Coke Horner talks about ‘Urban Envy’ now on Amazon Prime

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The movie “Urban Envy” is now on Amazon Prime.  Originally released in 2014,  it had its first private screening in 2016.  It is now available to stream on the internet.

Based on true-life, “Urban Envy” is, as writer/actor, Coke Horner tells it, “(the story)  of my best friend and business partner, Charl Washington. He asked me to write a story about his life and that became the foundation of “Urban Envy” the movie.”

In “Urban Envy,” after Marcus wins the annual dance competition he earns the covenant title of “Mr. Ballroom.” Unfortunately, Marcus unknowingly invokes the murderous wrath of the most dangerous gangster in town, Lenny! All hell breaks loose when painful family secrets are revealed. Through a series of twist and turns, this dramatic tale leads to heartbreaking revelations, vengeful plots and cold blooded murder.

Written through the combined talents of Coke Horner, Desmond Weems, and Marvin Horner, “Urban Envy” was directed by Desmond Weems, and stars Coke Hornor,

Now I wanted to cover your movie, “Urban Envy.” This was not, however, your first movie. And this originally released in 2014, although it now appears on Amazon Prime. How did you start in the business?

I actually started my acting career by doing stage plays. I guess I’ve always had the bug in me to entertain.
Do tell.
I even remember my first play back when I was in the 6th grade. It was a Christmas play.

I believe I had one line and that line was “perhaps another peppermint?”  The first film that I appeared in was “Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption.”

Did you appear in this movie as a lead or an extra?

I actually had a few lines but missed a lot of screen time because of the job that I had back then.    The only scene that made it into the film was where I sad “Let’em burn.”

I work over 25 years in the Detroit Public Schools before retiring a few years ago.

Okay.  And since retiring you have been involved in the film industry.

Yes, sir. My next film was a film written and directed by Dennis Reed 3rd and it was called “True Law.”  I played a drug dealer named Black.

After receiving numerous requests to audition for local stage plays and films, I decided to try my hand at writing my own script which was a somewhat biopic/sitcom called “Mr. Ballroom” from which my next film was created.  “Mr. Ballroom” was based on the true-life of my best friend and business partner, Charl Washington. He asked me to write a story about his life and that became the foundation of “Urban Envy” the movie.


Now in this movie, “Urban Envy” you were not only the writer but an actor, as well.

Although I created the story I cannot take all of the writing credit because my friend Desmond Weems also help complete the script for “Urban Envy.”


Yes, looking at your IMDb page, I see that.
Yes, sir.  That is true. I guess ignorance is bliss because “Urban Envy” was our very first film and I think we did a pretty fair job for a bunch of first-timers…lol. God is Good!

We actually learned on the job and I’m proud to say that we’ve gotten a lot better.

I will say.  I was truly impressed with that film.

I truly appreciate that, sir. I must confess and confirm that the success of our film would not have been possible without each and every person who helped bring it to life. That’s every single actor, musician, singer, rapper, business owners and most definitely Charl Washington for finishing the final re-edit of the film on the day of our premiere! Talking about a stressful moment! Whoa! People were already in there seats eating popcorn. Before he delivered it to me at the theater that night.

When did “Urban Envy” premiere? And how was it received by your audience?

Urban Envy” premiered on 10-10-16,  if I’m not mistaken.  (Forgive me if I’m wrong.) Lol…I’m getting old.

As are we all.  How did you market your film once it was released?

Because Mr. Washington was busy editing our film, I took it upon myself to sell nearly 700 tickets to our premiere at $25 per ticket. After the show, we received a standing ovation.

As well as you should. It was an excellent movie.  Where did i”Urban Envy” premiere?

Our movie premiered at the Belair Luxury Theater on 8 Mile near Van Dyke in Detroit.

Yes, I have been there. It seems to be a very popular place to premiere locally produced movies.

(After that) we reached out to Amazon Prime and were very pleased to be able to meet all of their spec requirements. Although we searched other avenues through another distribution company we found that they were NOT transparent enough for us to move forward.

To be clear, it was the distribution company with whom you had issues.

Yes, sir.  That’s true. They were extremely rude; that is until they actually saw the movie. I believe because we were a new company and we were from Detroit but I don’t like to speak about anything negative

I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling of pride and satisfaction to see something that created in my mind brought to life for everyone to see and enjoy.


I can imagine.  It’s a very satisfying experience.   Now you are presently working on another movie, “Michah and Jane”.  Are you far enough with that production to talk about it?

I went so deep into my character.  I decided to write a family-friendly film which is in post-production right now. It’s my passion project. But, I can say a little…lol

Is this “Micah and Jane” that you are talking about now?


I understand NDAs. So, if you are bound by that agreement, I won’t press you for details.

It is a multicultural film based around two female characters that pretty much run the school and the neighborhood. Picture the little rascals meets the godfather. Lol.  At its core, it’s an anti-bullying film.

Is it the kids that play the godfather role?
I can’t wait. It sounds good. How far are you from release on this? Do you have a release date set yet?

Although we don’t have a release date we have several companies that are interested in it. We found that out while at the AFM (American Film Market)

Was that this past month, November  2019?

Yes, sir.  I will never forget our experience while we were there. It truly let us know that we are on the right track. I recommend any and all serious filmmakers to make that trip.

Noted. I understand that you are presently working on a script for a horror movie. What would you like to share about that?

We are presently working on pre-production for our next film which is a psychological thriller. We expect to start filming as early as mid-January.

Is that this one for which you are working on the script?

No,  the psychological thriller script is finished. I’m still working on the finishing touches for the horror film, and I like it so far  As far as our horror film, I would say it will have extremely graphic content with a plot twist that many may see coming.

I look forward to them. In closing, do you want to make a shout out to members of your production company?  And everyone else involved?

Absolutely, I’d like to thank Charl Washington, Arvell Jones, Judah David, Maria Braxton, Deborah Chenault Green, Brittany Chanel, Production manager Kim Dana Gray, Trina Chatfield, Earnest Lee and a host of other very talented individuals who I love dearly.

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