‘And The Scales Fell From My Eyes’ a novella by author Thomas M. Malafarina

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Editor’s Note: Novella “And the Scales Fell From My Eyes” by Thomas M. Malafarina is a lengthy read at over a daunting 22,000 words.   Wishing to make this more reader friendly, and give you something to look forward to next weekend, with the author’s permission,  we have divided it up into three more manageable, more easily digestible parts.


Part 1

And straightway there fell from his eyes as it were scales, and he received his sight; and he arose and was baptized. – Acts 9:18

 Therefore thus says the LORD, “Behold I am bringing disaster on them which they will not be able to escape; though they will cry to Me, yet I will not listen to them.” – Jeremiah 11:11

 For He knows false men, And He sees iniquity without investigating. – Job 11:11

 So Moses said to the LORD, “Why have You been so hard on Your servant? And why have I not found favor in Your sight, that You have laid the burden of all this people on me? – Numbers 11:11


I might as well get all of this out of the way right from the very beginning. I am not crazy, no matter what you might hear or no matter what you might think after reading this account. I swear to you on a stack of bibles for whatever that’s worth, I’m as sane as the next guy; hell, probably even more so. Also, I need to make something else clear from the get-go; I’m not going to tell you my name. It’s really not all that important to my story and my anonymity will allow me to be completely honest with you about… well, about everything. And, if I were to tell you my name chances are very good you’d recognize it and that might immediately prejudice you; so let’s keep my identity a secret.

Another important bit if information. I decided to write this story through the co-writing services of another author I found. To be perfectly honest, I keep forgetting his entire name. I know his name is Anthony something or other. His surname is much too hard for me to recall. It always eludes me no matter how many times I hear it. I believe the name is something of Italian extraction. It probably starts with a D followed by an apostrophe as so many of them do; then it likely ends in a vowel; probably an “A” or an “O”. But this is all of little consequence and honestly I really don’t care if he is offended by that remark or not.

After all, the man is being handsomely paid to write whatever I tell him to write. He’s has also signed a very strict non-disclosure contract forbidding him to ever reveal my identity under threat of severe legal and financial penalties. Besides, he’s basically nobody in the literary world anyway. No one has any idea whatsoever who he is, especially when compared to my level of fame. Come to think of it, this little project might be exactly what his mediocre, floundering writing career needs, a stepping stone of sorts perhaps to some much needed recognition.

As I mentioned, I’m quite famous; at least my name is. Although, through a lot of hard work and due diligence on my part, I’ve managed to keep my face out of the public eye. I decided early on in my writing career that my life need not be the stuff of tabloid journalism. Unlike so many people in this world who crave notoriety I have no desire to see my face on TV or in grocery store magazines. In other words I’m no media whore.

Come to think of it, I’ll have to be a bit careful as I embark on this narrative project since if I expose too much about my work an overly curious and resourceful reader might find some way to guess my true identity. I promise you I’m not saying this out of braggadocio or bluster, it’s simply a fact. I suppose I’ll have to rely on the skills of Mr. D’… whatever his name is… to help keep this knowledge from leaking out.

Allow me to preface this by saying co-writing this work is all very new and difficult for me. For starters, I don’t generally play well with others. Also if you knew my name your first question might be how could the act of co-writing be such a challenge for someone who is a world-renowned thriller fiction author? Writing is what he does for a living. Isn’t that what defines him? So why would he have so much indecision about the simple act of writing?

Oh dear. I suppose I may have just inadvertently given away a little bit about myself. I’ve just indicated that I’m a male with the use of the word “he” and I mentioned that I’m a well-known thriller writer. Well I suppose that information might be necessary anyway in order for me to tell you the rest of my story. And besides, I know there are hundreds of famous thriller writers out there. So I’m still fairly confident you won’t be able to determine which one of the many I am. I’ll have to make sure to tell my co-writer Anthony that it’s ok to leave this portion of my story in place.

That being said, besides the fact that I have to work to protect my identity from you; there are several other reasons for my discomfort in penning this tome. The most obvious is this type of writing is somewhat out of my element. Although this work will in essence be something of a thriller; actually a work of perhaps science fiction based horror, it’s really not a work of fiction at all.

