Review: Vigilant Entertainment’s latest short film ‘Ever After’

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Would we if we could roll back the hands of time, if only for a few fleeting minutes?

For Jacob life feels as though he is caught in an hourglass; where every moment seems to drag on for a year.  He desperately wants to re-capture something that he had shared with Sara. He can’t stop thinking about her. He feels so dissatisfied with his life.  If life only offered do-overs.  Tonight is different though.  Jacob is about to become a father.

On a darkened park bench, he asks questions with which he has wrestled for eight years.  If he had not been so afraid of being unworthy would he have stayed with her?  Had he stayed could he have kept her from the abuse she experienced in becoming involved with another man?    How would their life together have been different?

Written and directed by Jeff Kapp,  “Ever After” stars Mason Heidger (as Jacob), known for playing Gabe in Scapegoat (2018), or Officer Rucka in Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice (2016), and Callie Bussell (as Sara), known as  Lieutenant T’Mar in Star Trek: Horizon, and Queen Breha in The Blood Crystal: A Star Wars Story (TV Mini-Series),

This is a brilliantly written minimalistic two actor screenplay. Obviously a low-budget, independent production, it does have merit.  It was well written and well acted and is well worth the 13 minutes you would invest in watching this production. As poignant as it is, it is resonating with people all over.  Haven’t we all wrestled with thoughts of what would have, what could have happened?

Produced by Vigilant Entertainment, “Ever After” has just entered the film festival circuit.  Already it is doing well.  “Ever After” is a Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles CineFest, and an Official Selection at Wolf Tree Film Festival. This short’s two stars, Heidger and Bussell,  have been: nominated for “Best Acting Duo” at LA International Film Festival,

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