Marsh …and I’m Jay marsh.

Rob E. “We’ve got a great episode for you guys…

Jay “…phenomenal episode.

Rob   Spoiler alert…uh, we’ve got a fun episode. We’re going to take a second we’ve realized after 17 years of doing the show we’ve not taken a second to,  uh, talk about our fans…believe it or not, .we have a couple out there

Jay…I was just going to say”

Rob…So we want to pay optimistic guys yes…and then we’re going to move over to


Jay “…oh sorry did I, I’m always a little late on the extreme.

Rob “…yeah, i know… uh… with Netflix’s original movie,  “The Old Guard”  excited to discuss this one.

Jay ” I am as well

Rob …and then we’re gonna go over to Binge-worthy…

Jay.”..for “Terriers”

Rob “..well, yes,  one of my favorites currently on Hulu previously an FX originally…

Jay…I’m going to tell you guys this is going to be a unique episode.  That’s all I’m going to say…

Rob “…i’m excited for it…yes, uh and then we’re going to do “I Miss My MTV”

Jay…with Tamara Williams

Rob…Tamara  Williamson with her song “Still Here,” and you’re going to love this

video amazing news here

Rob …Still Here, wow,  yes everybody stick around this is

Jay …oh, god, I’m solely off on that. wow

Rob…do it now

Jay Attack on Show


Rob “…all right,…So,  thank you guys for tuning in

Jay “…that was an incredibly efficient opening, yes… I’m just going to say yeah

wait a minute, yeah, you’re right,yeah, uh

Rob …if you haven’t  haven’t already make sure you click Like and subscribe and what else do

Jay …they  want to click they want to share with their friends but they also want to

Click the bell, Rob…

Rob “…yes the bell is going to alert you to all of our new episodes because you do

not want to miss

Jay… you don’t ever want to miss this.

Rob  …You know we’re becoming more and more  current with our episodes so you want to  make sure you’re actually seeing things when they come out on time Rob yeah, and we wanted to take a quick second because we’ve been noticing uh some more feedback lately from the fans…

Jay… absolutely we do appreciate that

Rob… absolutely and give a big thank you here to actually, uh, Michigan Movie Media
MMM 2.0.. uh, actually wrote us a fantastic comment we really want to share with you

guys because it was really humbling.  I was humbled to read this, uh, because obviously, this isn’t..

Jay…trust me that takes a lot

Rob “… it does. i’m very arrogant…um,  but his comment here you’ll see it’s

You guys deliver a better more entertaining show than I ever remember
uh Cisco and Ebert hosting… which is huge,  because we use them for a graphic

uh for the quidditch

Jay …absolutely, yes…absolutely, he’s like…

Rob…when the pandemic lifts you should find a show-runner, uh, and get your show

out to major networks.  I can see you going BIG TIME  (in caps). A fan.  And Michigan Movie Media, thank you. So much for watching

Jay…we appreciate that…episode I’m a little verklempt right now actually, yeah, for lack ofbetter words, yeah…

Rob…that means a lot because obviously, this shows a lot of work.  We’re trying to make sure everybody’s entertained, um, especially during the pandemic.    Not a lot of new content out there. So,  we’ve been working..

Jay …yeah, yeah, it has, it has been a bit of a struggle,  you know. The next one is Beauty by Shauna…


Jay and um, she actually says, “You guys are awesome, indeed.  Great movie review.

Rob …That’s two awesomes…

Jay that is too awesome that’s more, wow, that’s yeah yeah uh great movie review. Never seen any of them but looking forward to it…

Rob…and that’s the goal of the shows we want to introduce new content to people what

we’re all about um yeah we always want to you know that’s the point of the show we want to bring in new content stuff for you guys to discover…


Rob…um  and hopefully and watching the series you do we don’t try and review shows or movies as if you’ve seen them…


Rob…we try and review them in a way to see if you’re interested in them or
absolutely and maybe you’re  our negative comment may be a plus for

you and a lot of the stuff that people do so I mean

Rob …we got another great comment here… it was, uh, Alice Emerald, uh, she says,

“I can’t believe this ends up in my youtube feed. Such generic show. Yawn! No offense,  bro.  This isn’t much special here I can find two drunk guys anywhere.
Jay…wow, well good for you sean if you have the ability to find two drunk white guys

Rob…sounds like a lot of fun

Jay…sounds like a really good time.  let’s carry on at this point we got a couple more maybe that was a  glitch. Okay, no, it probably is. I mean  we’ve got a lot of people absolutely love us out there like, for example,  Crystal here.  Right now she’s

“Another generic boring pop culture show with no humor. No pizzazz.  Everything seems
forced and fake from the two pink

drunk hosts listen..

