Official trailer drops for Fellpeller Studios’ ‘Road Runner’

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The official trailer has dropped for southeast Michigan-based Fellpeller Studios’ “Road Runner.” Based on the true events of writer and director Jason Allen’s late grandfather, Danny Landowski, “Road Runner” is a 1970’s crime drama, written, directed and produced by Jason Allen.

‘Road Runner’ focuses on Landowski,  a husband and a father to some, he is really a selfish, pool hustling criminal on the streets of Detroit who never got out of the game. With the help of his partner, Chris, he may have just found his way out, with one last job. Road Runner asks the question… “what is the difference between good and bad?”

Written and directed by  Jason Allen, Road Runner stars Justin Mane, Matt Szakal, Jesse Rapanot. Originally intended to be a school thesis project, the filming for “Road Runner” actually took place over the course of four months. July, August, September, and October of 2019. In the opening credits, the actual locations that this story took place can be seen for a brief moment.   The scenes in Detroit, Michigan were actually filmed during a popular music festival that was actually happening a few blocks over. Making things difficult to carry on with production.

About Jason Allen

Jason Allen is a writer, director, and producer from Detroit, Michigan. Born on May 18th, 1998 in Tarpon Springs, Florida, Jason is known for  “A Moment of Sincerity” (2019), “An Assault on the Senses” (2019), “Crocodile” (2019) “Hara-Kiri “(2019)and Road Runner (2020) .

Like any director, Jason was a film buff from an early age. After high school, he opted to attend film school and garner the tools necessary to launch his film making career. In doing so, he formed Fellpeller Studios, a film production company/media collective based out of Southeast Michigan, along with some of his fellow classmates.

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“Road Runner” will be one of four short films that will screen February 26, 2020, as part of the Fellpeller Studios Showcase at the Main Art Theater, Royal Oak, MI.  This showcase introducing Michigan’s newest indie film collective with short films from four up and coming filmmakers will include,  in addition to Road Runner,  “Hara-Kiri” directed by Matt Szakal, “Yellow-Bellied Rat,” directed by Shane R. Heller, and “The Marauder,”  directed by Jordan  Currie.


For more information on the Fellpeller Studios Showcase, click on this.


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