‘And The Scales Fell From My Eyes’ a novella by author Thomas M. Malafarina, part II

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Editor’s Note: Novella “And the Scales Fell From My Eyes” by Thomas M. Malafarina is a lengthy read at over a daunting 22,000 words.   Wishing to make this more reader friendly, and give you something to look forward to next weekend, with the author’s permission,  we have divided it up into three more manageable, more easily digestible parts. This is part II of this novella.

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Chapter 5

One day as I was driving back from a meeting with my publisher about yet another book and movie deal, I got a craving for something I hadn’t had in a long time; a burger from a fast food joint. Any crummy fast food joint would do. I remembered a time when I survived on dollar menu cuisine, but since my success I had assumed I had put all of that garbage behind me. Lately I never ate anywhere but exclusive five-star restaurants. I could afford the best and I enjoyed the best. Yet here I was waxing nostalgic and craving a crappy burger. I figured why not? I can afford do whatever I want so if I want a barf burger then so be it.

I pulled into the drive up line and ordered a double cheeseburger, large fries and a large Coke; no more dollar menu for me. Then I drove around to the first window to pay for my food. I looked up with my hand outstretched prepared to give the cashier my money, but what I saw almost caused me to drop the cash. The girl behind the window, which automatically slid open was a young overweight thing, perhaps in her early twenties. She had large bulging brown eyes, a weak, almost nonexistent chin under which two other large masses of wobbling flesh merged to form what I assumed was supposed to be her neck.

Her nose was turned a bit upward with large round nostrils and I couldn’t help but think to myself how much she resembled a toad. I mean, looking up at her from just a few feet away, the resemblance was astonishing. It made me wonder for a moment, at what point in the process of not taking care of ourselves or as they say “letting ourselves go” do we actually stop being human; and was such a thing possible. I hesitated to think that way because I didn’t want to come off sounding like some sort of Nazi with the whole sub-human concept. But being brutally honest, in terms of physical appearance alone, this girl hardly still qualified.

She turned to me and said in a rough voice, “That will be four dollars and seventy-nine cents sir.” I was only half listening to her as I was still staring in amazement at the quivering mass of pseudo-reptilian throat flesh giggling and dancing below her minimal chin. I was further surprised when the voice which came from her wide oversized mouth even sounded somewhat like the croaking of a frog.

I must have looked startled because she said, “Sorry about the voice Sir. I have a mild case of laryngitis. It seems whenever I get a cold my voice is the first thing to go. I end up sounding like a toad.” Then she chuckled deeply, which although I suppose the laugh was meant to put me at ease, it only served to increase my level of discomfort because of its frog-like quality.

Imagine how awkward I felt having this bizarre impression while simultaneously attempting to pay for my meal and appear like nothing was out of the ordinary. I smiled at her as politely as I could but I knew I simply couldn’t stay there gawking at her any longer. I quickly handed her a ten dollar bill and told her to keep the change as I began to pull up to the pickup window.

As I did so I happened to glance into my left side mirror and was stunned to see the froggy-looking cashier was still watching me from her window giving me a strange wide-mouth reptilian grin. A moment later I was certain I must have been imagining things because there was no way I really could have see what I actually thought I’d seen. A long tongue slithered from her mouth, flitted through the air, snatched a fly I mid-flight then snapped back inside along with its prize.

I slammed on my breaks just in time to avoid crashing into the rear of the car in line in front of me. I wondered what the hell was going on. Had I actually seen what I thought I had seen? Or was this all the result of my overactive writer’s imagination? Surely it had to be a trick of the mid-day sun reflecting off of the window or something of that nature. No other explanation made any sense. There couldn’t possibly be a frog woman working at this fast-food restraint could there?

To say the event left me a bit shaken was most assuredly an understatement. But I soon learned this was just the beginning; there were many more unpleasant surprises to come. As I approached the pickup window I kept glancing every so often in my side mirror to see if the frog princes was still watching me. She must have retreated into her lair, likely to enjoy her flying morsel. Just the thought sent shivers down my spine and caused my stomach to lurch.

“Double cheese, large fries and large Coke?” a nasally voice asked from my left, calling down from the pickup window.

