Michigan-set Seeka TV sci-fi/thriller series Northbound, Season 3 Kickstarter launched

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Co-production companies Lullskull Ltd. and “A” Street Films, LLC. announce the launch of the 2019 NORTHBOUND Light It Up campaign on Kickstarter to raise production funds for Season 3 of their ongoing Michigan-set Survivalist digital series NORTHBOUND.  The series airs exclusively on the streaming platform Seeka TV, and is proudly presented by beverage brand Rip It Energy Fuel.  


NORTHBOUND Season 3 production will begin June, and premiere on Seeka TV winter 2019-20 .  Courtesy, “A” Street Films, LLC. / Seeka TV.

Shot entirely in Michigan’s visually stunning Upper Peninsula region, NORTHBOUND follows a lone father, Alex (Nate Alwine, pictured front-left) as he fights to protect his comatose daughter, Crystal (real daughters Callie and Addie Alwine) in the wilds of a post-cataclysmic North America.

NorthboundSeason1In 2017, Seeka TV and NORTHBOUND partnered to exclusively distribute the series. Courtesy, “A” Street Films, LLC. / Seeka TV. 

Season 1 begins 3 Months after The Cataclysm and follows a former soldier named Alex as he retreats with Crystal into a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Over the course of this first year, Alex encounters two emergent groups: a militia nicknamed The Firewalkers, and a much graver threat called Allied Command North America. Alex soon discovers The Firewalkers are supplying Allied Command with comatose sleepers for an unknown purpose. After narrowly surviving these events, Alex and Crystal are saved by The Infinity Group, a band of refugees led by a Minister named Wallace.

NorthboundSeekaTV.jpgBeverage brand Rip It Energy Fuel partnered with NORTHBOUND in 2017 to officially present Seasons 2 & 3 on Seeka TV.  Courtesy, “A” Street Films, LLC. / Seeka TV.

Season 2 resumes 18 Months after The Cataclysm and finds Alex taking on more leadership within the ranks of Wallace’s Infinity Group. His growing bond with the Minister is tested when he helps rescue a sleeper from Allied Command captivity. Blaming The Firewalkers for this incident, Allied Command coerces the militia leaders to retrieve their lost asset at all costs. Outnumbered and outgunned on two flanks, The Infinity Group is caught in the middle of a power struggle that could ignite into a violent turf-war.

L-R: Mike March as Wallace, Kayla Kelly as Gina, Nate Alwine as Alex, Phillip Wentz as Danny, and Kaitlin Paupore as Ghost star in NORTHBOUND Season 3.  Courtesy, “A” Street Films, LLC. / Seeka TV.

Season 3 picks up a few days following Season 2’s cliffhanger ending.  Reeling from an assassination attempt, Alex ponders whether to go off on his own with Crystal, or lead an Infinity Group offensive to snuff The Firewalkers out once and for all. Allied Command however, has decided to take a firmer hand in the region, forcing all three factions into a decisive clash that will end the NORTHBOUND series and open the door to NORTHSTAR.


The cast and crew of NORTHBOUND. Courtesy, Michael Johns.

Season 2 was funded successfully through Kickstarter in 2016, and once funded in 2019, Season 3 will move into production mid-June 2019 and premiere an exciting 4-episode finale on Seeka TV winter 2019-20.  Seeka TV renewed NORTHBOUND Season 3 following the strong series debut October 2017, which includes raking in the Top 5 most-viewed series on the platform.  Seeka TV can be viewed on the web and  through free apps across Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Google Play.

It is the goal of co-creators/directors/Michigan natives Seth and Nathan Anderson, producer/writer Jason Hagen and executive producer Gary M. Bettman to bring film and series projects to the under-represented Upper Peninsula region in an effort to revitalize the arts, tourism and local economies. Season 3 will lead directly into the feature-length film NORTHSTAR.  Contributions to the 2019 Light It Up campaign will not only go towards upcoming NORTHBOUND production costs but will help cement their long-term creative plan for the region.



Visit and contribute to the NORTHBOUND Season 3 Kickstarter campaign here: https://bit.ly/2IG923e

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