Take a moment to think about what I just said. This is a work of horror, yet not a work of fiction. As I’m sure you are well aware there’s plenty of horror in our world and it doesn’t always come in the forms of television, movies or literature. Sometimes it’s just present in our everyday lives. And in this particular case the horror I’ll speak about revolves around my own personal experiences. And I repeat; everything I tell you in this account will be completely true.

Secondly, when I do write I generally do so in a third person narrative style as oppose to the first person style which we’ve chosen to use in this work. Although I find it a bit clunky, after a good deal of thought and discussion I reluctantly agreed with my cowriter that the first person accounting would be the best choice for this sort of story. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very comfortable with it. And although I know it’s a major no-no to ask readers for forgiveness, especially in advance, I’m going to do so. You see, I’m a bit out of my element here as I’m sure my co-writer Anthony may be as well. He too usually writes in the third person. But hopefully between the two of us we’ll manage to make this work and can produce a good and accurate record of my story.

Thirdly, the reason this is all so difficult for me is because it involves creatures; beings who many consider imaginary but whom I’ve learned are very real. They’ve been spoken about by creative people since the beginning of recorded history, but as you’ll soon learn, they aren’t always the benevolent beings we’ve been led be believe they are. But I suppose that’s enough about that for now. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to discuss this further as my story unfolds.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, I have a genuine concern that upon completion of reading my story some people, perhaps most will assume I have gone completely stark-raving mad. And although there are times when I might even question my own sanity, I’m fairly confident I’m still of very sound mind and body as the expression goes.

If fact, I actually wish I were crazy; it might make everything I have to tell you that much easier. You see, it’s the sanity of it all that’s driving me crazy. I can just imagine coauthor Anthony’s reaction when he reads that particular line. Regardless, with your approval please allow me to begin my tale. It’s something of a long one and one that may at times annoy those readers who prefer a more fast-paced approach to story-telling, but I assure you, your patience will be rewarded.

As I inadvertently mentioned earlier I’m a bestselling author of thrillers. My numerous books are sold worldwide in print as well as digital and audio formats. They’ve been translated in to a dozen languages for foreign distribution. A good number of them have been adapted to screen plays and have become major motion pictures. Royalties from all of these various forms of entertainment have made me a very wealthy man and more importantly, they’ve provided the financial security I need in order to continue to produce additional creative works.

This wealth aspect of my success is probably the part for which I am most grateful. The reason for this gratitude is because for most of my life I’ve struggled with finding adequate time to write. I’ve always enjoyed the act of putting words to paper and essentially creating something from nothing, but finding the time to do so was a constant challenge. Like most part-time writers I was forced in those early days to rely on the income from a variety of day-jobs which I detested, in order to help support what I thought of as my true calling but what most people preferred to think of as my hobby.

In those days, trying to find someone, anyone to publish my work was incredibly difficult. No, let me rephrase that; it was downright impossible. The truth is there was a time when I couldn’t find a single publisher to print my work. So as a result I had collected a stack of rejection letters probably taller than the five story tenement building where I used to rent a one bedroom flea-bag apartment. But at that time in my life, flea-bag was the best I could afford. Although I should point out that although I was not yet published I had received a few offers from some obscure publications and magazines to print my work. However, the money being offered was either insulting or nonexistent.

I had read numerous articles by well-known authors who touted the importance of getting one’s name out in front of the public for brand recognition purposes. That concept might be acceptable for a writer of shall we say average or below average skills, but I vowed to die with a house full of unpublished manuscripts before I would allow myself to give my works away for nothing. And as a result the only piles which were taller than my stacks of rejection slips were the heaps of aforementioned unpublished manuscripts.

I always envisioned these works someday being discovered maybe many years after I was dead and gone. And in my fantasy I imagined myself being posthumously recognized as the greatest thriller writer of all time. But back then I was forced to remain a great unknown.

I would consider using the cliché that I was so unknown I couldn’t even get arrested; but sadly that expression would only hold true if you were to disregard that time when I actually did get arrested. It was an incident when I found myself handcuffed in the local police station after drunkenly smashing a beer bottle over the head of some loser who made a less than desirable comment about my writing abilities. Papa Hemmingway would have been proud of me that day.

