‘Cardinal High of the Dead’ cast announced, filming of this feature film resumes March 13th

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Now that the weather is breaking, the filming of “Cardinal High of the Dead” will resume with a projected starting date of March 13.  30% of this movie, a passion project of writer/director/producer Indiana Rose has already filmed, but dates have been announced for the resumption of this film and its actors.

The official order for TBD scheduled filming. March 11th Drake Highgate, Cortez Andre, and Dom Lyons.

March 13th Dom Lyons, Derrick Jackson Jr., Nigel WilliamsDavid Ragin, and Crystal Wright

March 27th Annamaria Austin, Pretty Lyssa, Dom Lyons, Micheal Cochran, Derrick Jackson, Cortez Andre, Chris Thomas, Michael Cochran, and Dominik Greyson

March 28th Jovante King Gray, Valerie Adams, Rhondee Palmer, Chris Thomas, Nigel Wiliams, Derrick Jackson, Dom Lyons, Cortez Andre, Pretty Lyssa, and Crystal Wright.

April shoots TBD Fridays pr Saturdays, Possible Weekdays.

April 21st Saint Antoine Jackson, and Lisha Leelee,

Scheduled dates TBD Emery Kolb, Sean A. Allen, Hank Jackson, Roderick Taylor,  Yvonne Godschild, Foresteen Hood, Bill Kenney, Tony McCants, Kevin Msv Tates, David W. King, Maurizio R. Dominguez, Jennifer Andrews, Amber Techel, Nekquanna Cross (SAVANNAH).

As you may surmise from the title,  “Cardinal High of the Dead” is a horror movie, a genre film the script for which  Indiana Rose began writing over seven years, perfecting and polishing it until she is satisfied with it. That is some commitment!

Based upon a former principal of the school which she attended,  as well as being a genre film, “Cardinal High of the Dead” also addresses some of the maladies often experienced by young adults of high school age.

Two years after graduation and the tragedy of 2009, former students of Cardinal High come together to form a cult called Red Wings of Blood that summons dark spirits and imposes mind control on other students at their school. Dion and his friends investigate the true horrific history of the school and its principal.

Dr. Cardinal’s goal is to capture many students who were loyal to Cardinal High and use them for sacrifices and demonic rituals to gain control and create a powerful cult under the devil’s wing!

Says Indiana, “My inspiration for this story happened throughout the years I attended high school and troubles I’ve faced like depression, anxiety, etc  I took all the troubles and turned it into a horror film based on my experiences!”

“Cardinal High of the Dead” will be Indiana’s debut feature film as a director.  In the past, she has worked largely with short films. Her previous credits include “Murder Party, “”Storm Area 51,” “Trapped” and the two for which she wrote the screenplays are “Feel Better” and “VR.”  “Trapped, ” a short film, is a drama, and “Stormarea51” is a comedy!

She started writing the script for “Cardinal High of the Dead”  two years after high school around 2012.  .It became so long that she broke each section of the script into four feature films.  It has taken a total of seven years to complete this script.

Once the script was written to her satisfaction,  she cast the roles herself.  She has a total of 30 cast members.

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