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You never know what you will find on the streets of Jackson.  Stumbling out of the darkened Michigan Theatre of Jackson where a minuscule audience was treated to a Sunday dose of heavy metal, head thumping indie rock into the bright light of a late afternoon sun I saw the strangest sight I had ever seen.  I had to rub my eyes for clarity.

Down the street approaching the theater from a couple of blocks away were what appeared the members of the movie Mad Max.  As I approached them out of curiosity,  I could see that they were heavily decorated in what looked like remnants of a prehistoric thrift store.

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As I got closer,  I could see more clearly that both the men and women of this group were garishly dressed in bikini and loincloth base outfits trimmed heavily in spikes large enough to put an eye out if one were not careful, and body paint that looked as though it had been smeared on  In the midst of this group was a plodding T-rex which labored its way up the street.

One of the women, the taller of the two, wearing a bikini with what appeared a strapped on-spike designed to discourage sexual activity had a headdress which concealed her eyes with two monstrous horns, one on each side.    The smaller of the two of this group was carrying a banner.  It read, “Goose Lake”  with what appeared to be a strangled goose in its circle.

One of the men had a triceratops head on each shoulder.  Another had a domed mask with a massive horn protruding from each side.

I would learn that these were members of a heavy metal band “FWAR.”   Although they were not scheduled to play, they were working their way up the street to promote “Goose Lake.”

The Goose Lake International Music Festival held August 7–9, 1970 in Leoni Township, Michigan, “was one of the largest music events of its era”, and featured many of the top rock music bands of the period. The festival took place nearly one year after Woodstock. The Goose Lake promoters set out to create a better-planned event with better facilities for rock fans than Woodstock

FWAR will headline this festival.

The Goose Lake Jamboree 2019 will be held at Wildwood Acres Campground from September 6th through the 8th. The three-day three-night extravaganza will feature 18 bands, comedy, food, beer, art exhibits, and much much more! Www.gooselakejamboree.com for all the info!

About FWAR
FWAR is the electronic art-pop project of Leeds-based producer and songwriter Nathan Moseley. Musically he uses expressive synthesizers, tuned percussion, and various homemade samples manipulated beyond repair. Lyrically, he takes influence from psycho-babble, comments sections & the minutiae of our bizarre little existences.
FWAR has won praise and plays from the likes of Radio1, 6Music, and Radio X

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