The episode occurred at a get-together at a local bar following a meeting of our local writer’s club. I’m not known for having a short fuse but I had to admit I was more than a bit under the influence that night. And to be perfectly honest, the comment that character made was actually quite rude. Fortunately for me the man opted to drop the charges after encouragement from other club members but my “permanent record” remains sullied to this day by that somewhat misguided yet justified offense.

It has often been suggested that I have might something of an attitude problem; a sense of superiority which considering my past lack of journalistic success was often thought of as unwarranted. But all I can say is I know and appreciate my own quality. But seriously; think about that for a moment. How difficult is it to appear superior to what we think of as the general public? If you look at what’s out there walking among us, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that as a society, we’ve opted for quantity over quality. In my opinion, most of the people out there are barely human. All you need is a pulse to qualify as a member of the general public.

You might want to keep these opinions of mine in mind as you continue to read. Because the concepts of quantity over quality and what exactly constitutes humanity are paramount to what I’ve learned and to what truths I’ll reveal to you later in this work. It explained a lot about for me about why the world is the way is it is and hopefully it will do the same for you.

Chapter 2
I think the best way to start this tale is to tell you about something very strange, which began happening to me some time back around 2009 or 2010. This was back when I was still a great unknown having not yet published my first work. At first, it all seemed innocent enough, something I just happened to notice occurring once and a while; nothing to get too upset about. Then it began happening more often and then later on it began occurring much more often. That’s when things started getting weird. And then a few months later it became such a regular occurrence that it began to annoy me and eventually even to concern me. Some of what I’m going to explain at this point may at first seem exciting but likely may start to become a bit mundane and perhaps for a while even a little bit boring. But trust me, all of it is essential in order for everyone to understand the path I had no choice but to follow and which has led me to where I am today; for better or worse.

What happened was this; I realized that for some unknown reason I had begun to I see the number 1111 appear in one form or another almost everywhere. For example, I might notice it on one of my many digital clocks, or my cell phone, or on a gas pump display or even from time to time on road signs or even on my automobile trip odometer. I was seeing 1111 virtually anywhere a numeric sequence might be seen. Then I started to notice other combinations of progressing or repeating numbers such as 1234, 4321, 2121, 1212, 1122 and other such groupings.

At first I simply blamed it on the fact that we now live in an age where numbers are displayed more prominently in digital format and more places than they have ever been before in history. So as a result I thought of it all as simply coincidental. For example, I might be driving in my car on my way home from work and I’d notice my digital clock reading 4:44. Or perhaps I’d wake up in the middle of the night and glance at my alarm clock and see it digitally displaying in bright red numbers 1:11. And sometimes while driving, I’d happen to look up and notice a mile marker along the highway and see it read 333.

There was also another strange phenomenon which I began to notice in the very early morning or late at night. On occasions when I either drove or walked by certain streetlights they would go out. After I passed they would come on again. It seemed to always be a one-time occurrence. I couldn’t get them to repeat the action no matter how many times I tried. And it wasn’t always the same street lights. It was all very unusual and when I combined that with the repeating numbers I was seeing, it was all becoming very bizarre for me. And I had an instinctual feeling that these two phenomena might somehow be related and tied to me for whatever reason.

Eventually the number sequences as well as the dimming lights began to occur more often; so much so that it started causing me great consternation. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me. It all seemed so unusual and maybe even a bit surrealistic. It was as if I was living in some sort of dream world. Deep in the pit of my stomach I knew there had to be some reason for this. I actually felt at times as if someone was trying to get my attention. But since that seemed ridiculous, like something out of one of my as yet unpublished novels or something a madman might suggest, I decided to keep those opinions to myself. After a while I eventually convinced myself this was all simply a matter of coincidence; the result of our new digital technology and as such I did my best to ignore it.