Rob…that’s red…

Jay,,, i’m gonna  say i’m very red. Yeah, I’m, you know, and Crystal,  I appreciate your comment, but, um listen… I don’t look at people in color do you?

Rob…uh no…

Jay…no,  I really don’t.  I find that incredibly you know especially in these trying times

to refer to us is pink,  I’m… I’m offended…

Rob …but at least generic.  At least we’re not offensive

Jay…no, I know,  but you know I’m just saying that that is a compliment. But, wow…

Rob…so,  we want to thank all the fans,  you guys really appreciate it

Jay…we’re done with this…



Rob…it’s good to talk to the producer, yeah, wow

Jay…who the Hell is producing this show?

Rob…you wanna do extreme yeah

Jay wait… you ready?  extreme it’s …what are we drinking again?

Rob,,,that is liquid special…

Jay…I love that…

Rob…it’s delicious!


Rob…all right so this week’s segment of Extreme, uh,  we’re bringing you Netflix

original film “The Old Guard.” “The Old Guard,” based off the

graphic novel absolutely…

Jay…”The Old Guard” was a, um,  a delight, to say the least, um, i enjoyed The Old
Guard because I thought the premise was phenomenal. So, let me give you a

a little update, um, what it is Spoiler Warning… can you throw that up there,  this is a new, yeah. this is a new show. okay yeah yeah

Jay…that was phenomenal. .. gosh, I still love that… it was a drinking point… I did say

phenomenal so, um,  with this The Old Guard is based off a graphic novel, um, and what it is about is a group of individuals who are immortal…immortal blessed with their curse with immortality and they have been soldiers and tend to get called up into the wars and things like that.   I thought the show does an incredible job of, uh,  explaining that it’s a premise that comes out of the graphic novel…that carried over very nicely onto the show… I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers…

Rob…uh, yeah,


Rob…I think a lot of people when they hear a graphic novel or they hear immortals I think they’re expecting  like a superhero-type film and this was nothing like that this is not that, um,  nor is it a good film in my book.

Jay…I knew that was coming…

Rob…you know…

Jay…we talked during the week and, bu,t but, okay lets I do counterpoint much better so please…

Rob…so, so, Jeff recommended this to me thought it was one of Netflix if you said it was one of their best…

Jay…think it’s one of their best, yes

Rob”…I think it falls under one of their worst um,  it stars Charlize Theron who i think

is an amazing actor

Jay…okay but if I had one critique…

Rob…it was her it was her yeah very stiff, very dry, no emotion there you go thank you

you know horrible recruiting plan for the group…


Rob…I don’t know why anyone would join.

Jay…they need an internet website, yes…

Rob… so, they must have good benefits yes the way she treats newbies,  I would not sign up…

Jay…I concur, yes…

Rob…uh, so, it’s a group of people have been around for hundreds of years, uh, they’re

immortal and through time, uh, somebody new gets the gift and they have a dream of who it is and they find them and add them to the group and over the years they feel like they’re doing mankind good,  um, to me this movie has a lot of plot holes, a lot of horrible writing. There’s just so many bad one-liners worse than an Arnold Schwarzenegger ’80s movie, so many catch-phrases. that that I was literally laughing by the end of

it… every time charlie’s delivered one over one

Jay…she’s horrible.  I’m sorry incredibly dry playing way too hard for the roll what you said, yes, um, there is a premise and a story about her losing someone she loved which actually plays out nice in the end…and I, and I

Rob…that’s actually for people who have watched. uh,  and fans of the graphic novel

are not fan or if you’ve not read the graphics sure they actually changed how those two separated, um, she was actually washed off the ship,  without giving too much away

and that’s a graphic novel but…I think it’s the new way in the movie way…yes, way better oh, do you always think being immortal was cool until you show you what they do how they do this and this…

