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The crew that brought you last year’s viral sensations, “Rise of the Mask” and “Revenge of the Mask” has just wrapped possibly the most guarded secret of this year.   It has just wrapped the principle photography for a sequel to”Rise of the Mask.”

Controlled Chaos (ie., Lance Kawas, director, Dylan Sides, producer, and Christian Tomlinson, executive producer) were fast at things this year creating a sequel to “Rise of the Mask” entitled “Rise of the Mask: Odin’s 9”.

Written by Christina Tomlinson, “Rise of the Mask: Odin’s 9” stars Robert Laenen as Torbjorn , Peter Herold as Bard, Chris Ewing as Knut, Aaron Matthew Atkisson as Ivarr, Salina Gusmano as Hulda, and Jeff Siarto  as Odin, and hundreds of extras.

Said Dylan Sides, ” This was an intense one. Nine days in the wilderness with no protection from anything. And then a day on a desolate island in the middle of nowhere. And then we just spent an entire day shooting on a barge To get all the stuff with the boat. “

And capturing it all as it happened was cinematographer,  Istvan Lettang, with sound by  Matthew Sisco , and music by Pierre Vaucher .  Said Sides, “Our composer came all the way out to visit us from his country.”  Vaucher is from Montreux, Switzerland

Continues Sides, “Whatever we just shot is more ambitious and technically complicated and bigger than anything we’ve ever attempted before. And we finished it and it looks amazing.”

To give you a taste of what they had done,  here is a short behind the scenes sampling of what you can expect.


“Revenge of the Mask – Part 2” is targeting an October or November release. The movie will be released directly to YouTube and in select theaters. It is directed by Lance Kawas, with Istvan Lettang as director of photography. In addition to Dean Cain, the sequel stars Nathan Jones, Tim Parrish, Tim Smith and Dan Kerry.

“Because of the response, we had pretty much no choice but to make the sequel,” Sides said.

We can’t wait.  This looks awesome!

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