But soon the sightings, which was how I thought of them, began happening even more often and had gone beyond the point of being a mere curiosity. It was very quickly becoming quite disturbing, perhaps even frightening for me. It seemed the more I tried to ignore this phenomena the more these numbers would appear. Then I began to wonder if maybe something really was wrong with me; you know, mentally. I’d never known anyone who had lost their mind before and there certainly was no history of insanity in my family, but surely the sort of things I was seeing were a far cry from normal.

Because the ever-increasing sightings were starting to work on my nerves I decided to do what any forward thinking individual in the twenty-first century would do; I searched the internet to see if anyone else was experiencing similar phenomena. I decided to take the broad-brush approach and simply search for the string “1111”. I assumed it I got too many hits I could always fine-tune my search later. And to be perfectly honest, I really didn’t expect to find much of anything.

Then to my surprise I was shocked to find over fifty-nine million hits from my simple string. Ok. That was a surprise. It looked like my initial search had been way too general and I was going to have to narrow my description somewhat. But before I had a chance to type a different search string I saw a few links at the top of the listing which seemed as though they might be exactly what I was looking for.

The first one I saw stated, “So you’re seeing 11:11 everywhere. What does that mean?” Another included the word “guardians” while another spoke of “muses” and yet others mentioned some sort of beings called “lower angels.”

After reviewing a few more of the hyperlink descriptions it became clear this was all heading in a direction which came dangerously close to what I thought of  as “new age wacko philosophies”. Needless to say I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in opening that particular can of worms, yet still I felt as though I needed to at least try to find an answer to my own digital dilemma.

After clicking on one of the links, I was astounded to learn that apparently a lot of people were apparently experiencing the same things I had been seeing. There was even a group which called themselves “The 11:11 Witnesses”. They had their own web site as well as a blog and boasted over one hundred thousand world-wide members. It seemed as though thousands of other people were seeing the same kinds of things I had been seeing. Apparently this 11:11 stuff was still in its infancy and was on its way to becoming a sort of cult, maybe even a type of religion. I was intrigued to say the least.

At first I decided to read everything I could find on the web about it. However, I soon realized there was far more information available than I possibly had the time or desire to investigate. I needed to find a way to get more specific information; facts that related to my personal issues, not tons of generalized mumbo jumbo.

Then I thought it might be a good idea to reach out to a few of the most popular of these web sites to see what they might have to say to me on an individual level; you know, one-on-one. Using my writing skills, I devised a simple introductory note and using a special untraceable email address I sent the email to five or more of the top sites.

My initial email note read as follows: “The number 1111 has been driving me crazy for the past year or so. It seems to be popping up everywhere. And lately it’s actually starting to weird me out a bit. The same sort of thing is happening with other number combinations as well. I felt as if I was reaching the end of my rope when today I got the idea of searching the web for 1111. I was completely blown away by the number of sites I discovered which were dedicated to this subject. I had no idea that anyone else, let alone so many other people were experiencing this phenomenon. I still don’t quite know what to make of it, but I’m glad to see I’m not alone. Is there anything you can tell me to help to put my mind at ease.”

To my surprise, within a few minutes, the replies began to arrive. Apparently these new age disciples were very serious about spreading their gospel. Below is a segment of one of the first replies I received.

“We certainly hope this information will be of great assistance to you. This will explain what we believe is the true meaning of what we call the 11:11 prompts which you have been seeing. Someone is definitely attempting to contact you. These beings which are sending you these visual prompts are what we like to refer to as guardians, muses and lesser angels.”

“All righty then.” I thought to myself recalling those words from the link overview. And to think I was starting to wonder if maybe I was the crazy one. Needless to say, reading this wacky reply made me feel much better about my own state of mind; confused as it might have been. For one thing, it meant I was not alone in what I was seeing and at least I hadn’t gone off the deep end about it as apparently these other weirdoes had.

Nevertheless I decided to read on.  I figured, what could it hurt? The email continued, “These beings are showing you the numbers to get your attention. They’ll often vary the numbers to make you realize you’re not just seeing random combinations but in reality they’re prompting you. You see, you’re dealing with beings of an incredibly high level of intelligence; ‘off the charts’ as people say. These creatures also are indicating by singling you out that they want you to know they have important information they have to share with you. They are generally good beings and in some religions are thought of as gods.”