I looked up to see a tall, long-necked rail-thin young man with a beak-like nose holding a paper bag in one long-fingered hand and a paper cup in the other. His fingernails were what I considered far too long for a male to wear and they were painted black. To me they almost looked like the talons of a hawk. He had tiny, beady-looking eyes and his short spiky multi-colored hair stuck straight up around his head. Once again I found myself staring, mouth agape at the unusual individual standing before me. He looked exactly like a personified version of some species of bird.

It was all so strange. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and hopefully to make the horrible image go away. I looked at the dashboard and saw the digital clock which read 11:01am. I knew exactly what that meant, it was a prompt. For some strange reason these beings wanted me to know something new. Not the plot for a book or a screenplay as they had been so generously giving me for years. No, I sensed whatever this was it was going to be it would end up being something much bigger and much more important to these beings than mere fiction. I put my cup in the cup holder in my center console and placed the bag containing the burger and fries on the seat next to me. I opted not to look up at the what I thought of as the bird boy again.

I suddenly realized two things. First, I was no longer in the least bit hungry and the second was that my hands were trembling, scarcely able to maintain a grip on the steering wheel. I decided it might be wise for me to pull into a parking space until I was able to regain my composure. I could smell the burger and fry scents permeating the inside of the car. I looked down at the food bag and it seemed to take all of my willpower not to open the bag and vomit inside. Instead, I held back my retch and put down all the windows while blasting the air conditioned air straight at my face. I took several deep relaxing breaths.

Behind me I heard strange grunting and what almost sounded like barking sounds and looked into my rear-view mirror to see a group of three teenage boys leaving the inside of the restaurant, dressed in low-slung baggy pants, sneakers, large baggy tee shirts and wide brimmed caps.

The boy in the middle was bigger than the other two in both height and girth. He seemed to look more like a gorilla to me than a human. I looked at his friend to his left and saw that he resembled a hyena with a huge nose and large, protruding teeth. His neck was long and his Adams apple bobbed up and down along its length. The fact that his face was adorned with patches and tufts of hair; an obvious attempt as a beard, which did little to dissuade the hyena impression.

The third boy looked like some sort of lizard to me, having large bulging eyes similar to the cashier’s and a sinister untrustworthy look of a predator about him. In fact, all three of the boys looked like a pack of wild predatory animals on the prowl. Then to my amazement, for a brief moment they ceased looking human at all and instead had become the very creatures I’d imagined them to resemble. An instant later, they reverted to their humanoid forms. The transition had been so brief I wasn’t sure it actually had happened. I once again wondered what the hell was wrong with me. Had I actually seen that bizarre change or not? It all seemed like some sort of madness had befallen me. How could such a thing otherwise be possible?

I looked down at the clock on my dashboard and it now read 11:11am. Ten minutes had passed since I left the cashiers window. Suddenly I felt heat rising within my body and my flesh began to tingle. I had only ever passed out once in my life but it was a feeling I knew I would never forget. That feeling was suddenly encompassing me and there was nothing I could do to stop it as I felt the world around me fade to black.

Chapter 6

I believe I had been unconscious for a time yet was somehow miraculously still aware. I began to feel as if I was leaving my body behind me and floating away. I briefly recalled accounts people had of near death experiences and wondered if perhaps I had experienced a sudden heart attack and perhaps had even died. I looked down and saw my unconscious, hopefully not dead body in the car below me as I continued to float slowly upward.

Then I suddenly felt myself being pulled away from that spot at an unimaginable speed toward some unknown place far away. I assumed it had to be far away by the speed at which I was traveling. Everything around me was indistinguishable as landscapes flew by in a blur. What appeared to be billions of stars on a backdrop of blackness were shooting by me at incredible speeds, reminding me of a scene from an old Star Trek movie when the Starship Enterprise would jump to warp speed and zoom out into the blackness of the universe. Then I suddenly had an idea that perhaps I wasn’t only being draw away in terms of distance but also in terms of space and yes, even time. Then that understanding became solidified and I knew I was somehow being transported back in time. I assumed the 11:11 beings were doing this for the purpose of showing me something I had never seen before. Perhaps it was something few if any human beings had ever seen.

