‘Just Another Dream’ poster released

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The official poster for “Just Another Dream” was released and revealed on Saturday at the Wrap Party for the wrapping of the principal shooting of this suspense-filled Michigan based drama.

“Just Another Dream” is the story of an ordinary girl who, involved in a fateful accident, becomes clairvoyant and starts to have extraordinary dreams foretelling the future.  She must race against time to save her family, stop her dreams from becoming a reality… Or is this just another dream?

Written by Jennifer Nichole Lee five years ago, the unofficial trailer for “Just Another Dream” dropped last year and was seen in part as part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Directed by Paul Schneider, “Just Another Dream” stars Dean Cain, Eugene Brave Rock, Keyna Reynolds, Ryan-Iver Klann and “introduces Kayden Bryce. “(Although only sixteen years old,  and having gotten her start in 2017, Kayden has amassed an impressive resume with twenty-six roles to her credit and is already a SAG-E  actress.)

“Just Another Dream” was filmed in its entirety in Michigan and has a sterling cast made entirely of Michigan actors and actresses.

Production Co: Blue Bird Productions, Rock Solid Creative Studios


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