I thought again how this character actually believes that I and others were being contacted by some sort of God-like creatures who for some unknown reason have something very important to tell us and they apparently want me specifically to hear their story. I wondered at what point in the email I would be prompted to donate large sums of money, perhaps $1,111 to this new pew-jumping church of the holy guardians or whatever it might be called. But to my surprise and relief nowhere in the email was there any mention or request for a donation of any kind.

I closed this first email and opened another. It was very similar to the first even though it came from a completely different web site. At least I initially assumed these were all separate, individual web sites, but the more I thought about it the more I realized they could all just as easily be part of the same weirdo religion. This new writer explained how these “angels” were extremely loyal to humans and how they had been transformed into these celestial beings for the sole purpose of assisting us mere mortals in achieving a higher plane of spiritual existence.

He wrote, “These creatures are all good beings. There are no longer any evil ones in existence. Some people, especially those of an enlightened mind will see this communication you are having as positive. While others of a narrower and less enlightened mind will fear their attempted intervention into our lives. But remember, we are entering the New Age. And the communication pathways to the higher spheres of enlightenment have largely been opened.

It seemed the more I read, the less I understood what the hell all of this was about. Although part of me was glad to hear that if there were in fact, actually beings of some sort attempting to make contact with me, they were apparently benevolent in nature. Benevolence is generally good; hostility is usually not so good. According to this writer none of the bad creatures existed any longer. I found this somewhat odd since most religious people believe and think in terms of good and evil, Heaven and Hell and some form of God and the Devil. These 11:11 Witnesses seemed to think evil beings no longer existed. Obviously they had never walked along the same city streets late at night that I’ve walked. In my opinion, evil is alive and well.

I then decided to check out several other emails which arrived during the next day or so. They were all very similar to these earlier ones.

One of them sounded surprisingly like they were paraphrasing FDR’s inaugural address when they proclaimed, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” They insisted, “The Lucifer rebellion was finally put down during the mid-1980’s, and Satan no longer exists.”

This verified what I originally had assumed. These new-agers believed there no longer was a Hell or Satan or any such concept. I thought the only important thing to die in the 1980’s was disco.

Another email provided a list of things which I was supposedly able to do now that I had become an enlightened individual. It explained:

“1. You are genetically capable of establishing two-way contact with the 11:11 beings if you choose to.

  1. You are spiritually ready to be guided and to obtain information from these extremely intelligent beings whose IQ’s are measured in the thousands.”

Who measured these IQ’s? It made me wonder. I imagined some celestial being taking an online Mensa exam or something. I chuckled to myself as I continued to read on.

“3. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are ascending in terms of spiritual growth.

  1. The 11:11 beings will ask for something from you at some future time in exchange for the knowledge they provide to you.”

This too made me stop and wonder for a moment. What sort of assistance might I be expected to render to these beings as compensation? I mean, I didn’t ask for them to contact me and I certainly didn’t ask for whatever knowledge they might choose to bestow upon me.

“5. It’s even possible that a recently deceased member of your immediate family may have been the one who requested these beings contact you.”

Again I had to wonder. Are they suggesting a dead relative’s spirit was using the 11:11 beings to contact me? I didn’t get the connection. I was thinking of these creatures as alive; perhaps extraterrestrials. But if that were the case, as strange as it may sound what, if anything did it have to do with the spirits of my dead relatives.

Then a thought suddenly came to me. My Uncle Wilbur, with whom I was very close, passed away a few months earlier and if what they were suggesting had any validity, perhaps Uncle Wilbur might have been the spirit who suggested the 11:11 beings contact me or maybe he might even be the actual entity trying to get my attention. Could that be possible? I decided it was more likely if these 11:11 beings actually were trying to contact me it was of their own volition and not as a favor to a dead uncle. But then again, that too seemed just as ridiculous.

“6. And, most importantly, your spirit guardians want you to get involved with these 11:11 beings. Your best opportunity to contact them would be through intense meditation.”

Spirit guardians? Uncle Wilbur? Was any of this even worth considering? I wondered why I was allowing for such bizarre ideas to even be suggested. I was all so incredibly unbelievable.

