Nigel Morris nominated by DFA as Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film

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Nigel Morris has been nominated as Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film (2019) by the Detroit Filmmakers Awards.  This award show willl take place Sunday, May 5, 2019 at 4 PM – 7 PM at the The Corner Ballpark presented by Adient, 1680 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Michigan.

A cinematic organization that was founded to celebrate the achievement of Detroit independent filmmakers, The Detroit Filmmaker Awards will recognize the talent that Detroit contributes to film nationwide.


It was for Morris’ role as Nathan Fleming in the Kevin Flynn feature film, “Thru the Course of a Day,” that he was nominated. One of five in this category, the winner will be announced at the award ceremony.  The Detroit Filmmaker Awards will recognize individuals in over 30 categories, and 20 subcategories from 3 distinct film disciplines (short, feature, and digital series).





“Thru the Course of a Day,” the film for which Morris has been recognized, is a slice of life in the D (Detroit) narrative depicting a group of high school friends facing the everyday trials of life growing up in Detroit, including love, jealousy, and murder. It was written and directed by Kevin Flynn, and is an Immaculate Concepts/ Little House Films production.











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Nigel Morris is an actor whose passion for acting goes back to when he was a child.   He and his brother were cast in a production that never saw the light of day.  But it wasn’t until he was cast as an extra for Comedy Central’s Detroiters (2017) that his passion caught fire and has since become an all consuming passion taking over his life.

Morris’ credits include starring as Gorman’s Manager in the My Step Kidz Sitcom 2 as Marcel Jennings in the Jessice Parker directed Iridium (2018),  a credited extra role in First Lady (2018).

He recently appeared in Tony McCants’ premiere of “Papers XIII: Blood Currency” in which he acted as Detective Chickoke.  He will shortly appear as Hhunter in “Child Support “. And appear in Papers 14: Purge of the Papers.  He has recently been cast in the series, “The Circle.”

Morris points to Denzel Washington and Will Smith as his primary inspirations, and he also credits Taraji Henson and Jason Mitchell  His personal inspirations include his great friend Mike Merrill and King Wesley, both according to Morris are ” phenomenal actors.”

The inaugural celebration of the Detroit Filmmakers Awards is sure to be the next collective step towards actualization and celebration for Detroit film.

Be certain to attend  the Detroit Filmmakers Awards in observing this legacy emerging from the Detroit  film industry, right here in the midwest. This ceremony will overlook the all-new The Corner Ballpark Presented by Adient and a sweeping view that stretches from the shopping corridor of Michigan Ave into Downtown Detroit.

C’mon out and support these talented people who make up Detroit’s film industry.  Who knows?  You may one day be able to say, “I knew them when.”

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