Nic White’s ‘CinemaSlice’ announces the official nominees for the first-ever Slice Awards!

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Our primary goals have never faltered; CinemaSlice continues to produce original videos, showcase independent cinema, and build an awesome community of creative content developers!

CinemaSlice has worked with MANY contributors in 2019– some seasoned with the Slice, and some brand new to the Slice– and we want to take a few moments to THANK and acknowledge everyone’s hard work.

Thus, CinemaSlice is excited to announce the official nominees for the first ever Slice Awards!! We’ve carefully combed through all of the contributions and collaborations the ‘Slice has fostered over the entire year and compiled a list of recognitions below.

2019 Actor of the Year

  • Kyle Blair – “I Know You”
  • David Waldman – “I Know You”
  • John French – “City Garden”
  • Ian Beckroege – “City Garden”
  • Bruce Falcon – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Alex Alexandrou – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Tom Hardy – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Ray Clark – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Avery Willard – “Too True”
  • Mike Neider – “Demon and Abigail”
  • Tony Michael Panzeca – “Smitten”
  • Jim Foreman – “Smitten”
  • John Carr – “Fresh Start”

2019 Actress of the Year

  • Amber Reno – “City Garden”
  • Trish Peters – “City Garden”
  • Emily Roszatycki – “AM/FM/H”
  • Michelle Mersy – “Too True”
  • Valerie Gilbert – “Demon and Abigail”
  • Stephanie Fiest – “Smitten”
  • Su Von – “Smitten”
  • Casey Weishuhn – “I Know You”
  • Tonia Carrier – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Shannyn Pelletier – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Charlene Jeter – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Lacey Schatzer – “Blood on the Lens”

2019 Film Score of the Year

  • Austin Michael Riley – “City Garden”
  • David Waldman – “I Know You”
  • Marvin Maddicks – “Fresh Start”

2019 Filmmaker of the Year

  • Angel Rosa – “Laundromat”
  • John Carr – “Too True”
  • Nic White – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Michael Welborn – “Very Real”
  • Bless Studios – “Pure”
  • Jeremy Allen – “Smitten”
  • Zachary Deering – “Paradise Fear”
  • James Pinson – “The Slice Before Christmas”
  • Gin Wills – “Collision”

2019 Download of the Year

  • David Waldman – “Art Lives On” Original Music Collection
  • Austin Michael Riley – “T.E.M.P.S. v a p o r w a v e collection”
  • Marvin Maddicks, Jr – “SLASHER”

2019 Event of the Year

  • Purple Coat Media – “Suds & Cinema – Grove City, OH”
  • Nic White – “Suds & Cinema – Private Stock – Bay City, MI”
  • John Sklba – “Suds & Cinema – Memphis, TN”
  • August Aguilar – “Suds & Cinema – Knoxville, TN”
  • Ray Clark – “A Slice of Fright Film Festival”
  • Grace Sklba – “Suds & Cinema – Holiday Party”

2019 Writer of the Year

  • Jeremy Allen – “City Garden”
  • Michael Welborn – “Fresh Start”
  • Mark Kelly – “Reel Review Articles”
  • Zachary Deering – “Paradise Fear”
  • Kevin Hosey – “Passing Through”

2019 Designer of the Year

  • Ken Leinaar – “Blood on the Lens Poster”
  • Marvin Maddicks, Jr – “SLASHER Comic”
  • Heather David – “Suds & Cinema Pins”
  • Michael Welborn – “#SliceGang Coffee Mugs”
  • NicWhite – “Slice the Planet T-shirt”

2019 Makeup Artist of the Year

  • Trish Peters – “City Garden”
  • Casey Weishuhn – “Blood on the Lens”
  • Ken Shupe & Mark Elizabeth Sink – “Demon and Abigail”

This list is an incomplete list– but does highlights some of the greatest contributions CinemaSlice has received in 2019!

About Cinema Slice is an organization for filmmakers– producing original content, and serving as a platform to showcase independent film. CinemaSlice strives to  support excellent independent cinema from contributors and collaborators around the world.

Our primary goal is to shine a light on independent film, develop original content, and expand our list of collaborators. Working concurrently, CinemaSlice contributors strive to produce entertaining content to share with the world.

After releasing numerous web-series, videos, short films and skits, CinemaSlice released our first feature-film in Dec of 2017. As we continue to produce short films and videos, we’re always grinding toward developing more content, raising the quality of content, and produce more engaging films.

In March of 2018 we started a series (The Indy Film Spotlight) to release great independent films which are otherwise unrelated to CinemaSlice. In October 2018 we directed our first film festival, A SLICE OF FRIGHT Film Festival (

The festival is themed and named after the CinemaSlice web-series, A SLICE OF FRIGHT horror anthology series ( After receiving overwhelming feedback from this event, A SLICE OF FRIGHT FILM FESTIVAL (A short horror film festival) has become a marquee annual event for CinemaSlice.


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