Then just as abruptly as my journey had begun it ended. It seemed to take a few seconds for my brain to catch up with my body as I was momentarily disoriented. After a few moments I became aware once again of my surroundings and realized I was standing alone on a long sandy beach and it was nightfall. The air was thick with humidity and I looked down at my arms and could see the start of perspiration droplets forming on the surface of my flesh. Therewas a breeze coming in off of the ocean and when it touched the moisture on my arms it sent a slight chill throughout my body.

I could see the sun setting out over the wide expanse of an ocean. I wondered which ocean it might. That depended on the time of day and whether or not I was still back east. Perhaps I was mistaken. If the sun was setting this would be the Pacific Ocean, but if the sun was rising it would be the Atlantic. And what if I had been transported to another location in the world? In that case it might not be either ocean.

I looked around smelling the salty scent of the water and hearing the distant high-pitched calling of ocean birds. The beach seemed to go on for miles to my left and right with not another soul anywhere in sight. It was as if I were the only human alive in the world. I later would discover, there was something very prophetic about that particular thought.

I turned around and was startled to see a vast tropical forest spread out behind me traveling to both my left and my right along the beach for as far as I could see. Like the beach, the jungle seemed to go on for a great distance. Behind the dense barrier of jungle I could see large unfamiliar mountains rising high above the foliage, reaching far into the darkened sky, which was filled with more bright twinkling stars than I had ever seen in my life. Obviously, wherever and whenever I was, there was no civilization and therefore no light pollution to block the gorgeous view of the heavens above.

Instinctively, I began slowly walking toward the jungle, leaving the beach and the sunrise or perhaps sunset behind me. As I reached the edge of the dense foliage I saw what appeared to be the start of a well-worn path snaking its way deep into the jungle. I stepped onto the path and could suddenly hear the trees come alive with the calls and cries of whatever animals populated the area. For a moment I hesitated. I was a city boy and knew almost nothing of modern day nature let alone some wild and perhaps ancient tropical rainforest. I had no idea what might be awaiting me inside the thick undergrowth.

I heard another sound, buried somewhere deep within with myriad of animal noises; something unfamiliar yet still somehow slightly familiar. This sound didn’t seem to be that of an animal or bird or even reptile but something else. It was like the mournful cry of some sad and pathetic creature coming from deep inside the jungle. I don’t believe I had ever heard such a woeful wail before and the sound sent chills pulsating throughout my body.

These cries of what might be pain suddenly made the jungle even more disturbing and threatening than the original animal calls I had heard. Yet for some reason my body continued to walk deeper into the jungle as if I was no longer able to control its movement. I was aware of walking but unaware of my commanding the action. It was very surrealistic and for a moment I wondered if I might be dreaming, but the sensations of sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste were so acute I knew this unbelievably had to be real.

I passed through the jungle along the winding path without being accosted in any way and eventually exited the massive wall of tall trees to find myself at the base of the large mountain range. These were the same mountains I had seen from the beach, but now as I stood at their base I could see they were even grander than I had imagined. Like the jungle they seemed to stretch out in both directions for as far as I could see.

In the distance at the base of the nearest mountain I saw something which caught my eye. There was a large opening to what I assumed to be a cave. In the near darkness around me I would have likely missed this feature had it not been for the eerie florescent blue glow emanating from inside, causing the opening to look like a giant pale blue eye against the blackness of the mountain face.

I found myself walking purposefully toward the opening having no more idea why I was doing so than I had when I walked through the jungle. Behind me I could once again hear that unidentifiable mournful cry, which seemed to have been joined by a chorus of other similar cries. I felt as if these moans were trying to tell me something; perhaps trying to warn me against going inside the cave.

But I knew nothing would be able to stop me, since I was apparently not doing any of this of my own accord. I felt as if I were being drawn into the cave by an almost magnetic force. Strangely, I didn’t feel any reluctance about entering the cave as the glowing blue light seemed to calm me in a way I cannot begin to explain. Yet the closer I got to the iridescent opening the louder the warning cries from deep in the jungle seemed to become.

