Harley Wallen’s ‘Agramon’s Gate’ is burning up the film festival circuit

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Everyone in Michigan is excited for one of their own, award winning actor and filmmaker Harley Wallen, andt the response that his latest, “Agramon’s Gate” is receiving on the film festival circuit.

To date,  “Agramon’s Gate” has won 7 awards and has been nominated 23 times.  Among these wins are: Best Trailer, Around International Film Festival; Best Actor Kris Reilly; Independent Horror Movie Award (2018); Winner Gold Awards, Best Lead Actress
Kaiti Wallen
,  Best Director, Silver Awards, Harley Wallen,  Best Horror Film, Silver Award,Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque (2018);  Best TrailerOctober Award, Queen Palm International Film Festival (2018).

Among the nominations “Agramon’s Gate” has received included are: Best Horror Movie (x2), Festival Award, Bloodstained Indie Film Festival (2018); Best Feature Film, November Award, Gold Movie Awards (2018); Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects, Best Sound, Best Scare, December Award, Independent Horror Movie Awards (2018);  Best Michigan Made Film, Festival Award, Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival (2019); Best Horror Film, December Award, Queen Palm International Film Festival (2018); Best Feature Film, Best Director, Harley Wallen, Best Actor, Kris Reilley Best Cinematography, Michael Kettenbeil, Justin Ward, Best Editing, Alex GasparettoFred Mossman, Most Terrifying, Yan Birch, Laurene Landon ,Calhoun Koenig, Top Indie Film Awards (2019).

“I’m really excited to see how well received Agramon’s Gate has been on the film festival circuit so far, winning awards and being nominated at so many festivals. I felt we had a great script and story with really intriguing characters and such an amazing team to make it all come to life. ” said Wallen.

An horrific excursion into the macabre and supernatural,  “Agramon’s Gate” is about an evil spirit that crashes a party. It pits party-goers against time as they work to solve a mystery before it is too late.  Agramon, according to supernatural lore, is a Greater Demon.  Known as the Demon of Fear, Agramon takes the shape of its target’s greatest fear and can literally scare you to death.


“Agramon’s Gate” is a Painted Creek Productions.  It stars Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop 1 & 2, The Stuff, It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive) and Yan Birch (Wes Craven’s The People Underneath the Stairs, Death House).  Its Michigan stars includeKris Reilly,  Calhoun Koenig as Agramon, Kaiti Wallen as Cassidy Stann, Harley Wallen as Zeb, Kayla Kelly as Tonya,  Aphrodite Nikolovski  as Vesna, and a host of many others.

Says Harley Wallen about plans for this feature. “We are currently in talks with our distributor about the game plan for the film, I’m excited to see how everyone seems to be about it. It’s also really cool to have Calhoun Koenig so shortly after guest starring on Law & Order SVU.”

We are anxious to see this movie Harley.  Let us know when it releases.

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