A Tribute to Kevin Allen–Michigan’s Film Community Remembers

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The opening lines to this short film are almost prophetic.  “Life is such a fickle thing.  One minute you’re here and the next minute you are gone.” It is certainly appropriate and applicable to Kevin Allen’s passing.

Here, watch this short film in which Kevin was lead.  It is entitled “Eye of the Beholder.”  In this short narrative, Kevin portrays a greiving artist who cannot create because he has lost his muse, his purpose for creating.  Gripped with despair,  he takes himself into the woods where he is prepared to end his life.  In a contest of good and evil, he realizes that his love would not have wanted this for him.  This was one of Kevin’s finest performances.


Actor, director, producer Kevin Allen was a vital member of Michigan’s film community he was commited to its promotion and growth.  He was admired by all. On April 30, 2019,  his life partner of 30 years found him on the couch in their home that morning at 10:00 AM.  He had passed away in his sleep.

Members of Michigan’s film industry were shaken this week with this loss.  To remember Kevin, they have begun to assemble this tribute of photos and memories in recognition of his life and the contribution that he had made to this community.

Connie Kincer
Great Memories!! So Miss This Amazing Human Being 💔 Great Guy/Friend On Set and Off.




From Laura Johns: Here are a few. I know I have more and will share when I can.

This is an ongoing tribute.  If you wish to share photos, or memories, write


  1. Kevin, you we’re a great, kind, and gentle soul. May you sore with the eagles my friend. Glad to have known and worked with you. Mike T. Tremblay

  2. Kevin of Mystic Curio, helped me years ago, may he Rest In Peace. Barbara W. Michigan

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