As I got within a few feet of the entrance, I turned and took a final look at the dark jungle behind me. I could see what appeared to be hundreds of pairs of silvery red eyes glimmering in the blackness. They were watching me and I had a definite sensation they were still trying to warn me as well. Any apprehension I may have felt was overpowered by my inquisitiveness to learn what it was that awaited me inside the strange glowing cave.

Throwing all caution to the wind, I took a deep breath and slowly began to pass through the cavernous entrance; both uncertain yet incredibly curious about what might await me inside. Oddly, I didn’t feel the slightest fear for my own safety. It was as if I understood I had been brought to this strange tropical place in some long-ago time for the sole purpose of learning. Then learn I would. I entered the cave.

Chapter 7

Upon entering the cavern, I was bathed in a wash of blinding blue-white light. I suddenly felt a tingling sensation on the surface of my skin as if my flesh was being somehow being electrostatically cleansed of all germs and offensive particulates. I felt cleaner than I had ever felt in my entire life. Even the inside of my mouth and my teeth felt as if I had just returned from having them professionally cleaned at a dentist, only even more so.

Looking downward I suddenly realized I was naked. I had no idea where my clothing had gone or how I had ended up in this state. Oddly, for some reason I was neither embarrassed nor concerned about being in this most natural condition. It was as if it was not only right but was also the only appropriate way for me to be presented in such a  place. And I was far too overwhelmed by the sensations I was experiencing to pay any attention to my attire or lack of which.

It was as if every single nerve on the surface of my skin was tingling; like every hair was standing on end. And all the while the blue-white aura surrounded me, I had a sudden understanding that this primitive jungle habitat really was a place that existed millions of years earlier, just before the dawn of mankind. This was simply part of the knowing which I suspected the 11:11 beings must have wanted to pass on to me.

I stepped forward out of the brightest of the light and then within the space of a few seconds I saw everything. I took everything in as if time itself had ceased to exist. Like the biblical convert Saul had expressed of his own experience on the road to Damascus, the scales likewise fell from my eyes and I was able to see everything anew and could begin to understand the truth.

The cave was not just a cave but appeared to be some sort of modern day laboratory or hospital. It was not what one might think of as a typical laboratory but something more organic in nature. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Directly in front of me I saw what appeared to be an operating table of some sort, but it was not made of shining stainless steel or covered in a white sheet as one would expect to see in a twenty-first century hospital. Although the shape and functionality seemed to be similar to that of an operating table it appeared to be constructed of something almost flesh-like in nature. One very disturbing feature about the table was when I looked closely at its surface it seemed to actually be alive and even appeared to pulsate. Somehow I understood this thing was not a sentient being, although it was alive in the same sense as a plant or tree is alive. This was obviously some sort of living fleshy tissue which could be molded into whatever shape might be required. These skin-like tables were not anchored to the cavern floor but seemed to hover just a few inches above the ground.

Next to the table was a cart of sorts apparently made up of the same flesh-like tissue, which held a variety of what looked to be operating tools such as forceps, clamps and scalpels, as well as an assortment of syringes. Unlike modern day instruments, these implements were not made of glass or stainless steel but some yellowish-white material resembling bone which had been formed into the required shapes. Beneath the tools was what I at first thought to be a cloth table covering, but which I realized was composed of some translucent sparkling red membrane.

Behind what I thought of as the operating table was an array of cages constructed of a similar fleshy material while the round elements forming the bars of the cages were composed of the same bone-like composite as the tools seemed to have beeen made. I looked up and out into as much of the cave as was currently illuminated and saw the entire periphery of the cavern was covered with dozens of these cages of various sizes. Likewise similar tables stretched out for as far as I could see, also numbering in the dozens.

Every cage contained an animal of some type; likely retrieved from the surrounding jungle. There were birds, lizards, monkeys, gorillas, cougars, tigers and representatives of virtually every species I had ever heard of, as well as some I didn’t recognize. A number of the cages contained creatures which looked so foreign to me as to have come from another galaxy. For some reason that thought seemed to ring true for me.

