Official trailer for ‘Faith Under Fire’ drops–watch for Grover McCants in a prominent, commanding role

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The trailer for the much anticipated Joel Reisig directed movie “Faith Under Fire” dropped this weekend.  Starring Dean Cain as Pastor Dan Underwood, Kevin Sorbo as Doctor Robinson, and Nick Vlassopoulos as Tom Hatcher, “Faith Under Faith” is based upon Gary W. Allison’s novel “There is a Season.”

Produced by Melissa Kerley and Joel Paul Reisig. “Faith  Under Fire” is the  story of a fireman who has his faith tested when he loses his family to cancer. Losing his wife to cancer, Tom Hatcher enters the crossroads of life when doctors diagnose his daughter Tiffany with the same disease. There he meets a pastor of a local church that has walked a mile in his shoes and a young nurse who has stirred something in his heart he hadn’t felt in a long time. Faced with the life changing decision of which road to follow, Tom struggles with new found friendship, lost love, and hope for the future.

But it is Grover McCants role in this trailer that you should keep an eye on. Albeit the scenes in which he appears are brief, a few fleeting seconds at best, here you can see his commanding presence and hear his booming bass voice. At a towering 6’4″ tall and over 265 pounds,  he fills the screen. In his scenes he portrays the fire chief, “Chief,” the highest ranking officer in the fire department.

As the trailer opens,  you see McCants take command and bark orders as the fire bell rings and the men scramble to rush to a fire.  The trailer introduces you to the characters portrayed masterfully by leads Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Nick Vlassopoulos, and young Tenley Kellogg as Tiffany Hatcher, the cancer stricken daughter of fire fighter Tom Hatcher..  In the less than two minute length of this trailer, you are given the barest snippet of the story line but enough to effectively pull at your heart strings and make you want to follow what happens in the lives of the story’s characters.  It is McCants who approaches the firefighters and breaks the news that Tiffany had been taken to the hospital.

McCants has been involved in acting since the age of five and throughout his school years was involved in drama, public speaking and entertainment.  Appearing as an extra in films such as Hoffa, Zebrahead and Renaissance Man in the 90s, Grover was cast as lead Agent Portman, an FBI agent,  in The House That Jack Broke in 2011.

In 2016 he was cast on TV One’s Fatal Attraction in Season 5 Episode 23 as Dale Phillips, Sr. the father of a murder victim. In 2017, he was cast in the recurring lead role of Grandfather Demery. on ID Discovery’s Murder Chose Me.  He has since amassed  44 credits in multiple lead, supporting and featured roles in independent short films, TV series episodes and feature length movies.  He has also appeared in numerous theatrical productions, and has lent his voice to different characters as a voice-over actor.

As well as his involvement in acting,  McCants is a well rounded experienced individual who also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Master degrees in both Psychology and Business Administration from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.  His personal resume includes a background in transportation, professional sports working for the World Champion Detroit Pistons, an on-air personality/director and producer of local programming and advertising/marketing expert.  His own Hollingsworth McCants Media Group serves entertainment, political, educational, legal, medical and business clients.

Presently, he is working on the completion of his Phd in Drama Psychology  He has two new projects in production and is directing a legal documentary. He got a nomination for best supporting actor in a student short film/ Due Processfor I See You Awards. 

He is married to Karen McCants for 26 years, and together they have three children, Tiffany, Thurgood, Jacqueline and one granddaughter Skylar and one new grandson,  Jaxon.

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