Pictorial: Charlene Jeter vacations in Grand Cayman Islands

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Charlene Jeter has returned home again from vacationing in the Grand Cayman Islands–Lucky!–in time for her world premiere of her twin billed blockbusters of “Bella” and “Iced Out.”

While vacationing, she had time to stage a photo shoot of selfies. Lucky us!

Said Charlene regarding her vacation and these photos, “I’m having the best time taking the kinds of photos that I want to take and be featured in. No more hoping to find a photographer to get it right for me or hoping that they will give me the photos.

“Some people don’t consider me a professional photographer, and that’s their problem. I’ve had photography in college, and I’ve been paid to do it, that makes me more than just a GWC (Girl with camera).

“Some people think that it’s not professional to use a smartphone…but really it’s not about the equipment and more about the artist’s eye. A lot of GWCs (guys with cameras) have the most expensive equipment yet just don’t know what to do with it…

“Living the dream.”

For many of us, we can only dream of vacationing in the Grand Cayman Islands.  With its miles of sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the Grand Cayman Island looks like the ideal vacation spot.   But we are happy to see you home again Charlene.








Her permiere is Wednesday, April 24, to the Birmingham Palladium Theatre, Birmingham, MI.


Here is the official trailer for “Iced Out.”  See everybody Wednesday.





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