Talking with actress/producer Heather Fairbanks on Blue Leaf Productions/Treefort ‘Better to See You With’

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“Better To See You With,” a deeply cinematic and psychological film, is officially in postproduction with an award-winning dream team of collaborators.

Including director/producer David Marek and producer/cinematographer Matthew von Dayton both of Treefort, producer Nancy Oeswein and actors/producers Troy Randall-Kilpatrick and Heather Fairbanks of Blue Leaf Studio & Productions, “Better To See You With” is a thought-provoking, albeit dark, screenplay written by Gayle Newman Kunz.

Adapted from a short story Gayle wrote during a writing course taught by mystery writer James Sallis, ‘Better to See You With’ explores the dark secrets one married couple conceals.

Said Heather Fairbanks, actress/producer, “When I first read Gayle’s psychological short story (a piece she wrote years ago when we were in college together) I was immediately drawn to the female protagonist ‘Emily.’ Delving into the darkness through her eyes, the story offers an interesting point of view as the thoughts in Emily’s head contrast to her numb and timid demeanor as she seeks to navigate the horror around her.

“It’s a dream character to play and I’m so grateful for Gayle’s trust in our exceptional team of collaborators who took this leap with me.

“I had already worked with director David Marek (who teaches film at U of M) and DP Matthew von Dayton (both of Treefort) on ‘Thaw of the Dead’ and knew they had the vision, passion, and mad crazy skills to partner on this one.

“Adding my husband actor/producer Troy Randall-Kilpatrick of Blue Leaf Studio & Productions to the production team and cast was the next step since he had the skill set to bring the darkness to life through his eerily authentic portrayal of madman ‘Chris.’

“Once Treefort and Blue Leaf Studio & Production joined forces the next step was to hire producer Nancy Oeswein to round out our production crew.


“I feel honored to be a part of this team and appreciate all the talented creatives who joined with us in all facets of our cast/crew.  So proud of our entire team.” concludes Heather Fairbanks, actor/producer.


“Rock-solid cast supported by a multi-layered script. Dark and menacing. Looking forward to seeing this one completed.” Matthew von Dayton, DP/producer.


“This crew and cast was such a joy….every day on set was a delight.  I can’t wait to work with this team again and can’t wait to see the finished film.  I wore a lot of hats, as usual, producing, FX make-up, props, wardrobe, AD, locations, etc..  But it barely seemed like any work with such an energetic, fun team…” said Nancy Oeswein, producer/FX Make-Up/Locations


“Beyond the artistic integrity of our second outing under the Blue Leaf brand, we are most profoundly grateful for and proud of the team we assembled for this film. The level of professionalism, talent, and dedication relative to our cast, crew and production team were unequivocally top-shelf,”  said Troy Randall=Kilpatrick.


Actor/Producer Troy Randall-Kilpatrick of Blue Leaf Studio & Productions

Introducing the principal cast of ‘Better to See You With’,


(From top left to right) Heather Fairbanks as ‘Emily,’ Troy Randall-Kilpatrick as ‘Chris,’ Angela Roberts-Johnson as ‘Naomi,’ Rachel Beckas ‘Claire,’  Leslie Mechigian as ‘Beth’ Jeff Kotlarz as ‘Sheriff Porter,’  Caroline Mitchell as ‘Anna.’

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