However, I discovered the cages were not the only things which were occupied; the operating tables contained… animals… or maybe humans… or perhaps they were … something… else. I looked again at the closest table and saw what resembled a chimpanzee strapped to the undulating surface of the table. Upon closer examination I’d have had to say it only partially looked like a chimpanzee. In fact, it looked more like some sort of ape/human hybrid.

There appeared to be countless tubes of some sort sticking out from the creature’s body, leading to a square fleshy box mounted on top of one of the nearby utility carts. The tubes appeared to be made of a plant-like translucent substance.  The creature turned its eyes toward me as much as it was able to with its head held securely in place by a restraining device composed of some vine-like substance. I momentarily was caught off guard by the level of intelligence I saw in the creature’s pleading eyes. I had seen primates many times in various city zoos around the country and although they had a natural curiosity about them I had never seen any of them look at me with such outright and obvious intelligence. Flowing through the translucent tubes was a variety of brightly colored luminescent liquids ranging from red to blue to yellow and green. I was immediately reminded of what I imagined a dialysis machine might look like while treating kidney patients, although I had never actually seen one. If that was true, then this had to be a type of dialysis to the extreme.

Upon closer examination I realized the strange tubes were actually some sort of living organism reminiscent of a sea creature or perhaps worm-like thing and the liquid was being forced through them by the undulating and pulsating actions of the tubular organisms themselves. At the ends of the tubes where they attached to the creature’s flesh, the tube spread out like a series of webbed fingers which buried themselves under the creature’s skin. The webbing appeared to create a leak-proof seal at the end of the tubes.

I looked over at the next table and a similar scenario was playing out but this time it was with a large bird-like creature whose feathers had been completely removed, leaving it a barren fleshy carcass. It too looked at me with a level of understanding I had never before witnessed in any bird; not that I had any more experience with birds than I had with primates. But I did know a look of intelligence when I saw one. I couldn’t understand what was happening to these poor wretched creatures but it appeared to be some sort of unimaginable, torturous experimentation.

I looked out over the vast glowing expanse of the cavernous laboratory saw dozens of these living tables all occupied with strange creatures in various stages of treatment all being fed by these horrible biological machines. I had a feeling that this was not the entire cavern, but only a small portion. I suspected if I were to continue to walk deeper into the darker recesses of the cave they would light up as well revealing similar tables. I suddenly knew there were likely hundreds if not thousands of these inhumane experiments taking place in this cavern of horror.

“Inhumane…in human… un human.” I thought suddenly with the slightest hint of some possible understanding not quite present but trying to work its way to the surface.

Chapter 8

A moment later, I felt as though someone was watching me. I turned to see several dozen creatures entering the illuminated section of the cave through a darkened side passageway. They glowed with the same effervescence, which presently permeated the cave. These creatures were tall, well over six feet in height and were extremely thin. They were reminiscent of those creatures known as “Grays” depicted in the numerous alien and space invader movies, except much, much taller.

Their arms, legs and necks were long, awkward looking and spindly. Likewise their necks were twice as long as a typical human’s and miraculously managed to hold up heads that were large and bulbous in nature. Their eyes were two enormous black oval orbs tilted slightly at an angle. Their faces had two small holes where I would have suspected their noses should have been and their mouths, from this distance seemed to be nothing more than small slits.

They began to fan out in various directions within the cave without speaking, yet their motions seemed to have been choreographed. It was then I realized there were not actually walking but were floating a few inches above the ground. They systematically moved from table to table, taking samples, adjusting tubes and apparently monitoring the status of the strange mutated creatures on the tables. They appeared to be ignoring me or else they simply felt I was of no consequence to them.

I suddenly felt a presence behind me and turned to stare up into the flat, nose-less face and large soulless eyes of one of the creatures. Its glowing effervescent skin, if it could be called skin was extremely smooth in appearance. It stood well over six or seven feet tall as it looked down at me with an expression or lack of which, that I took for curiosity. Its lip-less slit of a mouth never opened yet I could still hear its thoughts as if it were speaking to me in a calm soothing voice. No, I should correct that statement because it wasn’t so much communicating to me with actual words as it was projecting pictures, movies, images, emotions and in some cases entire concepts into my mind at a speed I had never before imagined.

