First full episode of ‘The Patron’ is now on Vimeo–and the Weekender has BTS photos

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The first full episode of “The Patron,” a new concept television series from Drop Shadow Productions is now on Vimeo.  Directed and produced by Michael R. Steinbeck of Dexter, Mich, this is the pilot for an episodic TV program, a serialized narrative in the style of “Breaking Bad” or “Justified,” filmed and produced almost entirely with Michigan-based crew and acting talent.

“The Patron” centers on two feuding crime/business families, the Jarits and the Kellys, in the upper Midwest who both have a stake in the trafficking of opioids and other illicit drugs into the region. In this episode, entitled “The Baby,” an infant is kidnapped and held hostage after the baby’s parents are slain.   Nat Jarit, the seeming black sheep of the Jarit family, accepts responsibility to set everything right again for the family and everyone he loves.

Written by Bill Elverman, “The Patron” stars Bill Elverman (as Nat Jarit),   Andrew Dawe-Collins  (as John Jarit Sr),  Jeff Garretson (as Joe Jarit),  Nate Brassfield  (as John Kelly), Brian Heintz  (Officer Crockett),  Rainbow Dickerson (as Emma Jarit), amongst a cast of others.

This film is a proof-of-concept pilot for a potential episodic TV series.  Currently, this is the only episode produced, however,  scripts for additional episodes have been completed.

Here are BTS photos from this episode.

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