Michigan based short film inks deal with ShortsTV

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The Michigan-made film”Easy Way Out,” starring John Savage just inked a deal with Shorts TV. Besides being a 100% Michigan production, the film was based on international playwright and Michigan native David McGregor‘s play, ‘For Old Time’s Sake.’

Born in Detroit, Michigan, MacGregor graduated from Michigan State University.  His plays have been performed from California to New York to London to Sydney, Australia.  He is a Resident Artist at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, MI, where his plays The Late Great Henry Boyle (2006), Vino Veritas (2008), Gravity (2010), Consider the Oyster (2011), and Just Desserts (2014) have all been produced.

Director Jeffrey Shultz’s adaptation of David MacGregor’s play, ‘For Old Time’s Sake.’ takes the play’s premise further by switching the gender of the lead characters. The film asks why do arguments made by women resonate broadly while similar male positions are often dismissed.  And how are roles in relationships being redefined today? What prejudices do we carry into our relationships and is the pain that accompanies honesty worth it?

As  Schultz explains, “Yes, I wrote the screenplay adapting it from a play. In the play it was a guy leaving his wife for a younger woman. I also added and exaggerated the age difference between the characters. My “adapted screenplay” won a Remi award at WorldFest Houston this year.”

This is not Shorts TV standard “broadcast” cable deal. This was a full revenue-sharing distribution in multiple regions (including Europe) and VOD platforms. It’s a great Michigan story as it was 100% Michigan written, directed and produced.

Knagen Films next Film Project, “Mommy, Wake Up”

“But my main focus right now is “Mommy Wake Up,” Says Schultz.


A dramatic urban fantasy in the tradition of “Leaving Las Vegas,” with elements reminiscent of The Fisher King” and “Brazil.,” “Mommy Wake Up” is a narrative about a grieving single mother searches for her missing daughter as she’s pursued by the former Navy SEAL who seeks forgiveness after realizing he was inadvertently responsible for her loss.

It’s a feature-length screenplay I’ve written.  Raising funds and looking to team up with another production company for this one.  It refers to a fantasy sequence when my protagonist attempts suicide. Everyone in that surreal world are characters from the film dressed in Theater Bizarre inspired costume.

The script is a finalist in two separate categories at the prestigious screenplay competition Global Script Challenge including “Best Overall Screenplay 2019”. What people are saying:

David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight, Blade Runner) said it was the best script he’s read recently, calling it a “Jacobs Ladder in the hands of Del Toro”.

A story about a heroic search for Self- forgiveness and how in the end love conquers all.




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