Although I realized no more than a few seconds had passed, in those few seconds my eyes were open as never before and I was immersed in a sea of knowledge. I instantly understood that no other living human being on the planet had ever been privileged to receive this information before.

What I was seeing here was the very origins of mankind itself. I was looking into the face of what our ancient ancestors must have thought of as gods. These beings, these other-worldly creatures were taking members of the wild animal population of earth and were infusing them with their own genetic material and creating an entirely new species; homo-sapiens, mankind, us. It was an extraterrestrial version of the old movie “The Island Of Dr. Moreau”. These animals were being transformed. These beings were creating the human race from animals.

Then suddenly everything began to make sense to me regarding what I had seen in the parking lot of the fast food place. I knew why the 11:11 beings had allowed me to see how the cashier had resembled a frog and why the one who handed me my food looked like a bird. Then there were the three juvenile delinquents, each of whom had their own unique animal-like appearances. For that brief moment in time I had been given the gift of sight beyond sight; a tease, the ability to see the human species for what it really was; as it had originally existed.

It all became clear. I thought back to how many times during my life I had met people and immediately noticed how much they resembled animals. Some had long horse-like faces with huge teeth. Others were built like apes; while still others look like either birds or reptiles. I’m sure if you think hard about it you too will recall having incidents where people actually looked like animals to you.

I think this fact also helps to explain why cartoonists such as Walt Disney had been so successful at personifying their cartoon animals to resemble humans. Whether they were aware of it or not they had seen something very close to what I had just been shown. Perhaps the 11:11 beings had given them a bit of insight into the reality I now understood.

I now knew the truth. I had looked into the faces of our creators. I had been given the most secret and perhaps most sacred of all knowledge; the very origin of mankind. Man was created from a genetic hybrid process, joining the essence of the animals of Earth and the genetic components of these early 11:11 beings. This also helped me to better understand the aggression, which exists naturally inside every human being; and why it seems so hard at times to tame our inner animal. Again, I was reminded of the Island of Dr. Moreau and the rules he had to teach his creatures to force them to quell their animal instincts. I recalled what they referred to in the movie as the House Of Pain.

In nature, there are predators and prey. Likewise, within humankind, there are aggressors and there are victims. I suddenly had a vision appear inside my mind. It was the image of my face, as it existed in its human form. Then as I looked on, the image began to morph into something, which resembled a cross between a human and a panther, or perhaps a cougar. Whatever the exact nature of the beast was, it was most definitely a member of the big game cat family. These beings were telling me that I had descended from one of these creatures; a predatory cat.

I now understood the reason for why man tended to behave as violently as he did. These 11:11 beings made us that way. They apparently could create a new race of beings in their own image, but they could not successfully manage to remove the savage animal essence completely from us. They assumed millions of years of evolution might take care of this, but they were mistaken. Religion couldn’t do it, nor could man’s laws or even the threat of execution stop the violent animal within man.

But the question, which still remained was why had I been chosen me to be their messenger? And was being a messenger actually what they wanted from me? What was it about me that made me so special? Then the creature must have planted the idea inside my mind because I suddenly realized exactly what their reason was. It was my creativity; my writing skills. I was probably the only human alive who the 11:11 beings felt they could trust to pass on such vital information.

I would be expected to write their story and pass it on to the rest of the world in a concise way that everyone could understand. In my earlier contact with these beings, they had provided me with the stories, which resulted in my subsequent wealth and fame. They had had been deliberately providing me with the resources, which would put me in a position where I could do exactly what they wanted me to not do. I could use my notoriety to spread their word; to be in essence a disciple of their new doctrine. And that was exactly what I planned to do. I would spread their word. At least I had planned on doing just that. I wanted to but it somehow got sidetracked. I began I suppose to succumb to my inner beast; my true self. And that’s when things began to go horribly wrong.

