Tokkyo Faison covers the premiere of Steve Hasse’s ‘Seth and Tia’

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You may know him from Superhero 313 Fitness and Entertainment; or you may know him as a camera drone operator responsible for many resplendent aerial video-captures he has done of the downtown Detroit area;  or you know him from his 41 credited screen roles in which he has appeared as both stuntman and actor since 2010.  But you certainly know Tokkyo Faison, a fixture and a star in Michigan’s film industry.

Last night he was present for the Red Carpet Premiere of  Steve Hasse’s much-anticipated action/crime/comedy “Seth and Tia”.as it screened at the  Emagine Theatres, Theater 15, 39535 Ford Rd, Canton, MI.  Tokkyo appears as Brock.

With his camera drone and apparently another camera to cover this premiere, you can see Tokkyo in this video as he talks with director Steve Hasse (the movie’s writer/director),   Nathan Wakefield (who appears on-screen as Seth) and Rachel Webster (as Tia). Tokkyo introduces us to John Vella (who appeared as Nurse Tommy).  We are even introduced to Tokkyo’s mother and sister (as themselves in attendance for the movie).

“Seth and Tia” is the spirited telling two patients who develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. Planning a break-out, they realize that they cannot do it alone. Allying with an enemy patient”Gnarly Daren” who Seth double-crosses by locking him in a cell so he can’t leave with them, Seth and Tia’s take off on a mad tear, a life of anarchy on the run.  Escaping from the institution, and in hot pursuit, hungry for their blood, Darren will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Starring Nathan Wakefield, Rachel Webster, Tokkyo Faison, Jason Hiaeshutter, Jason Bass, Karl Henning, John Vella, and Tim Zajkowski, “Seth and Tia” is a gutter punk homage to Bonnie and Clyde.

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