Melisa Sandlin shares photos of first production meeting and poster for ‘Camp Love’

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The Melisa Sandlin helmed, Resilient Love Production of the  horror/thriller “Camp Love.” is in full swing.  The full cast and crew were announced earlier,  with principal filming scheduled for later this summer.

Now a first film meeting and table read have taken place and a first poster has been released.  MMM2Weekender has the news on this.

Photos of first film meeting and table read.


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Writes Sandlin, “What a great day today with all my talented cast and crew for my feature horror/thriller “Camp Love.” Great table read and film meeting. For my actors that had prior acting commitments today you were missed.” Bryan Sawyer Haley Benedict Heslip Justin Mane Jeremy Powell Dan Keary Danielle VandenBerg Sheridan Julzie Gravel Connie Kincer Shawn Jones Dylan Sides Matthew Sisco Michael Gary Petersen Melinda Doan Bryce Andolini Aziz

Regarding the poster,  this first poster for Camp Love was fashioned by actor/comedian Tony McCants.   This poster is of a wooded area behind an out building cast in the light of a blood red moon as it breaks through a dense fog.


Said Sandlin, ” A huge THANK YOU to Tony McCants for taking time out of his busy film schedule with the epic Papers Films for creating this amazing poster for my feature horror/thriller film “Camp Love.”

We don’t know yet what to make of the vinyl LP which was plugged into the word
Love. Does this have a significants?  This was obviously a design decision.  We will let you know more as we hear.

From artist  Tony McCants After reading i can confirm one thing. FUN FACT: That isnt a vinyl as the “O” in love. It’s actually a Recording Button for a Camera 

But this is something which we hardly need to point out, something about which we can get excited.   According to this poster, this production is scheduled for release in October later this year.  This is only seven short months away.  We can hardly wait.

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