Lance Kawas’ commercial racks up the awards from film festivals world-wide

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People would be more likely to pay attention to commercials if they were as tastefully crafted as that created by Lance Kawas for Alexander’s of Northville; a men’s clothier and designer  This seems to be the message that is being conveyed by film festivals world-wide in response to Lance Kawas 3-minute short.

Shot entirely in Michigan,  the actors  in this commercial are Alyse Madej (Miss Michigan 2019) and Lamar Babi.  The cinematography was done through the amazing eyes of Istvan Lettang, the wonderful music by the Swiss composer Pierre Vaucher, CGI by the talented Dark Hoffman, sound by Matt Sisco, steady cam by Greg Johnson,  hair and makeup by Lisa North, gaffing by Bobby Laenen and Timmy Craft, focus puller by Fritz Pfaff.

Directed by Kawas and released in July 2019,  this high end artistic commercial was filmed like a Chanel or Dior brand commercial using the music of violins and cellos. The direction here though differs in that Kawas utilized an avant-garde artistic look with rich vibrant colors and cinematic camera movements reminiscent of epic romantic movies. It is stunning to watch.

Kawas says “I wanted to create something the viewer would lose themselves in for three minutes. The concept was birthed from the idea of a post modernism take on Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and to bring vintage old Hollywood while thematically layering the screen with a high- end designer feel. I also kept hearing in my head ‘Unforgettable’ (Duet with Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole). As a result, I wanted an art piece that is mesmeric and flawless that renders escapism, nostalgia, with something sentimental, and romantic about it, so this is the best fantasy I could deliver to my client within the confines of budget and time.”

The concept was created by Kawas and the client – Alexander’s Of Northville – according to Kawas “loved it.” The custom clothier who Kawas describes as “the quintessential men’s clothing designer and clothier in the state of Michigan is a high end men’s fashion talent and should be nationally noticed. As such, when I decided to do the commercial, I wanted to make a statement that would reach and connect with all the fashion hubs like, New York, LA, Paris, Milan and so on. The only way to compete with the high end market is to make an artistic piece to represent Alexander’s of Northville and I believe this commercial does so.”

Kawas delivered five pieces : Three 30 second clips which were released on all TV networks in August, a one minute version also released on TV, and a three minute version of the commercial for the world to enjoy.  For his work, not only did he receive the appreciation of his client, but he is garnering praise and awards from world-class film festivals.

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