Blood Bash 2020, February 15

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Mark your calendars for a bloody good time.  Quickly coming up!  Saturday, February 15, 2020,  at 11 AM – 11:59 PM. Meggaxp,   209 E Washington Ave, Jackson, Michigan 49201.  Blood Bash 2020.

Blood Bash International Horror Film Festival and Convention is coming BACK to the Commonwealth Commerce Center on Friday, February 14th and Saturday, February 15th, 2020!

This year Blood Bash will once again be hosting a 2-day event for people who REALLY love horror movies!

Starting on Friday, February 14th, (Valentine’s Day), fans of horror and gore will be able to access our film festival BONUS DAY from 5:20 PM – midnight. The actual convention (vendors, games, etc) won’t be open until Saturday, but FRIDAY NIGHT is an extra opportunity to see some of our favorite horror flicks that didn’t quite make the final cut for our awards, but are still good enough to be featured in our festival.

About our film festival:
For Blood Bash 2020, we had 1049 entries enter the contest, and over the course of 3 months we narrowed it down to 42! The 42 films were then judged by an independent panel of 6 judges, and the top 20 were selected to be our “Best In Show” finalists, that will play on Saturday (and one film, Mr. Mops, will also play on Saturday because it made the cut for our “Favorite Male Performance” award, although not the “Best In Show” award.) The remaining 21 semi-finalists will all play on Friday night, along with one additional full-length feature, #Slaughterhouse

Friday is when you will see the 21 semi-finalists
5:20 PM – Doors Open (get your drinks and seats for the evening)
5:45 – From Inside
5:55 – Yard Sale
6:06 – Crystal: Blood & Sugar
6:26 – Between
6:35 – Type
6:40 – Gusi. Apologize To Him
6:55 – The Forest of Silence
7:05 – Nefarious
7:13 – The Cabin
7:23 – Keep Looking
7:45 – #SLAUGHTERHOUSE (Bonus Feature Film)
9:25 – Dead Air (UK)
9:42 – Scuttle
9:50 – Jason Z
9:59 – Bed and Breakfast
10:15 – Souvenir
10:26 – Luna
10:33 – Create Your Killer
10:43 – Good Man – Honor Your Father
11:00 – Santastein
11:15 – Overkill
11:30 – The Treasure of the Five Kings

Saturday, February 15th’s Schedule of Events:
Saturday is where the top 20 (of 1049 entries) will screen and all 20 of them are up for the “Best In Show” award that is voted on by a combination of our 6 Blood Bash judges and 19 Blood Bash VIP ticket holders!
11:00 AM – Doors open
11:39 – 2NIGHT
11:53 – KILLER HIKE 7
12:13 – NOM
12:24 – IN HER SHOES
12:29 – DONE
12:35 – DETROIT DRILLER KILLER (Bonus Feature Film)
1:45 TRIVIA Game 1 – UNTITLED : Horror Movie Edition
2:05 – Rottentail (Bonus Feature Film) with Q&A with Creator David Hayes!
4:15 – Atomic Ed
4:34 – Horrorscope
4:39 – Sing To Me Mommy
4:46 – Shelly
4:59 – The Station
5:15 – Trivia Game #2 – Killin’ It!
5:35 PM – “Favorite Male Performance” Nominees Block:
5:35 – Dead Air (USA)
5:51 – Mr. Mops
5:59 – Unholy Mole
6:05 – Mama’s Boy
6:17 – The Malicious
6:40 – Grand Prize Raffle Drawings / Last call for shopping in the vendor hall!
7:00 – VENDOR HALL CLOSES, everyone is ushered into the film room for the main event block, which this year is….
7:00 – “Favorite Female Performance” Nominees Block:
7:00 – Off Fleek
7:06 – The Rejected
7:14 – Altitude
7:25 – Possessions
7:43 – The Game
8:00 – Blood Bash 2020 After-Party Kicks Off!
8:30 – Blood Bash 2020 Cosplay Contest!
9:00 – Blood Bash 2020 Scream Queen Contest
9:20 – Midnight – Live DJ, dancing, drink specials, more raffles, etc.
9:30 – Midnight – BONUS FEATURES in the film room! These films will be posted on the Facebook page as they’re announced!