Chapter 9

I woke up the next morning to the sound of someone banging on my front door. For the record, although I most definitely could afford a maid or a man servant, I prefer my privacy. As such, I live alone, which is just the way I like it. I tried ignoring the knocking but it persisted. Since I was the only one available to answer it and since the knocking was obviously not going to stop, I stumbled out of bed as tired and miserable as I usually am first thing in the morning; perhaps even more so. I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand and saw it was 11:01, which was technically still morning as far as I was concerned. And yes, I did notice the significance of the digits. It was apparent that the 11:11 beings had something else for me to learn, but whatever that might be would have to wait until I got rid of whoever was beating down my front door.

I should point out here that part of the reason I had been sleeping so late was because I had been recovering from a major drinking binge from the previous night. Who could really fault me for tying one on after all I had been through and after everything I had learned the previous day? I was stressed out to say the least. Because of that as well as my hangover and exhaustion, I approached the door as angry as the proverbial hibernating bear that had been poked with a sharp stick.

I yanked open the door ready to let whomever was on the other side know exactly what I thought of their disturbing me when I suddenly stopped, surprised. Standing on my doorstep was a very slight man, just slightly over five feet tall and rail-thin. He looked as though it might weigh one hundred and thirty pounds sopping wet. He had a long large muzzle of a nose and equally long and thin neck. He carried a suitcase of sorts with him and he appeared to be a door-to-door salesman. I didn’t think there were any of those types around anymore. He wore brown shoes, brown pants, a white shirt and a red bowtie. My first thought was to tell him to go away and to slam the door in his face, but there was something I couldn’t quite identify that told me not to be so brash, but instead to wait and see what transpired. I recalled the 11:01 sighting in my bedroom. Yes, perhaps the beings wanted me to see this thing through for a bit.

Before I was even able to ask him what it was he wanted, the funny little man announced he was selling some sort of “organic vegetarian food delivery service plan”. On the pocket of his shirt was a logo consisting of a cluster of carrots and the name “Naturally Natural Organic Vegetable Service”. I should point out at this time that for the most part I’ve always hated just about all vegetables. I’m a carnivore and having learned what I had learned the previous day, all of this meat eating suddenly made perfect sense to me. If I truly were descended from panthers, jaguars, lions or cougars, why would I care about anything but meat?

“It was only natural.” I thought to myself with an internal chuckle. Then ironically, I thought, “Naturally natural.”

I was next stunned to discover I was suddenly, almost uncontrollably hungry for fresh meat; for any fresh meat. It was as if a craving had come out of nowhere; and the desire was not just for fresh meat or rare meat but raw meat dripping with blood. I’ve always enjoyed my steak on the rare side but never anything too much in the realm of say steak tartare. But suddenly I felt a longing for raw, completely uncooked meat. I looked down at the little man and then suddenly all of my senses became heightened to a level I had never experienced before and had never anticipated. I was dumbstruck. I was not only looking at this man but I was looking through him and sensing his presence in ways, which were all new and disturbingly realistic to me. I could smell his slightly mint-tinged mouthwash breath and his body cologne with a slight trace of perspiration even from several feet away. And what was much worse was that the smell of his sweat and the general scent of him combined were making my mouth involuntarily water. My lord, I was actually salivating. I could hear the man’s blood pulsating as it coursed through his veins and unbelievably, I swear I could smell and almost taste it. All of these sensations were driving me absolutely mad with hunger.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. It took every ounce of willpower I had to keep me from bending down and tearing off his large nose and swallowing it whole. I stared at him for a moment in utter amazement afraid to move, fearful of what I might do if I did move.

The man’s ears were large pointing upward and his big eyes were spaced widely apart. He had a pencil thin mustache, which stood out like whiskers on both sides of his lip and he displayed some sort of nervous tick, which made the tip of his nose occasionally twitch when he spoke. At first, I thought it was no wonder he represented an organic vegetable service; he looked more like a timid little bunny rabbit than a man. Then as I watched, his countenance began to transform right before my eyes. His face became that of a rabbit and the visage of the man was gone. Then a moment later, the man’s face returned.

I looked up at the digital clock on my living room video recorder and realized it was 11:11am. I instantly knew what I had to do. I understood the reasons for the cravings and these heightened senses. The 11:11 people had shown me my place at the top of the food chain and they were telling me it was time for me to be what I rightfully needed to be. I needed to accept my true self. I was born to be a predator and a hunter.

