Michigan born celebrities celebrating birthdays in April

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In the initial Roman calendar April was the second month of the year until January and February were added in 700 BC. Being the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, the fifth in the early Julian, April is the first of four months to have a length of 30 days, and the second of five months to have a length of less than 31 days.

April is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. In the Roman calendar, April is spelled Aprilis, meaning “to open.” … The name Aprilis, then, fits April, because in so many places in the northern hemisphere April is the month when trees and flowers begin to bloom and go on to flower.

Here is a list of celebrities, all from the Mitten state, who throughout the 20th century have all contributed something to Hollywood. These people were all born in the month of April. If you are a native Michigander, and are presently working to establish your name in the film industry, you are in good company.



Grace Lee Whitney (Born Mary Ann Chase; April 1, 1930)
Christine Ann Lahti (Born April 4, 1950)
Roger William Corman (Director, Born: April 5, 1926)
Maxwell Trowbridge “Max” Gail, Jr. (Born April 5, 1943)
Michael Moriarty (Born April 5, 1941)
Francis Ford Coppola (Director, Born: April 7, 1939)
Steven Frederic Seagal (Born April 10, 1952)
Harry Morgan (born Harry Bratsberg, often spelled Harry Bratsburg;  Born April 10, 1915)
Timothy John Fitzgerald “Tim” McCoy (Born April 10, 1891)
Lee H. Katzin (Director, Born: April 12, 1935)
Scott R. “Scotty” Beal (Director, Born: April 14, 1890)
William Richard “Billy” West (Born April 16, 1952)
Lee Majors (Born Harvey Lee Yeary on April 23, 1939)
Michael Francis Moore (Born April 23, 1954)
Reagan Gomez-Preston (Born April 24, 1980)
Stacy Haiduk (Born April 24, 1968)
Donald G. Jackson (Director, Born: April 24, 1943)

Ray Teal (Died April 2, 1976)
Stirling Dale Silliphant (Died April 26, 1996)
William Clemens (Director, died: April 29, 1980)

MIM Movies Released in April
Detroit Unleaded (April 4, 2013)
Touchback (April 13, 2012)
Jinn (July 14, 2014)
Scream 4(April 15, 2011)
Fractured (April 17, 2015)
Street Kings:Motor City (April 19, 2011)
Sucker (April 20, 2013)
Freaky Deaky (April 22, 2012)
Brick Mansions (released April 25, 2014)
Mulholland Falls ( Peter Dexter, April 26, 1996)
The Giant Mechanical Man (April 27, 2012)
The Five-Year Engagement (April 27, 2012)
Detention of the Dead (April 27, 2012)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (with Jack Epps Jr., April 28, 2000)
The Wicked (April 30, 2013)



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