Vendor Room:
The bread and butter of Blood Bash is our amazing Vendor Room! This year we have sold out of vendor booths WAY earlier than any other year, and we are confident that this will be our best vendor room yet! We will have over 40 tables of horror merch specialists selling prints, collectibles, clothing, and all kinds of other horror themed merch!!! You can see our list of horror vendors by going to here on Facebook or head over to our actual website at

Horror-Themed Video Game Area:
Blood Bash IS a Meggaxp event, afterall, and because of that, you know you’re going to see an area for video games and tabletop games! The videogame area will feature:
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)
Friday the 13th (NES)
Uninvited (NES)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)
Splatterhouse (Turbografx 16)
Manhunt (PS2)
and many more! All games are free to play at Blood Bash!!!

Tabletop Gaming Area:
We will have ThroatPunchGames on hand to help run some horror-themed tabletop games, be sure to keep checking back as those games are announced!

FREE Carnival Games:
One of the more unique aspects of Blood Bash has become our FREE to play Carnival Games! All of our vendors have donated at least one item to be given away via a raffle at the end of the show! How do you earn tickets? Well, by playing these games, of course:

Head Tossin Trivia – This is a horror take on the game where you wager on a color by placing a quarter on it and then some clownie throws a ball into a grid and wherever it lands the person who bet on that color wins a giant….something. Well since all of the games at Blood Bash are FREE to play, we have developed a new take on this classic – Starting at 11:30 am, and every 20 / 30 minutes from then, we will gather 8 players to play. Our host will ask 5 questions about horror movies, and for every question you get right, you will earn a betting chip, to place on a horror movie of your choice. Once all bets are placed, a head is tossed onto the grid and if it lands on your movie, then you win 10 tickets per betting chip!!!

Villain Dart Toss – Pretty straightforward, here. We have assembled a board with certain horror characters on it – – – -some big, some small. Hit the villain and win the appropriate number of tickets!

Bloody Ring Toss – Ring toss onto bottles filled with blood! Get a ring, win some tickets!

Feed Me, Baby! – Our most twisted game by a mile. You get 3 severed baby heads and you’re tossing them into a demonic clown’s mouth. Get heads in, win tickets!

What’s a horror con without booze, amiright? Well, luckily the bar opens when the doors open, and we have great horror-themed drink specials! $5 Bloody Marys, $5 pitchers of beer, and awesome drinks like the “Monkey Shines Cocktail,” and “Bruce Juice,” just to name a couple!

At 8:00 PM the official Blood Bash 2020 After-Party begins! This is where you will find:

Cosplay Contest – 8:30 PM – Our cosplay contest crowns winners in the male and female categories and winners win trophies as well as tickets to next year’s bash!

Scream Queen Contest – 9:00 PM – Think you can scream louder / more horrifying than anyone at the Bash? Well, here’s your chance! Ladies (and gents if they feel so inclined – we’re equal opportunists here, people) take turns screaming at the top of their lungs in an effort to win a trophy, some Blood Bash swag, and tickets to next year’s show!

LIVE DJ and DANCING – After the screaming is over, the dance floor opens up for the rest of the night!
40+ Vendor Tables selling nothing but HORROR MERCH!
10+ Hours of Horror Films in our Film Festival
FREE Horror-Themed Carnival Games (with prizes at the end of the day)
Horror Video Game Challenges
Horror Tabletop Gaming Area
Horror-Themed Drink Specials such as $5 Bloody Marys!
Scream Queen Contest
Cosplay Contest
and much more!!

Ticket Pricing:
Friday Night Film Festival Only – $10
Saturday Blood Bash 2020 Main Festival Day – $15
Blood Bash 2020 2-Day Pass – $20
TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR (SAME PRICE) or you can get them in advance at

So save the date, people! Blood Bash 2020 is going to be MEGGA!!

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