Hani Bay’s ’45 Days to Be Rich’ wins Best Indie Feature at the December 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards

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It has just been announced that Hani Bay’s “45 Days to Be Rich” has been awarded Best Indie Feature at the December 2019 Lost Angeles Film Awards.   With over 400 five star reviews, the LAFA, a monthly film and screenplay competition for filmmakers worldwide,  is one of the highest-rated festivals on FilmFreeway.  This is a prestigious award indeed.


“Our first award!! Best Indie Feature!!” said Hani Bay, regarding his first feature film. A comedic winner,  “45 Days to Be Rich”  was written and directed by Bay. It premiered on July 14, 2018.  It stars Joe Piazza as Jake, Joshua Joseph Hoss as Joe, Andrew Dawe-Collins as Grandpa Ray, Hani Bay as Anthony, Heather Fairbanks  as Lisa and a host of other Michigan actors. It is a Beyond the Bay Films production.

“45 Days to Be Rich” is the story of brothers Jake and Joe who have just gotten word that their mother has died a millionairess and left them heirs to a fortune. What better news could they have gotten? Nothing is ever that easy. To qualify for their inheritance they must live with their Greek brother for 45 days. What? How hard could that be?

After having not heard from their mother for over twenty years they not only find out that she has died wealthy beyond their dreams, but they have a brother, someone whom they have never met. They have no idea what they are in for.

This is the premise for Hani Bay‘s Beyond the Bay Films production of “45 Days to Be Rich,”  an uproariously funny, laugh-a-minute feature film.  Here is the restricted trailer for this laff-fest.

Announced a semi-finalist in December, they had to best 60 other runners-up for this honor.   The semi-finalists competing for this recognition submitted from all over the globe included these other titles.


Then it was announced that “45 Days to Be Rich” had become one of the fifteen finalists from among these 60 titles.


Said Hani Bay reflecting on the highlights of his 2019, “I completed my first feature film and signed my first Distribution Agreement with most credit going to one of Michigan’s top producers Harley Wallen. I moved to a new prestigious apartment, which I absolutely love. I got a nice promotion at my job and made some amazing new friends along the way.  (The) Only thing I’m still missing is a queen to share my journey with. Here’s to a better a year and a greater decade! 2020.”

We wish you continued success in the year ahead, Hani Bay.  May 2020 be as successful and prosperous as 2019 has been, if not more so.

About Hani Bay
Michigan based actor Hani Bay, is an actor, writer, and producer. Hani’s dream to become an actor started when he was 7 years old. He started his acting training at (a) young age and got his degrees in both Improv and Method acting at the age of 18.

Known for both his stage and film work, Hani has performed in over twenty plays from Tennessee Williams to David Mamet, and many other great playwrights. In addition to which he has performed in his own original plays as well. His first original play was published in 2016, to be the original actor to play Scott Fitzgerald in “The Great Gaffe” by Jennifer O’Grady performed at the Monster Box Theatre, a performing arts theater in Waterford Township, Michigan.

Filmwise Hani has done over ten student short movies, starring in most of them, in addition to doing his own. The first professional script that he wrote and starred in was “Beyond the Stenlight,” which was accepted and filmed by production company JCP Films. This was screened in at the Birmingham Theatre, Birmingham, MI.


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