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The buzz is getting louder. Pump up the volume. The excitement is growing for the first ever Detroit Filmmaker Awards program scheduled for May 5, 2019.

This award show willl take place Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 4 PM – 7 PM at the The Corner Ballpark presented by Adient, 1680 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan.

A cinematic organization that was founded to celebrate the achievement of Detroit independent filmmakers, The Detroit Filmmaker Awards will recognize the talent that Detroit contributes to film nationwide.

Here are the nominees in each category.


2019 Best Directors of a Feature Film Nominee, Ant Green for Last Words, Beasey Jones for Weight, Jezar Riches for Halt, Will Lewis for  Dagram, and Kenneth Nelson, Jr., for Sincerely, Brenda. 


2019 Best Director of a Short Film nominees include: Michael Castalaz for “Glazed”, Joe Malouf for “DPD Echo 1”,  Zacahary Cunningham for “Little Church”, Kamal Smith for “Don’t Forget Dinner at 8,” Andre Ray for “Elevated Remedies”, Beasy Jones for “Sincerely”, Michael McCallum for “Deadbolt”, Melissa Talbot for “Ten”, and Kennikki Jones for Knock Knock.


2019 Best Cinematography in a Short Film Nominees include:  Michael Castalaz for “Glazed”, Beasy Jones for “Sincerely,” Istvan Lettang for “DPD Echo 1,” Craig Harmer for “Elevated Remedies,”  Gideyon Vider for “Knock Knock” Firas Allouch for “After Ashes, ” Andrew Tebeau for “Deadbolt,” Scott Baisden for “Breaking Wheel,” and Jeremy Brockman for “Little Church.”


2019 Best Actress in a Short Film Nominees include:  Tory Monay for “Sincerely,” Milica Govich for “Mel,” Shelitta Boxey for “Knock Knock,” Miranda Moffat for “After Ashes,” Callie Bussell for “Ever After,” Danica O’Neill for “Breaking Wheel,” and Keiona Smith for “Don’t Forget Dinner at 8.”


2019 Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film nominees include: Sean Vaughn in “Sincerely Brenda,” Gary Everette for “Last Words,” Josh Adams for “Dagram,” Nigel Morris for “Thru the Course of a Day,” and Tristin Fazekes for “Weight.”


2019 Best Actor in a Short Film the nominees include:  Flexx Bands for “Glazed,” Mark Rodriguez for “Elevated Remedies,” Mason Heidger for “Ever After,” Evan Franklin for “Little Church,” Kamal Smith for “Sincerely,” and Dez Cortez Crenshaw for “Don’t Forget Dinner at 8.”


2019 Best Short Film nominees include: “Knock Knock,” “Elevated Remedies,” “DPD Echo 1,” “Glazed”, “Little Church,” “After Ashes,” Sincerely,”” Mel”, and “Ever After.”


2019 Best Feature Film nominees include: “Halt,”” Circumstances,””Sincerely Brenda,”” “Thru the Course of a Day,” “Last Words”, “Weight,” and “Stay.”


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