Justin Mane’s ‘Crow’ wraps production

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After what seems like an indeterminable pause in production, Justin Mane announced July 27 on Facebook that the production of the Fellpeller Studios/ Tenille T. Productions joint effort of the short film “Crow” has wrapped production.

“And just like that… “Crow” has wrapped production.

“What a journey this has been from the simple idea I had back when I was 12, through pre-production, to filming, and now finally to post-production.

“Man, I’m so thankful and grateful for all of those involved in the production of this film and making that simple idea into a reality. In my completely unbiased opinion (well… maybe a little biased), we had absolutely the BEST cast and crew on this film. An amazing mix of veterans and really hungry, young filmmakers/actors that wanted to prove how good they were. And they really, truly did just that and more.

“The magic this cast and crew pulled off was so fun to watch. EVERYBODY gave it everything they had. I’m so proud of them and their work on this film. It’s rare that you get to work on a set as fun and efficient as this one was.

“When “Crow” comes out, you will see all of the hard work we all put into this film. You will see an intense roller coaster of drama; one of the craziest action scenes you’ve ever seen in a short film; lots of surprises and easter eggs to not only fans of “The Crow” but to other films and media as well; and certainly not last, but what the Michigan film community is capable of pulling off on a large scale.

“This has been one of the greatest accomplishments of not only my career but my life. Thank you for all of your support. I love you all. 🙂

“Can’t wait until Halloween.”

This production like the whole of Michigan’s film industry was placed on hold as the state underwent a pandemic lock-down.  Although this mandated suspension of normality may have slowed things considerably, it didn’t stop things altogether.  While under lock-down, filmmakers were busy with such details as audio, editing, etc.

‘Crow’ is not entirely a fan-film.  Rather a short film with a mythology tie-in to the franchise on which it’s based will be an entirely original story with original characters.

“This short doesn’t involve any characters or storylines that have appeared in the comics or movies. It’s more of a short film  (And) in some essence, yes, a bit of a fan film too. Fans of the franchise would recognize core elements that make “The Crow” films part of the franchise,” said Mane.

For those who have followed the comic book story, or have seen the original 1994 movie, the story-line is familiar.  It starred Brandon Lee, the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee,  as Eric Draven, and his fiancée Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas), who are brutally murdered by the building owner (a crime lord) in which they lived.

By the first anniversary of Eric and Shelly’s deaths, their murders are still unsolved. On the anniversary, Draven returns from the grave, clawing his way up from the ground. He is met by a crow perched upon his headstone, his guide between the worlds of the living and the dead. The crow leads Eric back to his old apartment, where he suffers flashbacks about the murders.

Driven by a desire to seek revenge,  Eric seeks out the four assassins who brutally beat and gang-raped Shelly and had him thrown to his death from a sixth story window.  Eric seeks to right the wrongs that were done to them before he can have eternal peace in the afterlife.

The Crow movie came out at the height of the alternative rock zeitgeist. It was HUGE as a movie, and tied to the era, and the other darker colors of the 1990s. Both the original film and O’Barrs comic were legit masterpieces of their eras.

Crow was directed by Peter Paulos and Matt Szakal, produced by Justin Mane, and will star Justin Mane (as Dean) and Bobby Laenan (as Vince).

Says Mane. “I’m acting and producing. I’m wearing a few other hats, but those are the primary ones. I will be starring as Dean, who unfortunately faces the circumstances posed in this film.”

About Justin Mane
A natural performer with a unique background, Justin Mane is a Film/TV/Commercial Actor, Stunt Actor, and Pro Wrestler based out of Metro Detroit, Michigan. He has been featured in several theatrical and independent movies; worldwide television; as well as national and regional commercials. Justin Mane has an extensive background within Pro Wrestling and continues to work in the Michigan scene.

Fellpeller Studios
Fellpeller Studios is a brand new independent studio also based in Michigan. They have have recently produced the short film “HARA-KIRI,” and have another short film, “Road Runner,” due for release in 2020. They’re also currently working on their first feature film, “Someone Else.”

Tennille T Productions
TTP is owned and ran by Tennille Taraszkiewicz based out of Michigan. They have produced various short films such as “Autolysis (2019),” “Void (2018),” “Entropy,” “A Full GlassA Full Glass (2019),” and several others. They’re currently working on their first feature film “If I Can’t Have You…,” which is scheduled for production in 2020.

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