Cast for Justin Mane’s’Crow’ has been chosen. ‘The process was ‘grueling”

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This article includes an Attack on Show interview with actor Justin Mane, used with permission from Robert Holland.

Casting Justin Mane’s “Crow” was grueling.  When the call was announced, over 230 actors, some from as far away as Ohio and California sent in their headshots, demo reels/clips, and the roles for which they were applying.

From the original number,  57 callbacks were scheduled over the course of 11 hours on Friday.  Every one of these actors brought their A-game hungry for a starring role in this Tenille T. Productions/Fellpeller Studios production.

Directed by Peter Poulos and Matt Szakal, this thriller/action/romance/fantasy fan film would be starring Justin Mane (as Dean) and Bobby Laenen (as Vince), the “Crow” will be produced by Mane.

Recounting the experience, Justin Mane said, ” I personally performed with about 80% of those callbacks during that time. It was easily one of the most exhausting but beautiful days I’ve ever had as an actor.

“Every single actor brought their best into their performance, and I couldn’t have asked for more. There is SO MUCH undiscovered talent in Michigan that is just itching for an opportunity to be seen.

“The final selection process was EXTREMELY difficult and didn’t come easily. There were no clear-cut decisions as every single actor made it very, very difficult for us to choose. But, with the cast, we have in place we’re confident the story of “Crow” will be told in exactly the way we want.”

From this process, the final cast was chosen for “Crow.”  The first of these actors were announced online this past week, February 5-7, 2020..  They include:


(From left to right) Callie Bussell has been cast as “Sam,” Dean’s girlfriend, and the older sister of Donnie. Sam is integral to this story, and essentially the catalyst to the entire timeline of events that unfold over the course of the film. She is Dean’s “home” – the one single person who makes life complete for him. While she has this compassionate, nurturing side to her,  she is absolutely not a “Damsel in Distress,” and will defend herself and the ones she loves without question.

(Middle)  Joshua Lutey will appear as “Donnie,”  Sam’s younger brother. He was born with non-verbal autism, but that doesn’t exactly affect his life negatively and has found ways to work with it instead of against it. Donnie has an innocence to him, however, he does have a natural curiosity that can sometimes get him into trouble. He is most comfortable around Sam and Dean, whom he loves dearly and views as an older brother.

(Right)  Phillip Shaun DeVone as “Julian,” a member of Vince’s (Bobby Laenen) group of men. He’s known as the more level-headed one but has no problem carrying out actions if he needs to. He carries a loyalty to Vince as they have confided in each other for years, even prior to the events of “CROW” taking place. And after the event? Well, you’ll see what happens.

Production on this non-union short fan film will start in March and is tentatively scheduled for weekends April and May, with a possible pick-up in June (as needed) with a projected 5-6 days total filming time projected.

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To follow the development of Crow online, check out the Crow fan page.

For an interview with Justin Mane as it appeared on Attack on Show, he and Robert Holland take a deep dive into the original movie.  It is with Robert’s permission this interview is presented here.


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For more on the Crow, stay tuned!

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