Jay…  I completely agree. That was difficult to watch in a movie that’s really kind of not difficult to watch and Rob and I have this premise a lot of times I enjoy a movie and this will be my,  my selling point to it I enjoy a movie that I can sit down and be entertained

by and not have to become overly emotionally involved…

Rob…there’s no emotion whatsoever in this…

Jay…there really isn’t except for that point I will say that that was a strong, um, uh

a bit of the ending where the person is removed.  I’ll just say that, um, however, I did say I like the universe.  I like the premise of the story and I did kind of want more, and I hope she doesn’t come back.

Rob…there’s no emotion, there’s no sympathy for the character you don’t connect whatsoever with her, and the movie has a perfect narrative for you to connect with this person by bringing somebody new in, and, and getting you to them.  But there’s unnecessary fight sequences that just don’t make any sense in this movie…

Jay…talk about the airplane…

Rob…um, sure, I mean, yeah, I was laughing at that like it was just unnecessary

Jay…the gunplay is well done…

Rob…though, okay, but here’s my problem with it…people who are watching, I’ll try not to

spoil it she’s been around the longest, her character is hundreds of years, she’s a weapons-specialist.

Jay…yes, you don’t know the difference between a loaded firearm being handed to you

and an empty one, like, I’m sorry hand it to a military person, if they don’t you hand it to anybody and the difference if you’ve carried it your entire life, you’re not carrying it and you’re not going to know that you have an empty magazine…yes, come on, I just gave it away, but come on big difference in weight…

Rob…that was a spoiler…sorry but again, uh, the, the movie it’s trending very high on Netflix. They are talking about a sequel already… they left it hanging with the sequel, they copied The Last Airbender ending of the film to end this film… it was the exact same ending…if anyone saw it no you never saw The Last Airbender the film…

Jay…nah, I did but like everybody else is…
Rob…so,  to wrap this up I am going to say pass I would, I would not recommend this movie to watch. I think there’s better things out there watch for the time but that’s

just my opinion…

Jay… I’m gonna say go. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was exciting to watch for

the time it was in.  Am i, you know, it’s on Netflix.  You’re not paying anything for it.  I don’t think I would actually even have been disappointed in the theater. It was exciting to watch. Is there plot holes?  Sure, but it was a fun movie

Rob…you’re dead to me…

Jay…you too just wait we got one more going kids


Jay… Binge-worthy.

Rob…yes, and this week’s segment of Binge-Worthy, we’re taking a look at one of my faves…one of my favorites.. yeah, “Terriers” that premiered on FX..uh,  it’s a Ted Griffin show.  He created it.  But the reason I got really excited about it is the executive producer of the show was Sean Ryan who also produced my all-time favorite series “The Shield.” um, so when FX announced “Terriers,” was coming out, and they were saying you know from the creator of “The Shield,” I was really excited to check this series out…  uh, the series stars Donald Logan and Michael Raymond James, and basically, Donald Logan is like an ex-uh- police officer,  and he gets uh, with his buddy, Michael, uh, Raymond James who is like an ex-criminal.  They get together and form like a PI, uh, business their own business for themselves to try and solve it…um, the show to me iI just found this show a lot of fun.  If you’re fans of the shield it’s not nearly as gritty, not nearly as dark… soI just want to preference that upfront.. don’t go into the series expecting “The Shield.”This is a lot lighter especially at the get-go…what bad things…uh, there’s actually some really good

humor in this and at the get-go… ye,  one of the things that really stood out to me was the chemistry between the two main stars,  Donald Logan and Michael Raymond…

Jay…well, actually I’ll actually give that as a credit to the show…yeah, completely like I want to see these guys in something else.

Rob…you want to hang out with them

Jay…I  do…Donald is. I really really like him as an actor, and I really enjoyed the two of them together when you say that Michael Raymond, I was britt was I like I almost liked him more than I liked


Rob …yes Kevin was fantastic

Jay..that was fantastic  I really really like these two guys…

Rob…uh so the series I do think, um, kind of stumbled a little bit, and I want to say one of the biggest faults that the show had, or where FX really messed up is the title…

Jay…oh, god,  he’s killing this there’s no terry

Rob…they also tried to tie it into the idea that these two PIs were like terriers that they would always chase. It took too much explaining to understand the title which is again

why I say that’s the biggest fault.

