Melisa Sandlin’s ‘Half Blood, Season 1, Episode 1’ fully cast

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Director Melisa Sandlin announced in a Facebook post, “I am thrilled to announce the full cast of Half-Blood Season 1 Episode 1. ”  With this in photo and text, she introduced the twelve actors who will appear in this production, some more familiar to these pages than others.

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Included in the cast are (starting with the proposed poster for this series, and including director/actor Melisa Sandlin):

Alexandria Barron (as Angelina) Alexandria Barron is a teen actress who has worked at her craft since the age of seven by performing in local theatre productions as well as taking acting and dancing lessons. However, as of 2017, Alexandria had found her passion…acting in front of the camera in movies, television and short films.  A humans rights activist, Alexandria believes all people should be considered equal despite gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and social status.  Wishes to pursue film for the rest of her life, whether it be acting, producing, directing, etc., Barron hopes to continue to tell stories through film and inspire others and make an impact within her community with her outgoing personality, sarcastic comments, leadership ability,, and stamina.  Alexandria has appeared most notably in My Step Kidz Sitcom 2 (TV Series, 2017),  People Like Me (2017), Get Married or Die Trying (TV Series, 2019), and Love Immortal (2019), among others.

Anatasia Greca (as Elizabeth)  Anastasiia Greca is an actress, known for Paradise Fear (2018), The Hive (2018) and Vices (2020).  She is managed by Jon Tomus Talent, LLC, Grosse Pointe Park, MI.

Ashley Gray (as Tanzed)–Ashley attended Madonna University where she obtained a B.A. in Broadcast and Cinema Arts and graduated in 2008.  She has worked in the camera and electrical department of The Magic of (2016), and Shit You Will Never See in (2016). Ashley has been an associate producer is associated with these productions Papers XI, X, XII, XIII.   As an actress, she  has appeared most notably in Tetherball: The Movie (2010), Locked in a Room (2012), Mary’s Buttons (2012), Count Time the Movie (2018), Chair Gang (TV Series) (2017-2020), and the Papers series.

Brian Boynton (as Actius)–Brian Boynton is an actor | producer | writer. As an actor he is known most notably for Lee Martin’s Midnight Hour (2012-2015),  His Choice (2018), Dark Over Me (2019),  White Chapel (2019), and Catch Him as He Strays (2019).  Brian is represented by Phirgun Mair Worldwide, Rio Rancho, NM.

Brian Heintz (as Venator)–Brian Heintz (also recognized as Van Diesel’s body double) got involved in the film industry wanting  to be a cinematographer. Attending Specs Howard School of Media Arts in 2013,  and graduated their Digital Media Program in 2014. He discovered he loved acting and pursued roles through contacts he had made,  Brian has done quite a bit in the film industry from behind the camera to in front of the camera. He has worked as a camera operator, P.A., sound guy, location scout (one of his favorites), scene and setup coordinator, and casting agent (local independent films) for various productions locally. His first major production he was blessed to be a part of was Fast 8 The Fate of the Furious in 2016 in which he played Vin Diesel’s body double.   Directors Brian has worked with include Lance Kawas, Bryan Gildner, Michael B. Chait, Harley Wallen, Nicole Bowers Wallace, Don Overton, Gary Gray, John Solomon, Johnny Flynn, Josh Taube, Matthew Winne, Mike Madigan, Matthew Peach, and Joel Paul Reisig.  He is managed by Jon Tomus Talent, LLC, Grosse Pointe Park, MI. 

Bryan Sawyer (as Erobus) —  Bryan Sawyer is an actor noted for his roles in  The Awareness Factor (2019), Sangin (2019) and Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge (2020).  He is represented by The I GROUP Model & Talent Management, Southfield, MI

Dennis Marin (as Alexander)–a Romanian-American actor/model from Detroit, MI, Dennis Marin grew up doing theater and has transitioned to film-acting in early 2016.
He is known most notably for his roles in Moving Parts (2017), Apocalypse Rising (2018), Bennett’s Song (2018), Betrayed (2018), Enigma (2019), Abstruse (2019), and he most recently appeared as Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee on nationwide television.  He is managed by Jon Tomus Talent.

Jimmie Chiappelli (as Vinny)- Born in Pontiac Michigan, Jimmie Chiappelli took an interest in acting and modeling around the age of 16 and attended John Casablanca’s modeling and acting school.  Michigan did not present much work in the acting business at that time and he put it on the back burner temporarily. 32 years later that he realized that he needed to pursue his dream.  A commercial role for RAM trucks rekindled his passion for acting. Since that commercial in the fall of 2016 he has appeared in over 90 different projects encompassing Feature Films, Commercials, Shorts, and even a Music Video. He was recognized as Michigan’s most prolific actor in 2018, and 2019 is gaining even more momentum, with projects set to film in 3 different states, including Atlanta, Georgia.

Brian Kasgorgis (as Marcus)–Brian Kasgorgis is an actor, known for his roles in  I Declare War (2016), Detroiters (2017), Red Venom Kills (2017) and in television, Brian appeared as Dr. Carnifex In Dark Lies (2017).  Brian is represented by The I Group, Southfield, MI; managed by Jon Tomus Talent, LLC, Grosse Pointe Park, MI; Talent Agent Commercial, The Park Noack Agency, Los Angeles, CA.

Patrick Harney (as Nicholas)–Born in Lansing, Michigan, and raised in Haslett, Michigan, Patrick Harney attended  Michigan State University for two years where he studied film production.  Patrick began studying acting with Taylor Kelsaw in 2015 and while he attended Michigan State University, began doing student films as well as doing a local theatre company’s version of the musical Dogfight, where he played the lead role of Eddie Birdlace. He was nominated for a Pulsar Award in the category of “Best Lead Actor in a Musical”. In 2016, during his sophomore year in college, he landed the supporting role of Vince in the MSU made feature film called Sorta Late (2016). This was apart of a project called Theatre2Film. The film premiered at the Traverse City Film Festival in 2016. In 2017, Patrick landed some background work in Michael McCallum’s short film Eskimo Brothers (2017), and Katheryn Bigelow’s Detroit (2017). He also landed a role on the pilot for a sci-fi series called Electron Blade (2017-) playing the role of Sindricus. During this time, Patrick began filming Scapegoat (2018), playing the lead role of Matt, which premieres in September of 2018.  He is professionally represented by the iGroup, Southfield, MI.

Rocco Guirlanda  (as Bill)–Rocco Guirlanda has appeared in 22 titles in film since 2011 including Son-of-a-Guns (2011), A Love That Hurts (2012), I Declare War (2014), Star Trek: Horizon (2016), Moving Parts (2017),  Love is Blind (2018), and Soulless (2019), among others.  In television, he has appeared in The Adventures of Pammy Van Patton, Lee Martin’s the Midnight Hour,  Baldwin Cafe, and the Union Series, among others.

Melisa Sandlin (as Lisa)–Melisa Sandlin is an actress and writer, known for Silent Killer (2018), Final Session (2019) and Papers 15: Dark Chapters Pt 1 (2020). She is represented by the iGroup, Southfield, MI.

In this series,  Half-Blood, a young woman is broken and hopelessly beaten down by a fallen world. Alexander a vampire of the American clan unable to save Angelina, Alexander’s sister from leader Erobus’ wrath. Lisa, unaware that life, as she knows it is about to change one fateful evening as her path crosses Alexander’s. Emerging from the darkness Lisa is now on a new path. A path of Vengeance, Sself-discovery, and saving the human race.

Half-Blood will stream on Amazon Prime Video soon.

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