See Alphonso Settles in Je McClain’s ‘Could This Be Love on Christmas,’ January 1

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If you missed the Red Carpet Premiere of Je McClain’s  hotly anticipated romantic comedy ” Could This Be Love on Christmas” when it played at the Community Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, December 21,  you will have yet another chance to see it January 1 when it plays at the Bel Aire Luxury Cinema, 10100 E. 8 Mile Rd.,  Detroit.

Starring Alphonso Settles, Lauren Michele, and Tommy Potter, this “urban, romantic-comedy” is about Tia who has always wanted to get married on Christmas.  Watch as Tia’s   dreams finally come true…Or will they?

Alphonso Settles, plays Ben, one of the leading men in this production, the bar owner who is in search for love, and finds it with Tia,  who eagerly wants to get married on Christmas Day.

Compared to such films as “The Best Man” or “Love Jones,”  because of overwhelming positive response of the 1st showing of “Could This Be Love on Christmas,” there had to be a second showing.  Now there is.  You do not want to miss this.

From playing semi-pro ball to entering acting in the film industry Alphonso Settles has been busily establishing himself as an actor.  He consented to this interview and talks about his background,  and, without wishing to giving much away, talks about his role as Ben in this romantic comedy,  “Could This Be Love on Christmas Day”.

How did you get into acting?  What did you do prior?

I went thru a talent agency that sent me the request,I was so much of a fit I didn’t need to audition. Prior to that I was an athlete playing b-ball in Semi pro leagues in Detroit!

Did you find it difficult to make that transition from playing semi-pro ball to acting? Did you have to take any classes? (Where did you study acting?)

It wasn’t hard. After I retired from b-ball, for about 2 years I was kinda lost and didn’t know what to do next until I discovered acting.  Then I was hooked! I have taken a few classes at Nine 9 The Unagency

Then what was your first role? Was this in film?

Ovid and the Art of Love (film)”.

I think I am vaguely aware of this film. Who was the director? And what was the story-line?  Tell us about your character.

I don’t remember that director’s name, nor story-line.  I was a featured extra with no lines,  but plenty of on-screen camera time with John Savage.

Okay. And from there where did you go? What was your next role?

I had a few small roles in between then 2016 but the next noticeable role was Chauncey in First Lady the movie directed by Dennis Reed.

Tell us about this part? What role did you play?

I played Chauncey.  I was killed by my brother for sleeping with his baby momma.

How was that received? Did it get a positive review?

Yes, it did.  And people recognized me a lot of places from that role. That set me up to do “Deceitful Passions.”

Yes, I recall this film. It seems I did an article on it. Tell us about your role in this film.  You appeared as Seth.

Yes, I appeared as Seth. It was a film about tangled web of lust and friendship gone wrong, Seth fell in love with the wrong woman and it cost him and all that were close to him because his friend was desperate for money and revenge.

I think the first role I saw you in, or the first time we met was at the premiere of Hanni Bay’s “45 Days to Be Rich.” How did you land this role?

Yes, they needed a guy with size, that looked intimidating. Once they saw me,  he said I was perfect lol.   Even though it was comedy,  I was still mean n fierce.

So, yes. You were well suited for this role.  Is this typical of other roles you have had?

Yes,  it is.  Then I did “Stoners” which you did a write up on where I played a teacher that likes to smoke weed and get high lol  That’s a comedy as well.

Yes, I recall that. I would like to see it.  You have worked with Harley Wallen in a   production of his.  How did you like working with Harley?

I played the security guard in Agramon’s Gate.  I had a few emotional speaking lines.  I enjoyed it.

Okay, and I think I recall this.  You have most recently completed a film which was made for Christmas.  Do you mind talking about this?

Yes, and it will show again on 1/1/20 at the Bel Air.  It was an epic and amazing event!

Again?  Can you give me any more information about the movie “Can This Be Love on Christmas”? And your role in this movie?

I played Ben, the bar owner,who unexpectedly falls in love with Tia, who has been drastically hurt in the past and is now trying to start dating again! Ben and Tia start to really like one another,but there is one major hurdle. Her past tries to come back into her life and rekindle things.


How was this received by your audience?  How was it reviewed?

Everyone loved it. The cast did great, and my character really connected well with the audience.

That’s good. You are establishing yourself well in this industry. 


“Can This Be Love on Christmas” is a Je McClain/Groundfloor Entertainment Production.

Je’ McClain has been writing plays for 5 years,She has written twenty stage plays and has directed,produced,over 36 shows to date. She’s work with the best from Carl Anthony Payne to legendary grammy winner Ann Nesby. With consistent Sold Out shows,Je is a Detroit playwright to watch.


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