Jay…I also want to state this is the truth it’s really interesting and there’s a symmetric
cinematography viewpoint of this.  I’m watching this and the way it was filmed
made me feel that it was a very modern film, like this was a much newer… I don’t know
yeah much newer because i called back I asked you and I watched the pilot which
again I will always give my pilotthe pilot’s really rough.  I think I will, I will say that the pilot is very tone-wise…most pilots are too absolutely and that’s what we always talk about the pilot on this is totally a much different almost show I would think that I would have enjoyed it more if we would have stuck with that a little bit. It goes you say it’s not dark, but, there’s a… it’s a lot heavier.  Does that make sense? There are some things that happen in this that really found me disconnecting to the show.  Do you want me to give one of them away?  Yeah I know it’s this is a 2010. when the show came out. 2010 show came out 2010.  When um when Nikki cheated on Brit.  Okay, that was done. I  was… literally had to force myself to watch the rest of it I don’t think it fit into the relationship. I think in the show a show needs a solid relationship,  something to bounce off and those

two I like.  Like, I want those two kids to make it, and it was that kind of like that really kind and I knew what they were trying to do,  and I get it but like Donald’s got this a love affair with his ex-wife and this is a big part of the film, and then I was like wait, wait, wait…  What, what’d you just do? I really removed me from the show at that point.

Rob,,, I appreciated that because they, they always kind of told to me it was more
the, the, the premise of the show was to follow Donald Logan, Michael Raymond
James…uh, Michael Raymond James plays Brett who you’re saying his girlfriend had the
affair.  They were a cute, very cute couple.  The idea with Bret though you know the focus has to remain on the two main characters when I’m watching this show

and Brett was always kind of one of those that they kind of wanted you to keep guessing. Is he legitimately good? Is he going to go bad,  again to his old criminal ways?  And I think part of that narrative was to kind of push you more in the direction of showing why this guy may snap?  Uh, is he going to go wrong? Is this going to break him because he’s got to overcome all this adversity that he’s already…he’s an ex-con.  He’s trying to be on the straight and narrow he’s,  he’s got a couple bad things happening to him.

Jay…I appreciate the idea because to me i thought here’s another challenge for
this guy and Kenny over I just think in the narrative of the show you could have

added things in to do that… bring someone from the past because I enjoyed that anchoring,  and I felt like that was the only anchor in the show…

Rob…yes,  and that, and that, but the anchor is the two friend…the.. the show now… the show aired in 2010… this is the sad part… it’s only one season…

Jay…and there is my, my other issue with the show. ..I will have to say this, I truly feel that had it then five or six years later that, that um someone else would have picked this up. ..

Rob…well, here’s the answer…

Jay…I think that this is it was at a time where that type of thing didn’t happen yet,,,

Rob…like I said it was just starting.  It’s bad, it’s worst thing was the title FX did a horrible job marketing it was not the show’s fault i think the show had potential in fact when it when Netflix first picked it up on uh  to to stream it I think it was like six, or seven years later, it was the number one streamed show for like a year straight on Netflix.
I mean people it’s got like an 89 percent…

Jay…it does have a very high amount of tomatoes…

Rob…even in 2017,  there was an award where it’s like the most like unforgiven series to be canceled… like it’s still like the show that everybody wants to bring back in 2017 at once

Jay…wait i thought that show is “firefly”  always…

Rob…no, it’s “Terriers,””  Terriers beat it. Yes, um, so I mean it’s a highly rated show  There’s huge fans on it. If you follow Sean Ryan on Twitter, fans are constantly asking for this show to come back . I still hope…
Jay…everybody, everybody on there, yeah, let’s say they’re not peeking in their career
at any point. You never know…
Rob…I do think the writing was creative. I love stories because they do, they did  a great job of building a spider web of multiple storylines that carried episodes and i’m not a huge episodic series fan. I don’t like to see a bad guy introduced at the beginning

episode,  and caught at the end of every episode. .I love when stories carry out full season

