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From our home base in Iron Mountain, Michigan, here’s an update as we enter the final week of the 2019 Light It Up Kickstarter Campaign. Thanks to gracious pledges from our Upper Peninsula and national supporters, our fundraiser launched very strong out of the gate. Early on, we gathered great momentum from both repeat and new backers, and this pattern has continued throughout the last 20+ days.

To kick off the campaign’s second week, the Upper Michigan team went LIVE on Facebook for a 2-Hour Telethon, inviting viewers to call in and pledge directly to the fundraiser. Series co-creator Seth Anderson chatted with various members of the NORTHBOUND team about the production and the impact it’s making on Northern Michigan’s creative and economic growth.
Click the Image to watch a replay of the 2019 Light it Up LIVE Telethon
Click the image above to watch the full replay, and stay to the end for a special number led by upcoming  NORTHBOUND 3 castmember Anna Anderson.
As the campaign moved into its second week, our team attended an Open House celebrating True North Outpost, a new business in Norway Michigan that has joined the NORTHBOUND production as a promotional partner. The 2-day open house treated visitors from across the area to a tour of the newly restored retail space, special visits by state and local government representatives, and free live music. NORTHBOUND Co-creator Seth Anderson was on hand to chat with the co-founders of True North Outpost, including NORTHBOUND actor Nate Alwine, prop fabricator Evan Blagec and production designer Austin Kalcec.

Click to watch an interview with True North Outpost's Evan Blagec and Northbound's Seth Anderson

Click the image above to watch an interview with Evan Blagec (L) of True North Outpost, and Seth Anderson (R) of NORTHBOUND
TNO’s mission is to be a single-stop outfitter for regional and in-bound tourists to prepare and book their Upper Peninsula adventure. Through a partnership with Northwoods Adventures, True North is also offering raft, hike, and camping tours. NORTHBOUND is honored to partner with this inspiring group and happy to help showcase the Upper Peninsula experience to our viewers.

Where your pledges go

The above is a breakdown of how your pledges will be utilized for the NORTHBOUND 3 production. 100% of funds raised will go towards what you see on the screen.
We are now entering the final days of our campaign, with almost 60% of our total 20,000 funding goal pledged. Over the course of this fundraising effort, we have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from our community, both here in Upper Michigan, and across the country.  Since Season 1 (Click to watch both Seasons of NORTHBOUND on Seeka.tv), our team has grown from a handful of volunteer crew members to well over 50, including actors, media professionals, and various talented individuals that have found a way to apply their experience to an independent film project.

Click above to watch NORTHBOUND Lighting Specialist Joshua Balbierz describe the vital work he contributes to the NORTHBOUND team.
In order to make the exciting conclusion to our series, and move on from there towards the feature film NORTHSTAR, we are asking everyone in our community reading this to share or contribute to the 2019 Light it up Campaign. If you are unable to contribute financially, we understand! You can still help us greatly by sharing the campaign pitch video with your friends and family. The best way to do so is through email, or direct appeal and the easiest link to share is www.northstarsaga.com

Click to watch New-York based Actress Molly Leland (Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) introduce her character Sadie, who will be appearing for the first time in NORTHBOUND 3, and going on to NORTHSTAR
To be clear, this is a make or break moment for our project and the group we’ve gathered around it. This fundraiser is ALL or NOTHING, and your pledge will not be withdrawn from your account unless we reach our total funding goal. If we do not reach our $20,000 target by 12PM CENTRAL TIME ON MAY 18TH, we will not be able to go into production on NORTHBOUND 3 this summer, and our plans for future filmmaking in Michigan with this awesome community will be in jeopardy.

Click above to watch a special video message in support of NORTHBOUND 3 from NFL Network Analyst and Upper Michigan native Steve Mariucci!
If this project means something to you, if it has touched your life in a positive way, our team is appealing to you now more than ever to support and champion it as much as you can this coming week. We have done it before, so we’re confident we can do it again this time. For now, we wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day and Let’s GO NORTHBOUND!


There are three steps YOU can take today to help us raise our profile.

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  2. Share this NORTHBOUND Series link on Seeka TV to anyone you think would enjoy watching a our Michigan-made production.
  3. Share this 2019 Light It Up Campaign link with anyone you know who would like to support the arts, invest in regional creative media, tourism and economic growth in small communities.


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