‘Revenge of The Mask 2’ Youtube World Premeire tonight -December 15, 2019, 10 PM EST

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The much anticipated sequel to last year’s viral sensation “Revenge of the Mask”  will premiere on youtube tonight, December 15, 2019, at 10:00 PM EST.

With 20 million views on the original “Rise Of The Mask,”  the Revengeofthemask Film channel is at 38 million plus views and 131K subscribers.  That’s a record for what has become the most watched series in the history of shorts in Michigan.

This will be the same full length short which showcased with its Red Carpet Premiere Friday at the The Bel Air Theatre in Detroit and had a record attendance playing to a full house.

The world of “Revenge of the Mask 2” follows the events of the Big Head murders. Edge City is now experiencing a period of unintentional peace but not everybody is happy with Big Head’s actions.   Detectives Kellaway and Doyle uncover the truth of Alan’s actions which raises the most important question of all: “Who really stabbed Ricky?”

This fan film introduces brilliant new talent to the cast. Actors Dean Cain playing Detective Mitch Kellaway, Nathan Jones as Walter, Timothy James Smith as Ricky, and Dan Keary as Detective Doyle, with returning cast, Bobby Laenen as Big Head, Tim Parrish as Alan, Ammar Nemo as Tick Tock, Gary Brunner as Russ McClaren, and Brian Heintz as T., and more…

This is the official trailer for “Revenge of the Mask 2.”

When released, both worlds of “Rise of the Mask: Odin’s 9” in which a new villain, Loki is introduced and “Revenge of The Mask 2,” will collide leading to an unbelievable series finale.  Said director Lance Kawas, “I can’t wait to release “Rise of The Mask 2: Odin’s 9” and “Revenge Of The Mask 2.”

Lance Kawas is currently on his way to NY for a Radio interview about a true story, said Kawas,  “This is a true story which I wrote and will direct. It’s about a woman accused of espionage and wrongfully imprisoned. ”

“Revenge of the Mask 2,” full length movie

Written By Dylan Sides and Kyle Parker (Based on characters created by Mark Richardson), Directed By Lance Kawas, executive produced by Dylan Sides, produced by Lance Kawas and Christina Tomlinson,  director of photography: Istvan Lettang  “Revenge of the Mask 2” is in no way associated with Warner brothers or New line cinema and is a non commercial fan film.

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