Jay…I like the mixture of both and I kind of felt that some of this did that there was like like like you would finish something, yes,  but there’s always that backline store…

Rob…yes, there was a good mix of that in this series. I  thought they handled it really well like I said I do think all the acting in this series was really well done like I said the chemistry is it’s fun to watch the banter between the two sure you feel like you’re in the truck with them you feel like you’re on the case with them and I thought they did a great job of bringing…

Jay…well, that’s interesting because you,  you now let me ask you a question did you watch this from beginning in the end

Rob…I watched it watch it I watched it live

Jay…all right, all right,  so which is different I don’t know yeah because you’re emotionally invested week to week we should all talk about all the time and to where to stream it Iive was not  you know it’s it was started off as something I sat down and watched episode-to- episode to where i kind of started playing at the background type thing you know I was watching it but I was doing other things I was doing that type of thing yeah

Rob…maybe that’s why you didn’t like it as much no i pay attention I’m pretty sure it was that point in the morning I was like I’m not done with this if you have Hulu, and you’re looking for something to watch it’s one season uh I highly recommend

Jay…I’m just going to say and i’m going to put say this, I know rob is a big fan of it.  I’m going to say there’s a lot of other great things to watch

Rob…oh, so you’re going to say pass

Jay…I’m going to say pass

Rob…i’m going to say watch… so, comment below because I would love that absolutely yeah comment below even on “The Old Guard”… please or this series let us know if you’ve watched them who’s got it right we’d love to hear who’s the better man

Jay…what we do
Rob…anyway time for “I Miss My MTV” Yes, I’m taking over

Rob…my favorite segment “I Miss My MTV” and this week’s episode we’ve got a very special picture

Jay…a very special pick

Rob…it’s a,  it’s an independent…

Jay…not special like that, but very special…

Rob…an independent artist out of Toronto


Rob…yes,  Tamara Williamson, uh, and this video is very special to me because the music video to this is amazing which fits the song i think absolutely the song is called “Still Here…” and I’m really excited to introduce you guys to Santino

Jay…this guy’s moves I guess it’s pretty badass

Rob,,, I haven’t seen anything like it since Michael Jackson’s

Jay…well we watch a lot of K-pop and i think that they probably weren’t inspired by him.  yes j-hope watch your back yeah Santino’s

Jay…Santino’s all over you, bro so everybody can see pop then Canadian, yeah, we’ll let it go let’s hope s hope yes all right everybody “Still Here,”

Jay…that’s a great song, let me tell you. But I’m trying to find my attorney’s phone number, because well you know how these guys on when it comes to fortnight they sued fortnite got all their money for dance moves,. Yeah, that kid stole all my dance moves I’m just telling you

Rob…it’s solid…

Jay…when this show’s over i gotta get on that this is

Rob…Santino, killing it

Jay…on the really absolutely fantastic yes

Rob…that was an awesome video. I love the innocence of it, especially to go with the lyrics of her voice…

Jay…and then him just dancing yes yes because that’s what kids do that’s what kids  do awesome

Rob…So, the link below is to the Spotify the song if you can buy it for a dollar donate like i said this is a truly independent artist here rob it’s a dollar…

Jay…dollar you’ve got to say doollar…

Rob…She’s from Toronto, a loonie…

Jay…a loonie, got it yeah, hey, if you want to get it for a friend a toonie i’m just saying toonie, yeah…

Rob…whatever, so I’ll help out help Tamara Williamson out because truly amazing voice I’d love to hear more from her and see some wicked more videos like this


Rob…if we can get more Santino, I’m down


Rob…everybody, make sure you click Like and Subscribe below too before you go and purchase that song


Rob…and what else do you need to hit on that

Jay…they need to click the bell,  Rob, because if they don’t click the bell they’re not gonna know when we come out with a new episode

Rob…oh and it’s very devastating when you find  out you’ve missed like 36 episodes.

Jay…So, get busy

Rob…my mom was really upset anyway as always I’m Rob E.

Jay…and I’m Jay Marsh..

Rob…and this is

Rob/Jay…Attack on Show

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