Filming for Renika McQueen-Echol’s ‘Cain and Abel’ has wrapped and the poster is now online

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The filming of Renika McQueen-Echol’s latest production, “Cain and Abel” has wrapped and the poster for this production can now be seen online.  This is the second feature film written by McQueen-Echol.

Said McQueen-Echol regarding “Cain and Abel,” God gave me a vision some years back. I never finished it because it wasn’t meant to be finished at that time. He just wanted me to have the vision for this timeframe.

“Originally this was a book titled, “My brother’s Keeper.” Just last year I decided to change the name and make it a movie. This movie is going to have you emotional, angry, shocked and definitely waiting to see what I have next up my sleeve!”


Starring Jeremi Farrar,  Justin Farrar, Ageel T. Ash-Shakoor,  Jackie P. Jordan,  Jeremiah J. Crawford, Germaine L. Crawford, among others,  “Cain and Abel” is screenwritten and directed by Kamal Smith, based upon a story by Renika McQueen-Echols.  Cinematography by Video Fusion.  Edited by Renika McQueen-Echols.  It is a Chase & Conner Production. Executive Produced by McQueen-Echols.


“Cain and Abel” is scheduled for release in 2020.


    1. To my knowledge, although this article says it was supposed to be released in 2020, it hasn’t yet.

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