Become part of this epic, ‘Dwarfhammer’ is looking for people who want to appear as extras in a medieval fantasy world

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Every generation, in the Kingdom of the Dwarves, one is chosen who must carry “The Dwarf Hammer” title; who must devote his life to keeping the peace, and to preserving the knowledge and skills of his ancient lineage.  Knowledge and skills that are not magic, but powerful,  oft-misunderstood technologies that have been dismissed as “pagan sorcery” by the Realm of Men.

When the current holder of this sacred title has been grievously wounded, he must pass the mantle to his reluctant son. The son must learn to embrace his fate as he is forced to battle a roving band of slave-traders, led by a sadistic serial killer known only as “TheBeggar,” who uses his psychological prowess to engender fear in the hearts and minds of a superstitious world.  (copyright 2011 RotoMation Pictures)

After eight long years, director Daniel Falicki’s vision is coming closer to becoming a reality.  Started in 2011/2012,  written by Ryan Lieske,  production on “Dwarfhammer,” has resumed.  It is casting a wide net for people who want to appear as peasants and wear wild garb in a medieval fantasy world. “Dwarfhammer” has announced a Dwarfhammer Extras Day 2.

“We had a blast on the last shoot. Please be a part of my dream movie that took 8 years to make!” Daniel Falicki

A  Dwarfhammer Extras Day 2, hosted by director Daniel Falicki will take place Saturday, March 21, 2020, at 12 PM – 6 PM,  at 3548 Roger B Chaffee Memorial Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548-2328.

“Dwarfhammer” stars Roger Callard as Grandfather, Joel Potrykus as Slicer, Haley Heslip  as Gwynn,  Daniel Falicki as the Beggar,  Jason Roth known as Redneck with Cereal Box in Too Dead to Die (2007), and Kubiak in Buzzard (2014),  as Mayor Bletch, Michael McCallum as Conrad, Chris Kotcher as Lord Mikhail, Jackson Ezinga as Sweet Roger,  among other cast.  “Dwarfhammer” is a Daniel Falicki film.

About Daniel Falicki
Growing up in Belmont, Michigan,  Daniel Falicki attended Rockford High School, where he was active in theater. After graduating in 1999 Falicki got involved with the Grand Rapids thespian community, performing with multiple theaters and improv troupes throughout the city. His penchant for quirky comedy routines on stage led to self-producing and directing his first feature-length video.

Learning green screen techniques editing videos for a health products company Falicki  displayed his talent in his 2009 feature, “GR30k,” an epic satire set in Grand Rapids in the year 30,000 A.D. Winning Grand Rapid’s “Thriller Chiller” festival, he attracted the attention of a local banker who invested in Falicki’s filmmaking to create the short films, “Relief Keeper,” and “Falling Horse.”

Teaming up with a California based producer, Falicki made his next eight feature-length films: “The Last Vampyre,”” Anti American,”” The Joe Show,”” 333 A.M.,”” Shadow World,”” Accidental Exorcist,”” Hell Awaits,”” 13 Demons,” and “Alien Implant. ”

In addition to producing and directing his own films, Falicki continues to act in films for other Michigan filmmakers and won Best Actor at Made In Michigan Film Festival for his performances in “Sub Q (2015),” and “Accidental Exorcist (2017).”

In addition to acting and producing, Falicki is also an accomplished set and costume designer and takes pride in doing most of the hands-on work associated with every phase of production.

“Dwarfhammer ” is Daniel Falicki’s 15th motion picture as a director and 26th as a credited actor.  As well as acting and directing he also has IMDb credits as a producer, writer, editor, cinematographer, art director, Special FX, Production designer, art director, second unit, or assistant director , set decorator, as well as working in costume and wardrobe department, and miscellaneous crew.

“Dwarfhammer” is scheduled for release in 2021.


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