‘Seth and Tia,’ a gutterpunk homage to Bonnie and Clyde privately screens January 11

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The long anticipated action/crime/comedy “Seth and Tia” (It started filming  February, 2015)  will release in a private screening, Saturday, January 11, 2020.  Hosted by writer/director Steve Hasse, it will screen at the Emagine Theatres, Theater 15,  39535 Ford Rd, Canton, MI.  Doors open at 6pm January 11.  The movie will start at 6:30 PM.

Starring Nathan Wakefield, Rachel Webster, Tokkyo Faison, Jason Hiaeshutter, Jason Bass, Karl Henning, John Vella, and Tim Zajkowski, “Seth and Tia” is a gutterpunk homage to Bonnie and Clyde.

New trailer for the upcoming indie film “Seth and Tia.”

Two patients, Seth and Tia develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. They decide to make a plan to break out, but they can’t do it alone,so they ally with an enemy patient named “Gnarly Daren” who helps them. Seth then betrays Daren by locking him in a cell so he can’t leave with them. During Seth and Tia’s life of anarchy on the run, Daren escapes from the institution, is out for their blood, and will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Inspired by the film “Bonnie and Clyde” essentially, this is a Punk Rock version of that film, “Seth and Tia” was written by Steve Hasse (story & screeplay) and Jason Hiaeshutter (additional rewrites), and directed by  Steve Hasse, and produced by Steve Hasse and Dan Lang.  “Seth and Tia” was the first movie to be made under “S.A.H Studios.”

“Seth and Tia” takes place in a fictional city called “Fitzgerald.” The Fitzgerald Mental Institution Scenes were shot in four different locations due to filmmakers not being able to find an actual hospital that fit Steve Hasse’s vision. and filmed in its entirety at different sites throughout Michigan,  “Seth and Tia” was shot in Ypsilanti, Belleville, Ann Arbor, Garden City (Fred’s House), Livonia, Westland (Hospital/ Hospital Cafeteria), Canton (Hotel Scene).  It took over two and a half years to film.  The film had been pushed back 3 times for it’s release due to lots of re-shoots to fit the Director’s vision.

Jason Hiashutter,  originally set to play the role of “Obvious Owen” even though he has auditioned for “Gnarly Daren” multiple times was cast as “Gnarly Dan” after the original actor  dropped out, Jason personally came to Steve Hasse’s house, dressed as how Gnarly Daren was described in the script and came at him with the lines. He was given the role immediately after that.  He then gave the role of “Obvious Owen” to Jason Hiashutter’s friend, Jason Bass. Gnarly Daren scenes were not filmed until well over a year later from the beginning of production.

John Vella was set to play Pete Tonda, but after John Vella came to the script read, he read as Nurse Tommy as an actor was not found yet for the role. Steve Hasse was so impressed with Vella’s performance in the read, he gave John Vella the role. He then replaced Pete Tonda with Chris Sparrow.

Nathan Wakefield was given the role of Seth on the day of audition due to him having the same voice and mannerisms that was written in script.

Rachel Webster was given the role of Tia without an audition because she had very similar features of actress Stephanie Leonidas whom Hasse envisioned Tia to look like.

Jason Hiaeshutter was so passionate about the project, he not only was one of the lead actors, he was also one of the editors, helped do rewrites, he also contributed financially as well as writing a song with his band “19tilDawn” for the film.

A side note:  The name Seth is Hebrew in origin meaning Anointed. and the name Tia is Greek in origin meaning Goddess. In the film, Seth refers to Tia as “His Goddess” more than once.




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