Dtonio Cheatham and JCP Films premiere to a full house

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Last night Dtonio Cheatham and JCP Films premiered their latest film, “The Look Out” to a full house at the Emagine Theater, Royal Oak.

Written and directed by D’Tonio LeBrian, a self-taught award-winning film-maker, actor, writer, and poet born in Detroit “The Look-Out” addresses the problem of  the kidnapping and abduction of young children who come up missing. Hugh M. Duneghy plays the part of a homeless man who decides to watch over a young girl who walks the streets by herself.

Dtonio Cheatham was the writer and director of the viral sensation, “Junior,” last year’s award winning short anti-bullying film,   which starred his younger brother, D’blessed Robinson who won Best Actor Award at the 2018 Channel 4 Click-On Detroit People’s Choice Awards.

Said Dtonio, “Literally lost for words. Last night was everything!  Largest crowd that ever came to see a movie of mine! My cast breathed life into their characters to the Tee!

“Thank You all for making this production so easy and fun for me. ”


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“There will be a 2nd screening for my short film “The Look-Out”….. All the information on the second will be announced at a later day!”

About Dtonio Cheatham
During his early 20’s, Cheatham created multiple short films and web series including ”Hot Headz” and ”Back Sliders”. In 2013 he received the ”MY TV 20 Best Short Film Award” for his film ”Accepted” at the Trinity International Film Festival. In 2014 he wrote, directed and starred in his most acclaimed film ”TERRITORY: 313 VS 734″. The film premiered October 8th, 2015 at The Michigan Theater and received great reviews. “TERRITORY” was also premiered alongside “INAUDIBLE”, which is also a film Cheatham wrote and directed. The following year, he screened “TERRITORY” a second time with another short film he directed called ”Beyond the Stenlight”. On September 4th, 2017, he posted his film TERRITORY: 313 vs 734 on YouTube, and in a 1 month span it gained over 250,000 views.

During the time of his movie premieres, Cheatham went on to compete in the first ever WDIV Local 4 Film Challenge in 2015; making the TOP 10 finalist each year into the year 2018. During the 2018 Film Challenge Competition, he entered a film called “Junior’”. An anti-bullying film which was shot at his mother’s home with his younger brother D’blessed Robinson playing the titled character, Cheatham trained his younger brother (who had no acting experience) and taught him the fundamentals of acting. Before the finalists were decided, he uploaded the short film on YouTube September 8th, 2018 and in only 2 weeks, gained well over 1,000,000 views. “Junior” received positive feedback and became the most viewed short film out of Detroit (short or feature) by a Detroit film-maker. Currently, “Junior” has reached well over 4,000,000 views within a month.  Since it was posted it has received 8,891,053 views.

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