I decided I had had enough for a while. I would have to think about everything I had read for a few days and see what, if any other interesting emails would arrive to further “enlighten” me.

Chapter 3
Several days later I received another note from one of the original e-mail responders. This time the guy was claiming to have actually seen some of these strange beings. He explained how, “These creatures tend to be androgynous in appearance. They are a diverse collection of genderless individuals with numerous talents.”

Ok. This was all starting to get a bit too bizarre. I mean, all of this talk of sexless angels and androgynous beings seemed to make no sense to me whatsoever. I mean honestly, why is it whenever anyone discusses seeing extraterrestrials or angelic beings the creatures they describe never seem to have any genitals? What the hell is that all about? Then on the other hand, why is it that paintings depicting demons, often show creatures with gigantic phalluses big enough to use for a jump? Seriously? In my opinion, this was all suddenly becoming a bit too cliché. In fact, the whole investigation was beginning to work on my nerves; almost as much as the digital sightings themselves.

I was becoming increasingly frustrated and I was just about to give up on the entire strange business when another email arrived which caught my attention and then suddenly things began to make a little more sense to me.

That message seemed to be less new-age-related and appeared to be at least somewhat more scientific in nature. It started out by saying, “Numbers and numeric codes help us to define our very existence. Human DNA which is often thought of as our genetic memory is naturally encoded with the intent of being triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. The purpose of these codes is to awaken the mind to a coming evolution of one’s consciousness.”

“OK.” I thought “maybe not so wacky. So far, so good.” I figured that maybe this guy was onto something, or was at least addressing the subject somewhat differently than the others had been doing.

“When you are seeing 11:11 it is one of those specific codes whose job it is to activate your DNA. You will also note that if you are seeing 11:11 often, it has a tendency to create synchronicities in your life.”

I stopped reading for a moment and thought. “Synchronicities?” I had heard that word somewhere before but wasn’t really sure what it meant. I recalled how back in the 1980’s the band “The Police” had released a recording of the same name. I planned on looking up the word after reading the email, but saw the author had already provided something of a definition for me.

“Synchronicities are nothing more than patterns that repeat in time. The concept of ‘synchronicity’ references the gears of time, although the actual existence of synchronicity cannot be scientifically proven. You can only experience synchronicities while they are occurring. The best you can do is to make note of them and then try to determine what you might have done to cause them to occur, with the hopes of triggering them again.”

He explained, “Synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts like a magnet into your life in order to help you evolve into higher levels of consciousness. They also help to place additional emphasis on something going on in your life. The more you are ‘consciously aware’ of these synchronicities the more you become knowledgeable of how your soul is advancing in a positive way. Every day your life encounters meaningful coincidences, synchronicities that you have attracted. It’s why you are here.”

Then the email further went on to clarify what these synchronicities might entail. It said, “Here are a few examples of Synchronicity:”

“Let’s say you’re suffering with financial difficulties, yet somehow money for all your basic expenses such as rent, food, and utilities, always seems to become available. At first when this happens you thank the universe or God for taking care of you. But then you realize it was you, yourself who actually created this good fortune.”

“Here is another example of synchronicity. You’ve been out of work for quite some time and have been unable to find a job. You’ve just received your last check from the unemployment compensation bureau. You’re worried sick about your future then suddenly a new job miraculously comes along.”

 “Or… you meet someone who you find interesting and who seems to touch your very soul. Then through the act of synchronicity you find that person coming into your life over and over again. You begin to develop a close friendship with that person.”

“Another example is you feel depressed because you can’t seem to find focus in your life. You feel like a rudderless ship adrift at sea. Then the next person you speak with inadvertently says something that suddenly points you in the right direction. These are all types of synchronicities.”

I realized I could relate to quite a few of these synchronous events, as I’m sure many people might. I decided to pay closer attention to what this writer had to say.

He said, “Many believers consider seeing 11:11 to be a wake-up call. It can also be thought of as a key to unlocking the subconscious mind and accessing our genetic encoded memories. If you allow yourself to simply open up your mind, you will experience a sudden inner awakening after which your reality will never be the same. The thing is, once you open the door there’s no closing it. There will be no going back. Once you see… you can never un-see.”

