Cyberstars Detroit’s latest sketch ‘Murder Party’ now online

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If you have not yet discovered Cyberstars Detroit yet,  you owe it to yourself.  This comedy company is top-notch, the comedy skits they perform are genuinely amusing.  Created by David Ragin, Demonte Thompson and Cortez Andre for YouTube, Cyberstars is an American live-action, sketch comedy-variety show.

The series stars Ragin, Thompson and Andre, and includes Alyssa Crawley, Christian Parker, Johnny Doc$, DK Williams.  Later in its development, joining the cast are  Indiana Rose, Jovante Gray, B Cyde and DJ Creecha.

Premiering first in 2015,  Cyberstars Detroit began airing regularly in January of 2016.  The series features original short comedic sketches and film scenes written, filmed, directed and produced by the Cyberstars group. and filmed in Michigan.  The series is written to appeal to a broad audience ranging in age from early teens to grown adults.

In this episode, (#27, if they were numbered) a party goes south when a group of friends put their lives at risk to help their friend hide his infidelity.  Entitled “Murder Party” this skit stars David Ragin (as Neesons), Indiana Rose (as Diana), Johnny Doc$ (as Khalel), Cortez Andre (as John / Tether) and features Gianna Rose (as Brianna).

When Cyberstars first premiered, this introduction was created.   In it aspiring reporter Kutha’Panther Vandross interviews David Ragin (the Initiator), Cortez Andre (the Wild Card), Johnny Doc$ (the Lyricist), DK Williams (the Smartass), Demonte Thompson (the Pretty Boy)), Christian Parker (the Stoner) and Alyssa Crawley (the Pistol) about their upcoming project.

Watch as Cortez Andre demonstrates his many imitations, Johnny Doc$ talks about his mixtape,  Demonte Thompson talk with his translator, and the incomparable Christian Parker…


Directed and written by David Ragin, Cortez Andre, DK Williams, Johnny Doc$, Demonte Thompson and Alyssa Crawley. Filmed by Johnny Doc$ and David Ragin. Edited by David Ragin. Starring: David Ragin , Johnny Doc$f, DK Williams, Demonte Thompson,  Alyssa Crawley, Cortez Andre, and featuring: Kenyatta Francisco as Kutha’Panther Vandross

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