I stepped away from the door and invited the little unsuspecting creature into my home. I told him to sit on the sofa while I went and got myself a cup of coffee. I asked him if he would like some coffee as well but he declined asking for organic vegetable juice instead. That didn’t come as any surprise to me. I told him I had none but could bring him a cold bottle of water. He looked displeased but I really didn’t care. I had something to do and “Bunny Man’s” fragile sensitivities were the least of my concerns. Yes, that was how I began to think of him; as Bunny Man.

After returning with my coffee and the bottle of water, I sat down next to him and took a sip from my drink, waiting for him to open his water. After a few seconds, he unscrewed the cap, took a few sips and said he would like to show me the products he had to offer. It was quite disturbing watching his face changing back and forth from human to rabbit but I knew that soon none of that would matter. God I was starving! As he reached to place the water on the coffee table, I took a large plastic bag I had hidden behind my back and pulled it down over his rabbit head.

The little creature began to kick and scream and struggle but he was weak and I was strong; he was prey and I was the predator. After a few minutes, his bunny eyes began to bug out and redden with spidery crimson veins as the last of his oxygen ran out and he died. This filled me with a sense of euphoria the likes of which I have never before experienced. I looked at the clock and it read 11:22am. Exactly eleven minutes from the time, this prey entered my den until he was dead. Not bad for my first kill I thought. I felt as if I was making my species proud.

Then I dragged the little man down into my basement. It was large but almost completely empty except for a few items I had placed there over the previous months. At the time I purchased the things and made modifications to the basement, I had no real idea why I was doing so. It just seemed like a good idea. Apparently, the 11:11 people were guiding me in this direction even back then. There was a large stainless steel two-door freezer, an indoor slop sink and an eight by three foot stainless steel table. Nearby there was a smaller stainless steel cart with a variety of electric carpentry tools. I had made sure the room was well equipped with electrical outlets. There was a wall faucet with a long hose attached and the floor sloped downward from all sides to a drain in the center of the room directly below the table. My mouth was now practically drooling with anticipation.

After a bit of contemplation, I went over to the table where I had placed a hacksaw along with the other tools. I went up to the kitchen and grabbed a box of large freezer bags and a permanent marker bringing them with me down to the basement.

I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to dismember a corpse using just a hacksaw. I realized it would probably be much better to use the circular saw I had purchased, as it would be more efficient way of removing appendages than dragging the hand saw back and forth over flesh, sinew and bone, until the blade was dull and my arms ached with pain. And I learned my assumption was most certainly correct; the circular saw did a much better job of quickly dismembering the frail corpse although the splatter resulting from the high speed blade was a lot messier. I had a hose at the ready to wash down the area when I was finished. My formerly beautiful white basement was soaked with gore. Fortunately, I had chosen to use a high gloss paint, which cleaned up very easily. Again, I found it curious how I had made the decision to use that type of paint over a month earlier, not realizing how important it would be.

I’m sure by now you are wondering what I might have done next. I realized my first order of business had to be satisfying my rising blood lust. I did so immediately by tearing off a few sections of the creature’s flesh and muscle then eating them raw. This single act created a sensation which could only be described as somewhere beyond ecstasy. When I again regained control of my emotions, I used the freezer bags I had brought down to conveniently store the remaining body parts and meat sections for freezing. I labeled them with things like “Bunny Man Hand” or “Bunny Man Foot” and so on along with the day’s date. One must always keep freshness in mind when freezing meat.

Now I’m sure a lot of you out there are probably thinking there must be something wrong with me for me to commit what society might see as not only a heinous crime, but a taboo act as well, but you are sadly mistaken. I was not the nor am I now insane. On the contrary; I saw my true self and had embraced my origins. I was born to be a hunter and a killer; I just hadn’t realized it until the 11:11 people showed me the truth. Once the scales were removed from my eyes, I saw the truth. And the truth was not insanity, it was simply reality.

“And the Scales Fell From My Eyes” by Thomas M. MalafarinaPart I https://mmw.news/2019/10/13/and-the-scales-fell-from-my-eyes-a-novella-by-author-thomas-m-malafarina/

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