Jamal Hines returns with another chapter in the Union Series–this chapter is entitled Devil’s Luck

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Tokkyo Faison has just tipped us to Jamal’s Hines return with yet another chapter in the Union Series.

After what has been a seemingly long absence,  director Jamal Hines has returned with yet another chapter in the Union Series.  This chapter is entitled “Devil’s Luck.”

Says Tokkyo, “Working on stepping up our game.”

Yes, that’s apparent judging from the employment of drone footage (as captured by Tokkyo Fasion), the gun play and what appears to be empowered females, this looks as though Sterling Union LLC has done just that.  Stepped up their game.

This new chapter features some of the faces with whom we are familiar.  This includes Tokkyo Faison, Emily Roszatycki, Cameron Cottrell, Tom Doner, Antonie Wells, and Sonny Cruz. Union Series-Devil’s Luck is written and directed by Jamal Hines

Here is the thirteen minute extended preview for “The Union Series-Devil’s Luck. ”

To follow the Union Series-Devil’s Luck, follow it on Jamal Hines’ youtube channel.  .

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