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If you see Greg Rea, don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday.  Greg was born on this day, September 1, 1968.  He is fifty one years old.

Born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan,  he has been involved with the film industry for at least the last eleven years.  He started behind the scenes developing sets.  But within the past nine years he has appeared in an impressive list of solid movies.

Being a big guy,  with a penchant for weight training,  it would be easy to typecast Greg as a security, biker, bouncer, and prison type roles.  However, he has been in some lighter roles, both as an extra and a credited supporting role in movies such as A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, in which he appeared with his son.

He brings a number of skills and talent to the table with him.  This includes, including weight training,  martial arts.   He is eager to get more involved with he film industry here in Michigan and elsewhere, and has been known to stand for up to three hours to audition for a role.  He would really like to work in horror, action, drama and religious films.

Greg permitted Michigan Movie Weekender this interview on his birthday.  Happy Birthday Greg.




How did you get involved in the film industry?

There was a casting call for prison extras. That was broadcasted over the radio. It was a Hilary Swank movie called Conviction My boss being a big fan of movies told me about it and suggested that I try out for it. After standing in line for 3 hours I decided to join the agency that was hosting the casting call. I was not chosen for that movie but was later chosen for prisoner extra spot in the movie Stone. With some major head liners Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich.

What have you done in the film industry?

I have mainly done extra work in feature films and small speaking rolls in indie films. I’ve been part of the main cast of a few web series.

What talents did you bring to the film industry? 

My talents are painting wall murals (I have worked in sets for the past 11 years), martial arts, and playing aggressive roles such as security, biker, bouncer, and prison type roles. And I enjoy weight training.

Yes, that shows.  You are good size guy and would work well in those kind of roles. As far as that goes,  you have been involved in several movies as that kind of a character.  What have they included? 

As for my list of movies, they would include:  Stone (2010), Real Steel (2011), A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, 2011,  Into the Storm (2014).  The indie films in which I appear include Who Will Move the Stone, (2016), I was the bartender)  Descend (extra, block party attendee, still in production ),  Wood Dan (2017) as Nuk Dan; and in web= series, I will appear in both Anders Dark  and The Chaplin. Both of these are still in development

With what directors have you worked?

I have worked with these directors  John Curran, Stone, Shawn Levy, Reel Steel, Todd Strauss Schulson, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Mark A. France, Descend, Rhodes Short, Who Will Move the Stone and The Chaplin, Nathan Quinn, Descend and Anders Dark,  Kevin Taylor, Wood Dan and Steven Quale, Into the Storm

As an actor are you SAG?

No,  but I hope to be one day.

Having worked on the productions you have,  you have worked in productions that have included some Hollywood actors.  With whom have you worked?

While there were many very competent people in the movies that I have appeared, these productions have included these more recognizable actors:  Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Mila Jovovich, Hugh Jackman, Kal Penn and John Cho.

Are there genres in which you like to work?

Yes, I like to work in horror,  action, drama and religious films.

Have you also worked on stage?

Hahaha!  Not since grade school.

Have you got other family members who are involved in film?

I had the pleasure of doing extra work with my son on A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas,  when he was younger.

Have you a personal philosophy regarding film work?

It takes high energy to convince people of the role you take on. If a movie does not make you think about it for the next day or two it was probably mediocre.  Movies always take people out of their everyday lives and into a different realm. My goal is to make a memorable impact with my characters.

And if given the right role scare the crap out of them!

I don’t want to rain on your parade, dude.  But You may not get much work in period pieces unless you wear long shirts because of your tattoos. Hahaha!

Yes I understand.

Does that bother you?  It needn’t.  There is lots of work for heavies, bad guys and not so bad guys who are into tatts.

Actually, that’s my goal.. In the movie Stone they had a 150 prison extras and every day they cut numbers.  I made it to the final two.  I was in 12 scenes but after edit I made just 2 quick ones.

I’m highly focused when I get the chances 😉

Danny Trejo made it.

Yes, and he had served some hard time before he entered the film industry.   Anyway,  wishing you every success. 


Thanks, so much for the opportunity.

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