This made me stop and think. That single statement about not being able to un-see what has been seen spoke volumes to me. It also made me a bit apprehensive as to whether or not I truly did want to become what they described and enlightened. Maybe ignorance truly was bliss. But I nonetheless read on.

“Your soul will quickly move you from one level of experience to another until you completely understand everything you are being shown. Also, because your consciousness is expanding you’ll learn faster and will experience greater comprehension. You’ll become more aware of the meaning of various synchronicities and they will become more and more frequent. You will never reach the level of the 11:11 beings themselves but you’ll quickly leave your fellow man eating your dust as you advance far beyond his mere mortal abilities.”

I have to admit, this single paragraph really did intrigue me. I liked the idea of leaving my fellow man behind. I always felt I was intellectually superior to most of the people I met and I like the thought of taking what I considered my already greater intelligence to new levels of knowledge and awareness.

He wrote, “Seeing these numbers will signal changes in the patterns of your life. You may also dream about the numbers or wake up at the exact same time every night with those same numbers displayed on your digital clock.”

This had already happened to me on many occasions. I would dream I saw a particular number on my digital alarm clock display. Then when I opened my eyes, the same number was right there is glowing red in front of me. This was incredible news! I thought about what this writer was telling me and to be honest, I was starting to warm up to some of what he was saying.

Now eager to learn more I read yet other emails which all had similar information as well as explanations. I won’t bore you with the repetitive comments as I’m sure you get the picture of what I was learning and where all of this might lead.

But then one email said something the others had not said so far. It read, “Even if you go so far as to change the clocks in your car or house, it won’t matter and you’ll still see the numbers and continue to receive the prompts.”

“You can’t stop it, because YOU aren’t the one doing it. Once the 11:11 beings have gotten your attention, they’ll be using other digital combinations to remind you of their presence. Even though you can’t see them, they are there and they are very real.”

And then he wrote something that really hit home for me. He said, “Some people have also noticed street lights going out or on when they pass by. This is because the beings will use almost any electrically controlled device to try to get your attention.”

“Wow!” I thought. That was exactly what had been happening to me. This was all starting to make real sense to me now.

Next he explained what I needed to do if I wanted to make contact with these mysterious beings. He said, “When the 11:11 prompts appear to you, a direct channel opens up between you and these beings. When this happens, you should stop whatever you are doing and open up your mind to let them in.”

Then he said, “The revelations you receive may not come in the form of mental concepts or direct ideas. Rather, they could be an enhanced state of existence whereby you’ll see everything as if with a pair of new all-seeing eyes. You’ll have a deeper understanding of reality.” A deeper understanding of reality? I wondered if this could possibly be true.

“The appearance of 11:11 tells you it’s time to take a good look around you and see what is real, and what might just be an illusion. You’ve been chosen, because you are ready to see. You can lead the way for others into a new way of living. The 11:11 is a pathway into the great unknown.”

I believed I had learned at least enough to let me begin thinking seriously about what was going on with me and these so-called intelligent beings. The important thing was although I might not have bought into everything these people were professing, I was no longer so bothered by what I had been seeing. Maybe it really was nothing to worry about. Maybe it was just all a coincidence and my fertile writer’s imagination was simply getting the best of me for a while.

I decided to put it all out of my mind and give everything a chance to sink in and maybe stew for a bit. As such, I went on with my life as usual.

 Chapter 4
Regarding my 11:11 research, if I had understood what I had read in the emails, once a designated person received the signal, the numbers; all he had to do was open up his mind, clear out all of his thoughts and allow the message to be delivered. It apparently was that simple.

Because of my own misgivings about such an outlandish concept I continued to try to ignore the various prompts as much as possible. But it actually seemed like the more I tried to deny their existence, the more often these numbers would appear. It began to feel as if everywhere I looked the numbers were there. And try as I might I just couldn’t get away from them. If there really was someone out there trying to get my attention, it was apparently working whether I wanted it to or not.

