‘Making Time,’ the feature-film shot in just two crazy days, is now available to stream or own on DVD/Blue ray

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Holy crap! ‘Making Time,’ the feature-film shot in just two crazy days, is now available to stream or own on DVD/Bluray:  There’s also an 8-part documentary series goes behind-the-scenes to reveal all of the chaos and hilarity that ensued.


Divorced scientist Nick (Mason Heidger) turned his back on everyone to one day achieve time travel. Now, with a chance to prove his finished time machine works, he and failed physicist Dr. Kent (Steve Berglund) hold their breath as they initiate launch from Nick’s basement, only to find the house loses power. Suddenly a man comes downstairs: it’s a younger version of Nick. Without thinking, they conk him over the head with a wrench and confirm it’s the year 2012. However, to have any chance at returning to an unaltered present, Nick must fill his younger shoes and repeat the events of the night – but he quickly discovers it’s the night of his engagement party – surrounded by the friends he’s neglected – proposing to Jess (Tori Titmus), the woman he just divorced.

Written and directed by Grant Pichla, “Making Time” stars Mason Heidger (known for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Notes from Melanie (2019) and Scapegoat (2020) as Nick , Tori Titmas (Uncertainship (2019) Changed (2017)  Paralysis (2009) as Jess,   Steve Berglund (Niner (2014)) as Dr. Kent, and others.  “Making Time” is a Pichla-Smith-Bakker Production.

The entire film was shot in 2 days total, 7 months apart; 61 pages of script were shot on the first day of filming. 48 pages for day two.  Lead actor Mason Heidger recorded himself speaking all the dialogue and listened to it on repeat for months in order to memorize 61 pages, 35 scenes, in which he appears in all. Shooting with such speed, no scene had anymore than 4 takes, with a few only requiring a single take from the actors.

Drawing inspiration from “Back to the Future,”” The Family Man,” and “It’s a Wonderful Life,.” Grant Pichla, the director’s house renovation was the catalyst for the time travel plot, having a way to show the passage of time.  The film takes place “all in a day.” A blizzard of 15 inches of snow almost prevented the first day of shooting (half the film) from happening.

Second collaboration between composer Michael Klubertanz and director Grant Pichla.


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