Aaron Russman shares production stills from the ‘Denny Dooley Story’

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Director Aaron Russman has shared several recent production stills from the production of his “Denny Dooley Story.”

Part urban legend, part musicologist study, a chapter in Detroit music history, a page lost in time., what was the truth about Denny Dooley?

After decades of chasing down blind alleys and talking with everyone who has claimed to have known Denny Dooley, at least those who recall through the haze filled days of the 60s and ’70s having seen him, director Aaron Russman is prepared to start assembling the pieces surrounding one of the greatest guitarists to have come from the Great Lakes area.

Aaron Russman has shared production stills from “The Denny Dooley Story.”   Here is the latest glimpse into this Michigan production.


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Written (based upon the assembled folklore, conjecture and urban myth) by Aaron Russman, starring Jalen Wilson-Nelem as Denny Dooley, Taye Levenson as Young Denny, Dennis Marin as Marky, Patrick Harney as Chick, John C. Forman as Samuel, Chevonne Wilson as Joanne,  Harold Dennis as Albert, Jeff Siarto as Roy Jebb, Judy Stepanian as Shotgun Sally, among others,  The Denny Dooley Story is a Picture Show Film Company production.

“The Denny Dooley Story” is scheduled for release October 30, 2020.

For more on the Denny Dooley Story, read the article which the Michigan Movie Weekender presented May 13, 2019.


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