Finally one day while I was driving around and after having seen set after set of three and four-digit numbers I thought to myself, “What the hell; why not give it a try?” I mean what was the big deal anyway? Everything I read online said these beings weren’t evil and they were supposed to exist for the sole purpose of helping humanity. If they were showing me these numbers to get my attention, why shouldn’t I play along and see what this was all about? I was certain that just trying it one time wouldn’t hurt anything.

Although I have to admit, even alone driving down the highway in my car, I felt extremely foolish when considering what I was about to do. Nevertheless I took a deep breath, let out a sigh and in the solitude of my car I said, “Ok, whatever you are, angels, muses, guardians, here I am. I know you’ve got something you want to tell me. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to open up my mind to you; just this once and just for a minute or so. I want you to show me whatever it is you seem to want me to see.”

For a few moments there was nothing, no great epiphany, no miraculous transference of amazing knowledge, nothing. I remember how at the time I laughed to myself; at myself actually, feeling so completely foolish for having even tried such an idiotic experiment. I was grateful I had been alone in my car and no one else had heard me. If they had, they might have figured I’d finally lost it and they’d likely called for the wacky wagon to haul me off to the funny farm. So then in a feeble attempt to take my mind away from the foolishness, I turned on the radio to listen to music. It helped to suppress my growing embarrassment.

After a few minutes I began to daydream and then out of nowhere the crux of an idea began to form in my mind. I recognized this as something I didn’t want to ignore and I immediately turned off the radio so I wouldn’t be distracted. Then before I had even realized what was happening the idea began to grow clearer. Within a few more minutes the idea took shape and I suddenly realized I had developed the complete concept for a novel; beginning, middle and end, everything. The whole thing came to me without a single bit of forethought, planning or even one iota of effort. And I instantly knew the idea was going to be a great one.

Over the course of the next several months I worked feverishly to convert this concept into written form and as cliché as it may sound, the resulting novel seemed to write itself. Then to my surprise and gratification the novel was picked up by a major publisher and not only became my first published work but became an international best seller as well.

It was all so incredibly crazy. In fact, it seemed completely impossible. But it was also very true. I had become an overnight sensation after years of constant rejection. My books seemed to fly off the shelves. The eBooks downloads were equally as impressive. Within no time at all I became well-known well respected author. Then the various movie deals began rolling in.

After that came my next best seller, then my next, and then the rest of them. Every single book I wrote became a blockbuster and the money just kept pouring in, faster than I could possibly hope to spend it. And every one of those winning ideas was the result of my watching for the digital alerts from whatever sort of mysterious muses were signaling me and then allowing them inside my head to plant their ideas.

Of course during my many interviews when I was inevitably asked what my inspiration was for that particular story I would humbly say I had no idea whatsoever and that the stories simply seemed to write themselves; which in essence was true. I honestly couldn’t claim credit for any of the ideas. They weren’t mine. They were given to me by whoever these strange unseen beings might have been. All I truly did was create a textual document detailing the ideas they provided me and the rest, as they say, was history. Granted, I did have to add my own special flair and writing style to each work. But that was to be expected. And strangely for dozens of years that exact same writing style brought me nothing but rejection. Now amazingly, I was making tons of money.

During the next several years I continued to watch for the signs, a clock, a road sign or billboard; anything with repeating triple and quadruple numbers. I also began to rely on these beings to help me make critical decisions in my personal life. If I was being offered a publishing contract or movie deal; one that sounded potentially lucrative, I would look around the meeting room for some digital device and see what it displayed. If it read, 11:11 or 12:34 or any of the previous strings which had brought good fortune I’d accept the deal. If not I wouldn’t.

I knew the beings were watching out for me and guiding me to help me make the right choices. After all, that’s how I managed to become so successful in my professional endeavors so why not use the beings’ great intellect and wisdom to help guide my personal life as well.

In my opinion it was the perfect win/win situation. I simply watched for the signs, opened my mind, listened to the voices in my head and wrote the stories as they were conveyed to me. Before long, I was world renowned for creating some of the best thriller fiction ever. And it was all because of these mysterious beings.

But then something changed. For some reason they singled me out and chose me among all other humans to see something neither I, nor any other human being had the right to see. And this changed everything.


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