Michael McCallum’s ‘Deadbolt’ to play at the East Lansing Film Festival January 11

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Deadbolt poster design by Scott Baisden.

The newest drama from Rebel Pictures and award-winning director/writer/actor/editor Michael McCallum and his filmmaking team,  “Deadbolt,”  will screen at the East Lansing Film Festival as part of the Lake Michigan Film Contest! The screening is in a block of short films on Sat., Jan. 11th, 6 PM at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center!

Written by Justin Muschong, directed by Michael McCallum, with cinematography by Andrew K. Tebeau., edited by Scott Baisden and Michael McCallum,  “Deadbolt” stars: Brad Stocker (as Bill), Elizabeth G. Moore (as Lucy) , Michael McCallum (as Marcus) , Brie Roper (as Joanna) and Johnny DeMarco ( as Uncle Tony).

The dark film noir is about two couples buried in debt, the one gal is pregnant, conspires to rob the uncle’s pawnshop after hours, with the uncle’s help.  But things do not go as smoothly as they had planned.

This 21 minute short film, filmed entirely in Lansing, has been the recipient of number awards including Best Screenplay for a Short Film-Justin Muschong, Best Actor in a Lead Role-Elizabeth Moor,  and received 9 nominations at The Eclipse Awards! And the script also won the Northern New York Screenwriter Award-Justin Muschong!





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