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The news of Kevin Allen’s passing this afternoon rocked the Michigan film community.  “Actor, producer, bon vivant” his Facebook page read.  Regardless of how he wrote of himself, everyone knew him as being one “Helluva Good Guy.

Although the details of his death are not completely known, many say that he went to sleep and didn’t wake up. This, they speculate was due to his heart.  Even his closest friends and associates–and this gentle soul had many–are completely uncertain of what may have happened.

According to Madic Montague,  “His life partner found him around 10 AM on their couch.  He fell asleep and didn’t come to bed. ” Says Madic, “He was more then just a best friend, he was like a father to me.”

Born July 30, 1963, Kevin was raised in Detroit, bu he has lived inFerndale, Michigan for many years.  Kevin was a dedicated actor and producer,  his first love was acting and everything to do with producing good film and stage performances.


Looking at his IMDB page,  Kevin was credited with having worked on 17 projects, either as a Producer, or as an Executive Producer.  These include his earliest, a TV series entitled Avis Oswald: Private Eye (2011), Maledetto(2015), Garroter (2016),  Living Nightmares (a TV series), and Cemetary Stories.

His acting credits, of which he had 18 projects in which he appeared,  include I Declare War (TV Series), in which he appeared as Neil, Living Nightmares (TV Series), in which he appeared as simply “the Guide”, Revenge of the Mask (2018), among others.

Kevin Allen was also one of Michigan’s most sought after professional psychics.   Kevin had appeared on “Dateline” and many local stations and cable networks and is best known for helping Eastpointe police solve a 17 year old cold case murder. He is also credited with helping clients by the hundreds out of his storefront in Clinton Twp. (which he would later move to Royal Oak. )

Reading Kevin’s Facebook page,  a number of people credited him with pulling them back from the edge of despair and being present when they needed someone the most.

Although Kevin has shuffled off  his mortal coil, and his spirit has entered a higher plane of existance this  afternoon,  he will always be amongst us. Memories of Kevin Allen will never die.

Kevin is survived by his supportive partner of over 25 years.

RIP Kevin Allen.


  1. As a member of our family, Kevin will be missed. I do want to clarify that Kevin was raised in Detroit, but has resided in Ferndale, MI for many years.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. I had this backward. My condolences to you and your family. As an important member of Michigan’s film community, Kevin will be missed.

  2. Kevyn changed me from being a nonbeliever by his humble tarot readings and sage advice. The things he told me came true and I went to have a reading one last time before I left Michigan. All the things he told me came true and I changed from a nonbeliever to a true believer in Kevyn’s love for people and his gifts to communicate with my spirit guides. I am so glad I got one last phone reading from Kevyn and I told him I loved him like a true brother. The world was a better place with Kevyn in it.

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