Tokkyo Faison offers us a bird’s-eye-view of things down here

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Have you ever wondered what things look like from a bird’s perspective?  Tokkyo Faison can offer us a wholly new point-of-view from aloft, one that we have seldom ever seen of our familiar surroundings, and other sights that we have seldom seen.

As well as shooting many of the neighborhoods in the Detroit area,  he is showing us what these areas that we are convinced we know well look like from the sky.

From high aloft he is capturing the whole city and many of its sights, and doing it in high definition, and 4K. He does it as well at night as by the light of the day.  So far he has captured the Detroit Zoo, the Packard Plant, the Motor City Casino, and other iconic Detroit Landmarks.

Check this out.

How does he capture this footage?  He does this with any of a number of camera drones which he owns.  Here are photos of the various drones in his collection.



Talking about drones

Wow, that is really an impressive collection of drones. Those must have set you back a pretty penny.

Sum yes sum no  Two of them need repair

Are they all camera drones?

All except for one ..the Batman.  The black one with the res strip and the little yellow one are race drones  Yes, sir. Once I can get my two main 4k drones fixed I’ll  be happy.

Drone work adds a lot to any film. There should be a big potential market out there.

Yeah, it’s coming. I have to do some other things that’s required and it will be all good

Yeh, don’t they require an FAA clearance which requires taking a test.

Not for hobbies, for commercial yes.  The rules are really unclear about a lot of things it really just a money grab

As is everything that becomes popular before long.

Yes sir. But I study the rules because they change on a whim, some good, sum bad SMH but it is what it is.

Whether you are looking for stock footage that you can use in your film productions,  or you have a desire for custom work,  Tokkyo Faison is the man for your job.  He has become quite accomplished in aerial photography and can really do anything you may want.

Tokkyo is also available for consultation, and if you will excuse this deliberate turn of phrase, “To help you get yours off the ground.”

To reach Tokkyo,  PM him on Facebook

Or email him at  Or phone him at 313=742-0170.

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